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review 2020-02-21 16:42
Love the series
Beauty Like the Night (The Spymaster Series) - Joanna Bourne

She used light words that didn’t say what she was thinking. He was doing the same. They leaned on each other and everything important between them went unsaid.


While you absolutely could read this book without reading the rest in the series, you absolutely do not want to. The romance is a little weak, the mystery threads dominate and I had problems feeling like I "knew" Raoul. Do not look for really any movement in the romance front until after 50%.


“I understand. I’m not an innocent.”
“That’s not what I’m saying, Séverine. Not what I’m asking. I want to explain that this isn’t a game to me. I’m free. This is courtship.” He leaned to set his lips to her breast, through the fabric of her shift. “I thought you should know."
Now, just because I said the romance is weaker, it doesn't mean there isn't love in this story. Why I think you should read the preceding in the series is because Severine is the daughter (adopted) of the hero in "The Forbidden Rose" and sister-in-law to the hero in "The Black Hawk" and the love/relationship between the three is so worth reading. Also, Black Hawk has been my favorite of the series, so reading this, seemingly simple description of him:  Hawker sat at the head of the table, his feet propped on one chair, evening coat and cravat thrown over another. His shirt was open at the collar, his cuffs rolled back, and his waistcoat unbuttoned. had me wanting to read his book all over again. What disappointed the heck out of me was that the wives/heroines of these two men were off page the whole time and I missed out seeing them together again. 
Women saw that glint of reckless sensuality in him. The promise that he would not only please a woman in bed but make her laugh while he did it.
Severine's character did not disappoint and I loved her; I would be first in line for a novella about her time serving the Military Intelligence. The mystery plot of Raoul searching for his daughter, an amulet, and who/why killed his wife (a forced marriage, he hadn't even seen her in years) was really only interesting to me because of the strength of the characters (Severine, William Doyle, and Adrian Hawkhurst) and how real, nuanced, and wonderfully Bourne writes them. 
Bourne's writing style is one of my favorites, its immersing, emotional, and at turns beautiful. I'm just a little worried that reader's new to the series wouldn't have the background attachment to stay with this, because of the slow burn, not always the focus romance.
The series is great though, so if you want to fall in love with Severine like I did, definitely start from the beginning. This was a very quietly and understated emotional story, which worked for me at times and didn't at others. 
*In case any group members are reading, this series would be a great Buddy Read series ;)


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text 2020-02-17 20:39
Reading Update: Page 1
Beauty Like the Night (The Spymaster Series) - Joanna Bourne

As per my New Year’s resolution, I’ve accepted/requested less arcs this year (until I get my tbr more under control). I currently don’t have any historical rom arcs, so when I saw this book sitting at the top of tbr, I dove for it!


Enjoy your Monday, everyone :)


Beauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne purchase link


Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies recipe

Loved these!



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text 2020-01-02 21:30
Top 10 Reads of 2019
Terror on the Tundra - J. Esker Miller
Force of Chaos: The Coming of Age of the Antichrist - Lin Senchaid
Yellow Crocus - Laila Ibrahim
Little Darlings - Melanie Golding
Remember the Future (The Chronicles of the Harekaiian #9) - Shanna Lauffey
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan
The Binding - Bridget Collins
To Kill the President: The Most Explosive Thriller of the Year - Sam Bourne
Empire of Sand - Tasha Suri

Have to manually add this one because despite having a book page, the search won't find it on title, author, or even ASIN. It's on my shelf!



Anyway, since I've seen several people post their top 10 reads of the year, I thought I would add mine. I've left out anthologies and non-fiction because I think they need to be separate categories, so just novels and novellas for this post.


So there we are, Fantasy, Horror, Time Travel, a little Historical Fiction and some Adventure. These are the 4.5-5 star books mostly.


I've discovered a few new authors, been disappointed by one I usually like, and am chewing my knuckles waiting for the final book in th time travel series that's really had me on the edge of my seat in the last episode.


Not a bad year. This year I'm going to try to resist Netgalley temptation and read a lot of the books I already have. We'll see if that holds up.


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text 2019-09-23 19:00
Reading progress update: I've read 133 out of 346 pages.
To Kill the President: The Most Explosive Thriller of the Year - Sam Bourne

In normal times, the graphic and brutal account of sexual assault at the hands of the president would, on it's own, have been enough to shake her. But the appalling truth was that these days it no longer registered as a surprise. Given everything that had come out about this man, such revelations had lost their sting. Maggie feared that what was happening to her was happening to the American public. They were becoming inured to it.

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text 2019-09-22 18:01
Reading progress update: I've read 63 out of 346 pages.
To Kill the President: The Most Explosive Thriller of the Year - Sam Bourne

I enjoyed Sam Bourne's latest thriller in the Maggie Costello series so much that I'm working my way *back* through the series. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm going back the way. I'm not sure which square I'll use this to fill in bingo, but I have a couple of options. This one's about a plot to kill the president (it's clearly Trump, even though he remains unnamed) and I'm really enjoying it.

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