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text 2018-09-19 22:17
Reading progress update: DNF
Consumed - J.R. Ward

I did not finish it. I can't. There are better books to read and I don't want to continue reading this book after putting it down more than 10 days ago. I am quite disappointed and mad about it.

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review 2018-09-13 21:32
Gentleman Nine - Penelope Ward

Amber Walton was best friends Lainey Lord.  When Lainey unexpectedly dies, Amber starts hanging around her brother Channing and his friend Rory Calhoun.  They become the best of friends bonding over the tragedy.  Channing and Rory make a pact that neither of them will make a move on Amber.  When Channing leaves to go away to college, Rory makes his move.  Rory and Amber end up dating for 9 years until he breaks her heart because he needs a break.  Enter Channing.

Channing hears the news and quickly calls Amber.  He also has a favor to ask...can he rent her extra room at her place for a few months for a temp contractor job he just got.  Amber hesitantly agrees.  Problem is, she has always had a crush on Channing!  What she doesn't know is that Channing has always wanted her!

When Channing finds Amber's laptop open he sees that she has contacted a male escort service for a sex with no strings type of night.  She also sees that Amber has admitted that she is attracted to Channing.  This causes Channing to make believe like he is the Gentleman Nine Amber wants to hook up with.  She has a list of things she wants to try and Channing can't wait!  When Amber goes to meet Gentleman Nine, she runs into Channing.  He convinces her to do those things with him instead.  Of course, over the time they spend together, they start to realize there is more to their relationship than just sex.  

I loved this book and couldn't put it down!  I really enjoyed these two characters too.  They both deserved a happy ever after even if they had to wait a really long time for it.  The ending was so perfect....and a big tearjerker! 

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review 2018-09-10 08:15
Lamarck's Revenge by Peter Ward
Lamarck's Revenge: How Epigenetics Is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Evolution's Past and Present - Peter Ward

TITLE:  Lamarck's Revenge:  How Epigenetics Is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Evolution's Past and Present

AUTHOR:  Peter Ward


FORMAT:  Hardcover

ISBN13: 9781632866158

"Epigenetics upends natural selection and genetic mutation as the sole engines of evolution, and offers startling insights into our future heritable traits.

In the 1700s, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck first described epigenetics to explain the inheritance of acquired characteristics; however, his theory was supplanted in the 1800s by Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection through heritable genetic mutations. But natural selection could not adequately explain how rapidly species re-diversified and repopulated after mass extinctions. Now advances in the study of DNA and RNA have resurrected epigenetics, which can create radical physical and physiological changes in subsequent generations by the simple addition of a single small molecule, thus passing along a propensity for molecules to attach in the same places in the next generation.

Epigenetics is a complex process, but paleontologist and astrobiologist Peter Ward breaks it down for general readers, using the epigenetic paradigm to reexamine how the history of our species—from deep time to the outbreak of the Black Plague and into the present—has left its mark on our physiology, behavior, and intelligence. Most alarming are chapters about epigenetic changes we are undergoing now triggered by toxins, environmental pollutants, famine, poor nutrition, and overexposure to violence.

Lamarck’s Revenge is an eye-opening and provocative exploration of how traits are inherited, and how outside influences drive what we pass along to our progeny.
I have mixed feelings about this book.  On the one hand, it has interesting information about the role of epigenetics in evolution.  Nessa Carey beautifully described the biological functioning of epigenetics in her book The Epigenetic Revolution, but didn't focus on how this effects the evolution of species in any great detail.  This book deals with epigenetics and how this effects the genetics and evolution of species, as well as the Theory of Evolution.  This book starts off with a history of science focused on Lamarck and Darwin, then a superficial explanation of what epigenetics is and how it works, followed by the effects of epigenetics on evolution, then the history of life (especially focusing on the sudden expansion of life and body forms after the great mass extinctions), then human history from the Ice Age to present times and our possible future (with far too much speculation). 
One of the major problems with this book are the exceptionally lengthy run-on sentences, made longer by the really long clauses in parenthesis stuffed within the very long sentences, especially in the first half of the book (the author settles down a bit in the second half of the book).  There is also a great deal of repetition with the information, not to mention all the personal opinions and biases  (repeated constantly) by the author, all the tangential "stuff" (repeated constantly) about climate warming, pollution, evil parents, great extinction events and their causes, condemnation of other scientists (especially Darwin) because they didn't automatically worship Lamarck (whose ideas are simplified and used as a vehicle in this book), random insertions of irrelevant material, not to mention the political asides.  The organisation of the book could also use some assistance and the author jumps all over the place (especially in the first half of the book), and sub-sections just end in the middle of developing an idea (apparently editors are an extinct species). The explanations dealing with epigenetics in general (in the first third of the book) are not particularly clear or coherent, and the run-on, multi-parenthesized (is this even a word?) sentences do not help in understanding this relatively new concept.
If you want to know about epigenetics, read The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey.  If you want a book about epigenetics and evolution, wait for someone else to write a more coherent text (maybe one day Nick Lane can cover this topic - with diagrams where necessary).  If you really need to read this book, borrow it first.
Note:  If you found this review long winded, convoluted, with too many parenthesized run-on sentences... well, that's what the book is like.
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text SPOILER ALERT! 2018-09-09 05:32
Consumed 54% If you recently quit smoking, this book could trigger your addiction. Be warned.
Consumed - J.R. Ward

Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for letting me read an e-arc

Ahem.*coughs* You would not want to read this book if you were trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I mean, it's been over two years since my last "fag," and I seriously struggled to keep from wanting one all because of Dannyboy. A fucking fictional book character FFs!
I find it distasteful, in a world where smoking is rarely accepted or allowed in public places, to have to read about someone's disgusting habit in a book. Come, the fuck on! Really? 
Because of that, I hate this book. I will finish this book, but I am not going to continue reading the series. I am disappointed. Just like the fallen angel novels. I didn't like it. It's not only the smoking, but it was also business politic fuckwads, not having a clue about rock climbing and my surroundings. Feeling lost basically and I did not like seeing what Danny Maguire's life had become. He was a slob drunken sob. His place, if you wanted even to call it that, felt like a dump and I imagined a squat. Also to make matters even worse, Anne and Danny's relationship took a drastic dive when Anne did lose her hand when Danny cut it off! Ugh. I cannot relate to that sort of pain. I was not feeling it, and it was disgraceful ok? I wasn't happy about their demise.
You know what I did like though? Soot, Anne's dog.

I'm sorry. but this is how I felt at 54%

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text 2018-09-08 05:11
Started Reading Consumed 18%
Consumed - J.R. Ward

Consumed is the first novel of its kind by J.R Ward. I've read all the black dagger brotherhood novels up to date and am very familiar with her writing. Just like all her books, she has a definitive writing style and gives cheeky nonchalant new meaning. 

So far Danny Maguire succeeds at rescuing Anne from underneath a pile of rubble and steel beams. It cost her left hand, however, and Danny is crushed beneath a crumbling building. All of the pleading and shouting for him could not save him and it took other firefighters until the very end to dig him out. He suffered a broken collar/shoulder, spleen and a punctured liver. Anne heard that he had survived while she was recovering in the hospital. Her brother came to visit, and he was very bitter over the fact she almost got herself killed for being a firefighter and doesn't like Danny either. They are not speaking to each other. Awww, she lost her hand though. . .

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