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review 2018-04-13 16:23
Adam by Jacquelyn Frank
Adam - Jacquelyn Frank

On Samhain in 2008, Jacob and Bella are killed in front of their daughter's eyes and nothing will never be the same again. Families, friendships and alliances are broken, while the crazy Demon bitch Ruth and her Vampire mate Nicodemous continue wreaking havoc...Until they accost Jacob and Bella's daughter, ten years after her parents' deaths.

But instead of letting the pair kill her and drench themselves in her power over the element of Time, Leah does what she's been planning for quite a long time...Travel back in time to fetch her father's older brother, Adam.

When I read this series in 2009, there was no Adam book on the horizon, so I mistakenly thought Noah was the last book, and I was rather perplexed at how the main story arc about the crazy Demon Ruth was never resolved.

It is resolved in this one, though the story left much to be desired.

First of all, the resolution and the final battle came across as rather easy, almost as an afterthought, which left a rather bitter aftertaste after all the trials and tribulations the heroes and heroines of the series have been through so far.
There was no imminent threat of danger, no edge-of-your-seat, bite-your-nails gripping intensity and suspense. It was pretty much a given from the start and it left me rather disappointed.

The second problem was the rather hole-y plot thanks to all the obvious tweaking of timelines. And somehow it didn't really make sense. If Adam disappeared in all the timelines, then why did Jacob and Bella die in the first place only for Leah to go back in time and fetch him, creating a different timeline?
And who was the mysterious Demon female helping our many good guys and gals?
In the end, there were many loose ends left dangling and many questions left unanswered. But I'm quite behind in my reading, maybe I'll get my answers in Ms. Frank's other works.

And the third problem was the two protagonists. I never really warmed up to Jasmine (I still hate her guts, to be honest). She was a bitchy and selfish creature lashing out at almost everyone (except Damien) due to her own insecurities and no one really took her up to task. Even at the end of her story, there were many apologies and quite a bit of groveling that was needed on her part, yet they never came.
I don't have much to say about her counterpart, her mate/Imprinted/Bonded or whatever you want to call him. Adam simply failed to make an impression. After many great heroes that came before him, Adam was rather bland and without much personality, if you ask me.
But that's probably due to the fact the story (rather short for the "final showdown") was overcrowded with new and old characters, tweaking of time, and final-minute information.
The result was a barely lukewarm and very rushed romance that quickly stepped over the line into unrealistic and unbelievable.

Still, it was good seeing old friends, learning that quite a few dreams would be realized once Ruth was vanquished...And I'm looking forward to seeing them in future books and series in the Nighwalker realm.

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review 2018-04-07 08:23
Kane by Jacquelyn Frank
Kane - Jacquelyn Frank

Kane met Corinne on Samhain, after stalking her, burning for her for three days, but before he could claim her, his brother stopped him...Then, before he could receive his punishment, Kane was summoned back to her side, horrified at the changes in her. She was dying and the only thing that could prevent it, was his nearness...While the beast, under the influence inside him, raged to claim the woman he knew was his mate.

The prologue runs parallel to the beginning of the first chapter of Jacob, but told from his youngest brother, Kane's, perspective...The rest of the story is set just after Jacob ends and involves Jacob's younger brother, Kane, and the woman meant to be his (who almost wasn't because of all the lost lore), Corinne, Isabella's older sister.

I liked the premise of these two strangers thrust together in order for one of them to survive, while also battling the raging lust neither can really ignore.
Unfortunately, it was too short for the story to unfold organically (a normal novel would be preferable), or for the characters to overcome their rather flat and bland bonds. In the end, I had no idea what really made either Kane or Corinne tick, why he was in love with her (beside chemistry reasons), or where their story could really go (beside bed at least twice a year when they'll have no choice in the matter).

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review 2017-11-01 23:56
Didn't Like It
Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

Halo is an energy vampire who skirts by the rules of the energy vampires. When he wakes up trapped in a room, he has no idea what to think. Felice Mendoza is a human who wakes up in a similar room, naked, scared and eventually drugged.

I’ve read other books by this author, but I really didn’t like this one. I didn’t care for Halo or the premise as the story moved along. I did feel sorry for Felice, but not enough to like the book.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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review 2017-06-01 03:54
Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

So... Hmm, where to start? This one was okay. I have read books by this author that I really liked, then some that I kept waiting for the action to start. This one happened to fall in the second category.


i like the idea. The way the story is it is very dependent on dialogue to keep things going, and sex too. The dialogue to me would have been okay for a story where it wasn't the only thing keeping the story going, but here I feel it needed to be more complex and consistent to the characters. It starts with a man vamp and a human woman kidnapped and trapped together... Oh and they're naked too. No clothes, no sheets, and only a narrow window in which to gauge time and days past. There is starving evamp, and tainted girl. Tainted girl could mean bad bad things for vamp should he lose his control and feed on her heroine tainted energy. Yes, it is one of those, there's lots of cheesy goin' on here.


 I feel the the characters fell a bit flat. They didn't seem real, they seemed cookie cutter and convenient to me. I wanted more layers. The woman kinda got on my nerves. The male was mean at times and was forgiven too easily making the woman seem desperate.


i do so like the idea of energy vamps. I like the idea of their history but wish the topic was more explored and more detailed.


book provided by netgalley

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quote 2017-05-31 21:42
And one did not fuck one’s food.
Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

I would certainly hope not.

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