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review 2017-04-18 00:00
Star Trek: The Classic Episodes
Star Trek: The Classic Episodes - James ... Star Trek: The Classic Episodes - James Blish Loved reading these since I missed out on the original episodes. I intend to watching them now.
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review 2016-02-22 22:20
Star Trek 11, James Blish
Star Trek 11 - James Blish

I think this must have been the last book Blish published in his life-time. It says that Star Treks 1-10 total 6.5 million books printed which is interesting in that over 40 years later it's not these that are still in print, but rather a half dozen or so very influential SF novels straight from his own imagination that show a fascination with Catholic theology, James Joyce and shock endings, among other things.


It feels like the later members of this series of adaptations of the original Star Trek shooting scripts suffered from being essentially the dregs; the best had all been used earlier. Here several of the stories make no sense at all and one of them ends with a hideous cop-out deus ex machina - but blame the script writers, not Blish!

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review 2015-06-16 17:36
They Shall Have Stars by Blish
They Shall Have Stars - Blish. James

This is the first of the Cities in Flight novels by time of setting but the second in order of writing.  The only other work I've read by Blish is the far superior A Case of Conscience.  This book is written in a style like Heinlein's but it reminds me very much of the Foundation series by Asimov, which I don't necessarily consider a good thing.  There is far too much standing around talking and the great mystery that is reveled is something that you know is coming.

However, Blish is talented enough that I want to give more in the series a go.  Not exactly a bad book, but a little disappointing.

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review 2014-10-15 07:00
The Night Shapers by James Blish
The Night Shapers - James Blish

My latest airplane reading was a relatively short book by James Blish. Most of his work is straight up sci-fi, but Night Shapers is quite a different work altogether. The book takes place in 1900-ish Africa, and posits what would things have been like if many of the primitive beliefs and powers of African witch-doctors were real?


It's a great premise, and not something I've run across elsewhere (as opposed to the dystopian future meme) so if you're interested in something short and off the beaten track, give the book a whirl. 



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review 2014-02-17 00:00
A Case of Conscience
A Case of Conscience - James Blish The history and destiny of a planet Lithia that is 50 light years from Earth and Sol. Lithians are very intellectual creatures. They are pure logical to the bone. It affects their social life to which an untrained Earthman feels repugnance.

Thanks to the overdrive that can span time, men travel there in a matter of weeks. A priest Ruiz-Sanchez flied to Lithia to learn the life of the planet dwellers. He gets a good deal of knowledge. Clevear wants to explore the planet for a possible military use as the planet abounds with cheap hydrogen and lithium, necessary components for nuclear fusion used in H bombs.

Obviously, Ruiz-Sanchez is against it. Lithians understand and respect his attitude. They give him a present, an unborn Lithian child whom Ruiz-Sanchez can take with him to earth. Why unborn? Because the Lithians reproduction system is quite different from that of humans. Their females bear and lay eggs directly in the sea like reptiles.

The adopted by the priest child took a name Egtverchi. His genetically inherited logical views cause big troubles among the UN officers. He doesn’t understand wars, culture and nations. As I said his views are nothing but logical. Good book! Highly advisable to read! It’s 1959 Hugo winner.
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