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review 2018-02-09 01:34
ARC Review: Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James
Autumn Fire - Cameron D. James

Dustin, our narrator, doesn't believe in love. Definitely not lasting gay love. He's young, full of cum, and enjoys anonymous hook-ups since they allow him to remain in the closet. Of course, fate has other ideas, and Dustin's latest blow-and-go, in the university library men's room of all places, leaves him questioning whether his current choices are the right ones. He cannot get this particular hook-up out of his mind, and when he meets him again in the form of his algebra tutor, Dustin is pulled in further.

He tries and tries to get Kyle out of his system by having more meaningless sex with others, which only confirms the feeling of missing something in his life. Namely Kyle. Who is not gay, no, sirree, nope.

There's also Jason, his straight roommate, and Jason's girlfriend (she's actually really sweet). Jason calls Dustin "buddy" all. The. Damn. Time. That quickly grated on my nerves. Props to Jason though for being supportive after Dustin comes out to him and generally trying to be a good friend. 

About 1/2 of the book is taken up by explicit sex scenes, most of which are Dustin with other people. Not exactly what I'm looking for in a romance, but I dealt, since this is billed as erotica more so than a general M/M romance. It surely wasn't cheating since Dustin and Kyle aren't together at the time, considering that Kyle has made it clear he's not willing to do that again, and each subsequent hook-up does drive home the change in Dustin - he now realizes how empty hook-ups are and wants to be in a relationship, and he's possibly in love with Kyle. 

The writing isn't terrible overall, but the dialogue often felt contrived and stilted. However, there were definitely moments when I thought that the author did a fine job bringing Dustin's confusion and longing across. 

The only character that felt sufficiently fleshed out for me was Dustin himself, which makes sense as he's the one telling the story, so we don't get a whole lot of real info on Kyle, other than what Kyle shares in dialogue. Some scenes felt rushed and lacking depth, and some were drawn out to the point that I started skimming. 

I guess I wanted a more meaty story than what I got here. It had so much potential - peer pressure, fear of coming out, first love, figuring out who you are and what you want, risking your heart... all those things sounded promising in the blurb, but sadly, the story didn't delve deep enough for me. I was on board with Kyle's fears and as he hems and haws his way out of the closet, but then the sudden switch at the end was too rapid for me to be believable. 

YMMV. There is definitely an audience for this book, so don't let my personal hang-ups scare you off giving this a try.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review. **

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text 2015-01-15 16:47
Facebook Trending News for Jan. 15, 2015

Singer shares nude polaroids taken during Bangerz Tour with V magazine for music issue

Miley, Miley, Miley. The photos are as twangy as her accent used to be. Question: what do nude photos of Miley Cyrus have to do with music?

Release date for 1st of 3 film sequels delayed until late 2017, director James Cameron says

I don't know what it was about the original Avatar, but it's the only movie we've watched in 18 years of marriage that, when it was over, my wife said, Let's watch it again -- now. So we watched it again, despite the fact that I was a lot less enthusiastic about it. I liked it, but more in a 3-star kind of way than a 5-star kind of way. Well, a sequel will be worth it if my wife likes it as much. But, really, what are the odds of that?

Company [Target] says it will exit Canada market, close 133 stores

When even the French reject Tar-zhay...

Manhattan lawmaker introduces bill to ban cat declawing in New York State

I'm on board with that. Can they ban cute outfits next?

"Loose Women" panelist says she listened to her son have sex and was "dead impressed"

Too bad she's dead inside.

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review 2014-09-25 23:15
James Cameron's Titanic
James Cameron's Titanic - Douglas Kirkland,James Cameron,Ed Marsh

W książce czytelnik zapoznaje się z dziełem Camerona od podszewki
- pierwszymi planami reżysera w kwestii nakręcenia historii Titanica,
- podróżą w głębiny oceanu i sfilmowaniem wielu ujęć,
- sylwetką Glorii Stewart - i jej bohaterki starszej pani - Rose Calvert,
- budową planu zdjęciowego, m.in. makiet statku, prace na planie wielu specjalistów (można też zobaczyć w całości oryginalny schemat statku ze stoczni Harland & Wolff czy też rysunki Toma Lay'a będące wstępnym zamysłem tego, jak będą wyglądały poszczególne kajuty,
- z pracą charakteryzatorów i pracą osób odpowiedzialnych za stroje aktorów (dopracowane w najmniejszym szczególe),
- historią poszczególnych scen [najbardziej kluczowych dla filmu] ułożonych chronologicznie (nie we wszystkich przypadkach) wraz z bohaterami w nich występującymi - i tak poznajemy m.in. Rose, Jack'a i Caledona Hockley'a - oraz pomieszczeniami, które "zagrały w tych scenach". Przy okazji wykorzystano temat etykiety w pierwszej klasie, strojów i tym podobnych,
- scenami tonięcia statku - jak przebiegało ich nakręcenie, oraz scenami końcowymi po zatonięciu Titanica (z dryfowaniem rozbitków w oceanie).
Wszystko opatrzone pięknymi kadrami bardzo dobrej jakości.

Czytając (a w szczególności przeglądając) tę książkę można z powrotem powrócić na Titanica. Zobaczyć wielkie schody, przejść się korytarzem po pokładzie. Znów podziwiać architekturę statku, zdobienia. W filmie wszystkie detale zostały dopracowane w jak najmniejszym szczególe. Poczynając od rzeźb i krzeseł, a kończąc na filiżankach, lusterkach i innych bibelotach.
Można poznać postaci, ich charaktery (ułatwiają to wypowiedzi nie tylko samego reżysera, ale też aktorów, którzy wcielili się w swoje role). I tak poznajemy Rose DeWitt Bukater, jej matkę Ruth, narzeczonego Caledona Hockley'a, Thomasa Andrewsa, Jacka Dawsona, Kapitana Smith'a, Bruce'a Ismay'a. Te przemyślenia aktorów, a także ich wrażenia z planu (kilka mało znanych ciekawostek) są dużym plusem dla tego tytułu.

Nie muszę przekonywać fanów, o tym, że ta książka jest piękna tak jak piękny jest film. Jestem pewna, że żaden fan się nie zawiedzie.
Czyta się ją szybko (oprócz zdjęć zawiera sporo tekstu), ale coś każe "smakować ją powoli".
Na półkę z "Ulubionymi" trafiła na długo przed przeczytaniem ;-) (rzadko się zdarza taka pewność, że książka stanie się ulubioną). Na pewno wrócę do niej nie raz. Raz jeszcze dla tych zdjęć, dla tej historii...

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review 2014-02-02 00:00
After Death...
After Death... - Bentley Little,Steve Cameron,William Meikle,James S. Dorr,Steve Rasnic Tem,Simon Clark,Joe McKinney,John Langan,Lisa Morton,Christine Morgan,John M. Floyd,Josh Rountree,Robert B. Marcus Jr.,Jonathan Shipley,Brad C. Hodson,David Tallerman,John Palisano,Jac After Death starts off with a cool premise, what happens after a person dies. Sometimes the stories occur immediately after death, sometimes it’s during a much longer time line. There is a mix of big name horror authors and lesser known ones, and overall a really good flow to the anthology. One of the things that I really enjoyed about the anthology was the short introductions that precede each of the stories. They were little nuggets of insight that added to the stories and were a nice touch. There were a variety of topics from the ferryman transporting the dead, to reincarnation, to purgatory, hell, heaven, and many places in between.

Like most anthologies, not all of the stories worked, but most of them were quite good. If I had to single out a few that I especially enjoyed, they would have to be “Someone to Remember” by Andrew S. Williams, which starts off the book on the right track; “The Resurrection Policy” by Lisa Morton, which I found to be crafty and creative; and “The Devil’s Backbone” by Larry Hodges, which I found to be well-conceived, well-executed, and well-written, my favorite in the anthology. There is a lot of good short fiction in this anthology, and it was impeccably edited. This is an anthology that I highly recommend.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street
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review 2012-08-24 00:00
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Terminator)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - James Cameron,William Wisher,Randall Frakes

This book added so much to the story that the movie tells. More emotional impact, more data, more thoughts from Skynet.

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