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review 2014-07-11 16:44
Some Hits In This Fun Anthology
Boondocks Fantasy - Jean Rabe (Editor), Martin Greenberg

I picked this book up for the cover and title. I made a deal with myself that I would go to the library and shelf surf for one book a month that was just too much uniqueness for me to pass up. I have been looking at this one for months it was calling to me daring me. I had to take it home.


I read it, and I liked all the stories except maybe three. They where just not my style of read at all. Many of these authors are not even seasoned writers, they are gaming programers, grandmothers, bird wranglers... a very mixed bunch with some very interesting little tales. Most were tales of county mysteries with otherworldly woo hoo. One story stood out different form the others. It was a heartbreaking read of lose and recovery after, Black Rider, It was very well done.


I am not a fan of anthologies at all but this one gave me a nice break from the popular authors and a fresh playing field for my mind to wander into. 

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text 2014-07-09 16:36
Reading progress update: I've read 68 out of 320 pages.
Boondocks Fantasy - Jean Rabe (Editor), Martin Greenberg

I've read three pretty amazing short stories. I'm in shock I usually dislike anthologies. Off to finish more

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text 2014-03-20 01:46
Dance Like a Monkey for CJ Henderson



We don’t just want to do something, we want to do the very best we can. Right now CJ is laying in a hospital bed while they pump poison into his veins for four straight days…96 hours. Can you imagine that? Forget about how utterly horrible it would make you feel to have that stuff entering your body. Forget about how uncomfortable it would be to stay in the same place for all that time wondering if this time it’s actually going to work. Just think about how expensive that must be to lay in that bed for four days constantly getting medication. My husband was in the hospital for just the weekend getting saline in his veins and that was over $25,000 for just two nights of basically salt water.


CJ doesn’t have a job that gives him medical leave, or disability, or even basic health care. If CJ can’t work, CJ doesn’t get paid. Can you imagine worrying about that while lying in that hospital bed? Worrying about your wife and daughter, your mother-in-law, all who depend on you to provide their basic needs? Heck, worrying about all the convention organizers and fans you are disappointing each time you have no choice but to cancel a show…that’s what CJ’s doing. I know because CJ is my friend and I hear these things.


Let me say it again, we DON’T just want to do something, we want to do the VERY BEST we can. That doesn’t just mean meeting our campaign goal. That doesn’t mean hitting a few stretch goals. That means blowing them all out of the water. We need your help for that. We are providing our time, effort, and talent for absolutely NO compensation beyond the satisfaction that we are doing everything we can to help our friend, a man who has given so much to the fannish community in time and enjoyment and brilliant writing. In answering the hopeful author’s questions and offering guidance to those just starting out. CJ doesn’t just look out for himself, he keeps an eye out for all of us and does a good turn where he can.


We aren’t asking much, just return the favor. Chip in a few bucks to get a fantastic anthology. Post or Like or Share our updates on what we are doing and why. Maybe even dance a little…for a good cause. All it takes is a click of a button. Maybe one day of bringing your lunch to work. The sacrifice of the smallest bit of your dignity. Not much. But together think what we can accomplish with those little efforts. Everyone who pledges even just $10 gets an anthology full of high-quality stories by authors at the top of the industry. If we hit stretch goals there are a ton of perks that come with it. Free ebooks. Free music. Free audiobooks. Extra stories. We take this high enough and you get more than one anthology and CJ gets just a little bit of breathing room.


Keep those monkeys dancing and keep those nickels coming!



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review 2013-07-21 20:58
The Finest Creation
The Finest Creation - Jean Rabe The Finest Creations look like horses and if you didn't know any better you would think they're horses, they're magical creatures who can talk telepathically to their riders and who are completely moral. A young Finest is parted from it's mentor before it can be invested with it's assignment. Evil forces ambush them and the finest accepts charge of the two orphans that they find. He is unaware of the importance of these two children, this Finest had to muddle his way through his assignment. I enjoyed the read, even if it did remind me of several other series of this type.
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review 2012-06-24 00:00
When the Husband is the Suspect - F. Lee Bailey,Jean Rabe Some were interesting, some were boring.
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