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text 2019-08-11 15:45
Day 11 Bring on the Horror
Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Tales - Bram Stoker,Kate Hebblethwaite
Dead Sea - Tim Curran
The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories - H.P. Lovecraft,S.T. Joshi
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley,Maurice Hindle
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror - Robert Louis Stevenson,Robert Mighall
The Cold - Rich Hawkins
Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett
High Moor - Graeme Reynolds
Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley

Ooooh, where do I start on this?


I like certain types of Horror. I've talked about it here before so I'll keep the recap brief, I don't like serial killers or blood and guts stuff but I'm perfectly fine with messy werewolves and other monsters.


I love anything psychic or occult, ghost stories, good werewolf or other monsters, including plants. I like something that makes me think. Weirdness can be good as long as it's not too confusing.


Strange, alternate dimension creatures are good too.


I used to love vampire stories, but Twilight and the Romance genre spoiled that. I find a few exceptions still worth reading.


I find most of the Horror Classics are very good. Original concepts like a haunted post box definitely get my attention (that was a good one BTW).


There's a lot of great stuff in the Horror genre. I lean towards the more literary stuff over the sensationalist in general.

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text 2019-08-03 13:53
Halloween Bingo Pre-Party Day 3: Favorite Ghostly Tales
The Haunted Hardware Store (The David Morgan series Book 1) - Frank Roberts
A Christmas Tale - Austin Crawley
A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings - Charles Dickens,Michael Slater
Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, ETs, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings - Paulette Moon,Chris Moon
Trapped in Room 217 - Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Rise Headless and Ride (Jason Crane) - Richard Gleaves
Ghost Boy - Stafford Betty
Angel Manor - Chantal Noordeloos
The Elementals - Michael Rowe,Michael McDowell

I LOVE a good ghost story! I also have an interest in real ghost legends and ghost hunters. Not the scream queen silly television ones but serious investigators.


Nice ghosts, tricksy ghosts, scary ghosts, evil ghosts... they're all good!


One of my favourite kinds of Horror.

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text 2016-11-12 16:36
Non-squicky Horror Books
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Rise Headless and Ride (Jason Crane) - Richard Gleaves
A Christmas Tale - Austin Crawley
Bloodfire - Helen Harper
Hell Bound (Heroes in Hell) - Andrew P. Weston
Dinosaur Lake - Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Wolf Hunt - Jeff Strand
Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett
Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley
Firestarter - Stephen King

I tried to answer on a thread about Horror books and BL wouldn't let me, so I'm doing a post.


The context is one of my Fantasy reading friends was trying a Horror book and quit reading when the plot got rapey. So would I!


So the post I wrote out and couldn't post explained that I don't like human ng take on metPHYSICAL IDEAS.monsters. No serial killers, general gorey stuff, rapists, psychos, or other things you can read in the news.


The one exception to the gore is werewolf books. You can't have a good werewolf story without making a mess, and to some extent vampire stories can get uncomfortable because they do kill people after all. Same with animal monsters, creature from the black lagoon etc.


I won't read anything where animals get hurt, again the exception being when the animal is the monster. I just read Bats for example, but I won't read stories where cats or dogs are hurt. No Cujo for me. Ironically, the only fluffy bunnies who bled in a tory I enjoyed was in Watership down.


What I do like tends to be supernatural Horror. Ghosts, demons, the unseen spiritual entity or an interesting take on metaphysical ideas.


So I tagged a few books I've really enjoyed for this post, but wanted to tell my friend that anything on my Horror shelf that has a rating is guaranteed not to have anything to do with rape, no psychokillers (except Cabal, which I haven't actually read) and no hurt animals. No tortured children either, I don't need that sort of thing in my head.


So, since I've made this a post, I'm inviting anyone to make suggestions that fit the above criteria. Excellent writing especially, I don't have time in my life for mediocre books.


I like the sort of Horror that is basically an extension of Fantasy. Not Romance but Dark Fantasy. Demons should be scary.

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review 2015-11-12 19:32
Review: Ghost Story by Jeff Brackett
Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett

I really enjoyed this short horror story. I absolutely loved the twist at the end, I really didn't see that coming at all. It was a very clever and refreshing take to an old tale.


I understand the author doesn't usually venture into the horror genre but after reading this little gem I do hope he considers writing more horror in future.









Reviews also posted to my blog: Scarlet's Web
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review 2015-11-06 15:10
Ghost Story review
Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett

A supernatural horror from an author who acknowledges he does not usually write in the genre does not a good read sound. But Jeff Brackett displays considerable writing chops in his tale of six paranormal investigators who run afoul of something in a reputedly haunted building. He does just enough to establish these characters and then almost immediately has them battling for their lives in a short, sharp read that does not waste a single sentence.

Ghost Story would likely have been a four star read, but for the fact that it took a note from the author at the end of the story for me to fully understand what the nature of the threat was (which I won't specify here in case others are better read than I).

Here's hoping Brackett returns to the genre and dabbles a little more as there is considerable promise here.

3 Broken Pieces of Paranormal Investigating Equipment for Ghost Story.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1413238966?book_show_action=false
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