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review 2014-12-07 21:25
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1) - Jeff Joseph

2.85 Stars


    I can honestly say A Novel Obsession was full of surprises, in so many different ways. This book starts out pretty hot and heavy in the bedroom, which gives the feel that this is going to be one steamy read, but really that was just about the only sexually explicit part in the entire thing! Talk about starting off with a bang!



     Really though that was just the beginning of things that were quite shocking going on here. The way this book started, and even through most of the middle was one seemingly centered around romance, but the end, that really took me for a spin. I was not expecting things to escalate as quickly, or anywhere close to the extent that they did. Don't get me wrong, I actually quite enjoyed the action element there, but I think some heavier foreshadowing could have helped make that transition a little more smooth.



    As an avid bookworm myself, I was totally in love with a story about a fellow book lover falling for the author of her favorite books. I thought it was charming. What I did not find charming at all, was the extent of nearly everybody's obsessions in this book. Abby was not the only person with an unhealthy fixation. I was dumbfounded by Rick's revelation, I don't even see why that would have been in there, unless it's setting up for something much larger to happen with it in the second book. I can't even say much against Beau. It was hard to fault Beau of much when really you just couldn't help but to feel sorry for him. Even Daniel with his fixation on a stranger, it just seemed so extreme. To alter your life and desperately search for a stranger because they wrote you a nice note. I don't know though, maybe I'm just a jaded contemporary woman at heart. People my age, they don't have meet cutes anymore, and more to that, if some strange fellow approached me in a public setting and asked me out, there is a good chance I would be completely put off by that. My generation is a little strange, we are somewhere in between the good ole fashioned getting to know someone, and internet stalking an individual to ascertain information before we even give a guy a shot! So I'll chalk that up to me just being a weirdo, and some forms of romance are just completely foreign to me.



    Abby though....she's truly in  a league of her own.  I could have been fine with her being a devoted, avid fan, but the way she talked about her book as if it were actually the author himself, of which she was in a some form of a relationship with....no. That kind of creeped  me out.


    It distanced me from Abby, and quite frankly I was not a fan of her attitude either. It kept referring to how sweet she was, and clearly pretty much any male within range of her "amazingness" will completely fall for her, but I found her rather snotty. I had a hard time seeing the things other people said she was. She made many rude generalized comments about people, which I just thought highly contradicted this sweet persona.....


   "Professional athletes are usually full of themselves. They're not noted for their intellect, are noted for their womanizing, and in general, can't sit still in one place for too long."


*these next two quotes were literally just a paragraph apart from each other*


"Abby immediately sarcastically replied, "Imagine that. I can't believe Rick would be so shallow as to follow around a football player like a little puppy dog."


"You know Rhonda, once a tramp always a tramp. I would have expected nothing less."


Or one of my favorites from Shadyhill, Ohio's sweetheart (her referring to one of the only guys in her 30 years that she's dated on and off multiple times, who was completely head over heals for her)


" We dated a few times, not that I was interested in him. It was more to have something harmless to do and to pacify him."


   I think this a classic case of show don't tell. Show me how sweet and kind Abby can be, maybe keep the judgmental snarkiness to a minimum. Or have her still be wanted for being herself, there is nothing wrong with a good snarky lady, in fact I LOVE them, shit I am one! Just be weary of selling her as Mother Theresa when she reads more along of Regina George from Mean Girls.




   I clearly had a few issues with this book, but as a whole, I think this was somewhere around a 3 star read for me. Beside what I have already said, I do think this author wrote a decent romance book, and honestly an even better one when all the action was involved. If that would have been more incorporated into the story from the beginning I think I would have enjoyed this more. It was pretty well written, and with some small improvements I think the second book could be really good. Really anything is possible. I would be willing to give it a shot and see what happens.


   ***I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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review 2013-12-06 02:00
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series #1) - Jeff Joseph
A Novel Obsession (The Novel Series) - Mr Jeff Joseph

Book - A Novel Obsession (Novel Series #1)
Author - Jeff Joseph
Publication Date - December 1, 2012
Type - Series (Not sure if a continuation)
Genre - Romance, Thriller
Rating - 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review


What could be more peaceful than a small town nestled in the plush and picturesque Appalachian foothills along the Ohio River? Seemingly nothing unless you actually live in such a place and experience the incestuous nature of the meddling, gossip, and desire that can fester there.


Abby Lane has cornered the market on virtue in her small town, yet there are forces that want to take that innocence away from her. Unfortunately, the depths of deception, often undetected by the pure of heart can be harmful to the unsuspecting soul.


As an English teacher, dreamer and hopeless idealist Abby immerses herself in romantic fiction to fill the void in her reality. There is one author in particular who speaks directly to her heart and she foolishly makes him the model lover by whom all suitors are to be judged. When others try to bridge that gap, idyllic small town America becomes a mysterious place to be.


A Novel Obsession is a great mix of Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue, and romance. It will answer the question:


Is it possible for two people to fall in love having never met?



I take back everything I ever thought about men not being able to write a good romance. This book broke every prejudice I had about men not being able to connect with the innermost thoughts of the feminine mind.


This book hooked me and it hooked me good. I was upset that it was on my kindle so I had to stop reading it from 9-5 while at my job - but as soon as my ass hit home, shit I was right back to reading it. I had to know what happened next and how the hell were these two love crazed people going to finally meet. And normally I have a bit of a hard time reading a story in 3rd person, but it worked for this story.


Jeff, I salute you in writing not just a "Searching for Romance" book, but also a thriller wrapped up around it.


Abby is in love with Daniel who is the author of a set of romance books she connects to. Abby believes that Daniel writes from his heart and lives by standards he writes about. Because of this, Abby shuns all the eligible bachelors in her small town. Abby writes one letter to Daniel praising his writing and asking if he could come and speak to her high-school students.


Daniel on the other side of the States is falling apart. He is tired of the book tours and the women throwing themselves at him. He has just about to give up on ever finding a woman who isn't after his money or fame. That is until he reads a letter from Abigail and instantly he connects with the words pouring out of her heart. Has Daniel finally found a reason to keep going?


Abby and Daniel must go through so many obstacles in order to find love. This includes a new eligible bachelor who is coaching the football team and has his eyes on Abby. Also, they must endure skeptical agents, friends, exes, murderers and so much more.


And that ending??? Just for that Jeff, I shot half the star off!! And I'm telling you - there best be a follow up to this story!



Wrap Up
I'm still amazed this love story came from a man....(sorry Jeff) ---- I know I'm gonna go wash my mouth out with soap.


This is such a cute story about finding "the one" along with a bit of suspense to keep the reader attuned to the story.


About This Author
In spite of being a husband and father, I have always been a daydreamer. I was that guy in high school algebra with the far away expression on his face, and no I wasn’t thinking about how to apply mathematics to save the world. I was thinking about the girl of my dreams and how I would make her mine. True love and the inherent difficulty in finding it are what I daydream about the most, and to me writing a book is merely daydreaming and capturing your thoughts in print. It makes them more real and provides the opportunity for others to share in them as well. And so I hope you will.


Connect with this Author
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review 2013-10-18 00:00
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1)
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1) - J... A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1) - Jeff Joseph Book Description:~

Abby has met the man of her dreams; too bad he lives in her fantasies! Nightly, she pulls out his book and dreams of a romantic life with him, just like many other women do as his popularity and romantic image grows. Meanwhile, in the small town where Abby lives, she becomes the object of rivalry between several jealous and obsessive suitors, compounded by the interference of well-meaning friends and family.

Daniel Sheppard is a best-selling author who has trouble living out the romantic novels he writes. As he becomes more and more famous, he yearns for a love of his own to fill the void in his life. By chance, he discovers that he and Abby may be kindred spirits, but he is unable to contact her.

Will Abby and Daniel find each other across the miles and beyond the barrier of small town gossip? Or, will they remain each other's Novel Obsession?

My Review.

I started this book (17/10/13) finishing it (18/10/13) Just like Abby, i read it in two sittings.

I liked the theme of the book, it had a good story line which developed through the book, becoming slightly darker, for me that was not expected. We all have had them, a book crush, normally for me it’s a character within the book. I did find that Abby did come across, at times, a little holier than thou, but thankfully it wasn't often. She wants what everyone wants, a happier ever after, do they exist in real life? Who knows.

The story centres around Abby and Jules (Julie) they grew up together and have been more like sisters than best friends. Unknown to Abby she is the object of affection for several of the males in town. Abby sees only good in people and only wants to see the good in people. I feel one of the men in question exploits it and uses it for his own advantage. Jules I find is a little self centred, (to me) she seems hell bent on getting Abby married off, bared footed and pregnant. I have a very valid question that I can’t ask as it would be a spoiler. Yes Abby is in her 30’s but its hardly old. There are things Jules does which I find totally annoying.I know friends do set friends up on blind dates and so forth. But to lie so blatantly. But that said Abby, being so good natured, does love her as she forgives her time and time again. Which you would do for you best friend. I do love their friendship, its not so close they are with each other all the time, yet still close enough that if they haven’t spoken for a couple of days its like no time has passed and they can pick up from where they was.
Beau Bradford, I think he is a character who thinks and feels he is doing the right thing, putting everyone and everything for his school, the town and the community above all else. Yet he isn't really, all he cares about is himself and his needs. And what he wants and needs is Abby Lane. He believes they are destined to be together. All he needs to do is prove it to Abby. Along comes a problem, that problem was in the shape of an ex-footballer called Bill Thompson, who is, on the surface, a perfect guy, he’s good looking, got a good body, good all rounder. Beau is not so sure, he thinks he’s too good to be true and he could be onto something.

At first I liked Bill, I thought he was a nice guy but as I got to know him, he hide something, some very dark but not all the hidden. He is too good to be true. Is he a psychopath? Or just your average backyard crazy? There are a number of questions I’d like to ask Bill. Mainly did he choose to come to Shadyhill for a reason? I have this hunch, a feeling in my stomach that he came to Shadyhill for a particular reason, someone who had wronged him. I could be way of the mark but that’s the feeling I get. Now Rick, Julie’s husband, he is shallow. To do what he did for the reasons is below shallow. I gasped out loud as I read it.

I enjoyed the speed the story developed at.The dialogue between the characters was rounded and not flat, they said what was needed and it was purposeful. I felt the characters was well developed and believable. Even Beau Bradford. Yes he annoyed me, yes I wanted to wring his neck at times, that said it makes for a believable character.
This is a good started to a series, it was longer than a novella. I enjoyed it and would say its worth reading. For me it was a quick read and there’s nothing wrong with that.
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review 2013-04-23 00:00
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1)
A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1) - Jeff Joseph Okay, the author gifted me this book, and it is not my usual genre because it is realistic fiction. I get enough of real life but it was romance which is fantasy in my life...lol!

Okay first impressions, the blurb sounded interesting, but not usually my type of book, and it had a teacher as the main character. I don't usually think of men as romance writers even though I know they do; I'm used to female authors. The prologue jumped right into adult material, so I was wondering if the whole book would be sex rather than plot. After the prologue with the exception on one date, the whole book was plot and I liked it. :) I was sucked into Abby and Daniel's world and wondering if they would ever actually meet. I loved the journey this book took me on and I will definitely read the next book to see what happens to Abby next. This book is one of those books that is refreshing to read and gives you hope, but it has its real world problems, and you see Murphy's Law at work. And this book reinforces the idea that even though it might not be the type of book you usually read, doesn't mean you can't be pleasantly surprised, I look forward to the author's next book in the series.

**gifted me to by the author
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review 2013-02-06 00:00
Tricks of the Trade: Magical Gay Erotica
Tricks of the Trade: Magical Gay Erotica - Jerry L. Wheeler,Jeff Mann,Joseph Baneth Allen,Ralph Seligman,William Holden,Logan Zachary,Lewis DeSimone,Rob Rosen,Jay Neal,Xavier Axelson,Todd Gregory,Nathan Burgoine,Dale Chase,Mel Bossa I received a copy free through Goodreads First Reads.

I tried, I really did, but MM just isn't for me! The stories here were great and the characters were terrific, it was just my problem with no female character to relate to. Give me a MMF any day and I am thrilled! I just need a character I can pretend is me, don't judge how I read!

However, I gave the book to my sister who is into MM and she loved it!!

So, I split the difference on the review!

The collection is very interesting and the stories are engaging and well written, it is just not a genre I am feeling.
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