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review 2017-03-29 19:26
didnt grab me straight away
No One Earth - Jennifer Loring No One Earth - Jennifer Loring
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jon is suffering, drinking himself into oblivion dealing with the loss of Daniel, a year ago. His sister tells him of an old story of their people, that of the Handsome Fellow and Jon's interest in life is again budding. Erukkass lost HIS partner a year ago, and he has been searching for Jon ever since. But Erukkass came a long way, through many different worlds and times. Will Jon accept him, and their story?? This is only short, and a short book HAS to grab you straight away, or its over before its begun. Or, usually, I'd say that. Because this did NOT grab me straight away! Nope, it kinda crept up on me, and it just went boom, round about half way! And I really enjoyed it from that point. I didn't dislike it before then, not at all, it just seemed a much more enjoyable read after about half way. You don't get all of Erukkass' story immediately, it comes at you in little snippets and takes time for it all to become clear. For a 62 page book, that took some doing, let me tell ya, and I loved that! I loved that Jon is less than accepting of Erukkass in the beginning, but that he warmed to the idea. Loved the little things Erukkass said to remind him of Daniel. Loved that Jon fought his feelings for Erukkass in the memory of Daniel. Again, only short. First I can see that I've read of this author, and I'd like to read more, maybe a longer book. (I say that a lot, don't I??) Because shorts really need to grab and not let go, and this one didn't quite do that... 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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text 2017-03-16 18:16
BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - No One on Earth by Jennifer Loring
No One on Earth - Jennifer Loring
Erukkass’ people, a species of interdimensional aliens, have been observing Earth and interacting with humans for so many centuries that some Native American tribes believe their ancestors originated from the stars. After his lover passed away in what appears to be a medical accident, Erukkass accepts a scientific mission… but not for the reasons his government expects. He has located his beloved on another timeline, in another universe—ours—and he will not leave without him.

Jon, a psychic since childhood, has never felt at home in the world, even less so after his lover died on Winter Solstice a year ago. Since his abilities failed him when he needed them most, he turns to alcohol and rejects his family’s assertion that he is a Star Child—an alien/human hybrid. When Jon’s sister suggests he should look into the legend of Handsome Fellow, Jon decides that if he cannot find happiness himself, he will bring it to others.

Jon returns home from work one evening to find a gift of his own—a strange young man waiting for him. Erukkass unveils one stunning revelation after another, including the truth behind his lover’s death and the nature of time itself. Can he and Jon forge a future together, or will two timelines that have always intersected, no matter when or where, finally be forced to diverge?


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Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2017/03/blog-tour-review-no-one-on-earth-by.html
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review 2016-12-26 00:00
DarkFuse #5
DarkFuse #5 - Tim Curran,Renee Miller,Jennifer Loring,Mike Thorn,T. G. Arsenault,D. S. Ullery,Jeremy Thompson,Shane Staley As a subscriber to Darkfuse Magazine, I read all but one or two of these on-line prior to getting the collection. This was a very good mix of stories and a good introduction to some new-to-me authors. I think I may have dry heaved once or twice while reading these twisted tales. Thanks, Mike Thorn! (That was a compliment, btw.)

Darkfuse 5 is a worthy addition to the DF anthology series and I look forward to more from Darkfuse as always. With DF's help, slowly but surely, I am getting over my phobia of short stories even though they may be traumatizing me in the process. (That was another compliment, btw.)
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review 2016-08-26 17:50
What's Left of Me (Firebird Trilogy #2) by Jennifer Loring
What's Left Of Me (The Firebird Trilogy) (Volume 2) - Jennifer Loring

Jennifer Loring does a wonderful job of continuing Stephanie Hartwell’s and former NHL Star Aleksandr Volynsky’s story in the second book of the Firebird Trilogy, WHAT'S LEFT OF ME.  Alex and Stephanie have not had it easy.  Just when it looks like everything is finally going to go their way, Alex is accused of sexual assault allegations, and Stephanie is diagnosed with a serious illness.   This contemporary sports romance takes place in Buffalo and is suitable for adult audiences.


Jennifer Loring does an admirable job with her character development.  Both main characters have gone through a lot and grown tremendously.  I felt bad for everything that the couple went through.  The characters are likeable.  Alex is now aware of his mental illness and trying to deal with it.  He had to end his NHL career early due to an injury.  He was given the opportunity to coach his old team the Buffalo Gladiators.  He is a good man, and he tries hard to be a decent husband and father.  I love Alex’s sense of humor.   Stephanie is a strong heroine.  I love that she plays hockey.  I was often disappointed in how she treated Alex in this story, and that she kept her illness from him, but I get that people respond to situations differently.  I like that Stephanie is ruthless when it comes to investigating accusations against her loved ones.


The plot was realistic and thought-provoking.  The issues were pertinent with today’s society.  The couple was put through some test in their relationship.  Both being public figures made their ordeals even more difficult.  I like how the story was resolved, and I look forward to the last book in the trilogy. 


Complimentary copy provided via manicreaders.com in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-12-04 21:00
Review: Those of My Kind by Jennifer Loring
Those of My Kind - Jennifer Loring

I received a free copy of Those of My Kind from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I love to find books with strong female leads and Those of My Kind certainly has that. The characters are strong and fiercely independent females who have had a very rough life. They fight the good fight, battling evil, sacrificing love and happiness for the good of mankind despite the temptations put in their path. All under the radar without any thanks or recognition.


Although the characters were well rounded and complex, I feel that I didn't get to know them as well as I would have liked. I am left with a lot of questions but that's not as negative as it sounds. I'm curious, the characters and plot intrigue me. I want to delve deeper, understand them, their culture and history and background from beforehand and the author can only cover so much in one book. The fact that I want to know more and get a deeper understanding of the characters is a testament to how well the author drew me into the story and captured my attention.


There were a few niggly inconsistencies. No electricity yet the stove clock was still working. The placing of tea leaves in the tea kettle, which then changes to tea bags in the cups, then back to tea leaves in the bottom of the cups after that, and a few other similar things. Not huge inconsistencies and not important to the plot, just little things that popped out at me while reading.


Those of My Kind was totally different from what I was expecting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The storyline is unique, it draws you in and moves at a very fast pace. Definitely one I would recommend.




Reviews also posted to my blog: Scarlet's Web
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