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review 2017-09-25 13:05
Book Review For: DARK CONTROL by Annabel Joseph
Dark Control (Dark Dominance) (Volume 1) - Annabel Joseph

'DARK CONTROL' by Annabel Joseph is the First Book in a New Series called "Dark Dominance". This is the story of Juliet and Fort.
Fort and his friends are into hardcore BDSM and they go to an exclusive club that is only open on Saturdays. But they are all feeling like they want to get out and do their thing but go to a lower standard type club. There Fort happens to see Juliet who is outside looking upset and drunk. Fort feels compelled to help her and tries to take her home. But ends up with her at his apartment. Fort finds her attractive but doesn't act on it and the next day she leaves. Fort thinks to never see her again but he can't get her out of his mind. They end up in a Dom / Sub relationship which Fort makes it clear and Juliet agrees that will be all that they have. But as with perfect plans they aren't so perfect.
This was a really hot book that I did enjoy. The only thing that stuck out to me was that Fort was dealing with a past issue but I didn't really feel the connection with that issue. Overall loved the book and hope to read more from Ms. Joseph soon.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Dark-Control-Dominance-Book-ebook/dp/B0753GK649/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1506267258&sr=1-1&keywords=DARK+CONTROL+by+Annabel+Joseph
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review 2017-09-17 01:34
The Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

I struggled with this book for months. At times, I was loathe to continue with it, and would put the book aside for weeks at a time. But I persisted, if only because I had read about 30 years ago another work of Joseph Conrad whose setting was the Dutch East Indies. And for me, Joseph Conrad (a Pole by birth who didn't learn English til late in life) held a certain fascination because of his previous life as a merchant seaman. 

"THE HEART OF DARKNESS", which is set in the Belgian Congo at the time it was being cruelly exploited by King Leopold, reminded me in many respects of the movie 'Apocalypse Now' with the shady, mysterious character Kurtz the ivory trader bringing to mind Colonel Kurtz who abandoned civilization and his Army career to become fully assimilated into the ways of the hinterland. The overriding themes are of desolation, horror, fear, and exploitation. I felt in reading this story that it was the land itself that brought to the surface the greedy appetites of people from outside (i.e., Europe) who came to the land to both conquer and exploit the land and its indigenous peoples. Knowing that was enough to make me want to know how the story was played out.

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review 2017-09-15 14:57
Classic Tale of the Vampire
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

So I purchased the illustrated version of this book which didn't pop up on BL so I just chose a version. 


So the only reason why I didn't give this book five stars is that there are some threads that never got tied up to satisfy me towards the end of the book. One of those threads was who was Carmilla's mother?


"Carmilla" was the first book to be published about the mythical vampires. And not only that, it was I believe the first book of it's time to showcase a lesbian relationship. I can't help comparing it not only to Dracula, but also Salem's Lot. Since it was written in 1872, I am not going to knock the writer for not showcasing more gore. I think my main issue is that I didn't get a sense of menace from the character of Carmilla. If anything, I felt sorry for her. In Dracula and Salem's Lot you 100 percent had no qualms (or at least I didn't) about the bad guy's meeting their end. 


I would equate this book with most Gothic writing of it's time. We have mysterious strangers, darkened rooms, falling apart castles (or schloss) and a young woman who is being taken in by a new friend who only it seems wants to be as close to her as she can be. 


What I did like though is that you can see all of the parts that would later on be taken up by writers like Bram Stoker and Stephen King. I don't know why the vampire has been taken up again and again by modern horror writers. Maybe it's because it's scary to think of something that looks human but most decidedly is not. Or maybe it's because most vampires seem to do their destroying when we are at our most vulnerable when we are sleeping. 



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text 2017-09-15 13:48
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Interesting. I did enjoy it and know why many hail it as the precursor to Dracula. 


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text 2017-09-14 14:41
Reading progress update: I've read 42%.
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Reading this for the vampires square. Reading "Carmilla" the Classic Illustrated Edition
by J. Sheridan Le Fanu.


I will say that I don't find anything in this scary at all. I think it's written well. I just expected more gore and horror. 



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