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review 2014-05-05 02:21
Save My Soul (Book 1) - K.S. Haigwood



   I really liked the idea of this book, but somewhere along the way some things went wrong...very wrong. These types of books can be so frustrating. There were things that I really liked and then there were things that I just couldn't get down with, not a lot of neutral ground.


   I thought the whole idea of everyone having a guardian angel and devil that were essentially competing for your eternal soul was a really cool idea. And I kind of loved Kendra's guardian angel, Ryhan. I even kind of liked Adam's devil, Murry.



It was pretty cool that they could take on a human form when they wanted to, and the whole having conversations in your head and dream sequences were neat too. I also loved the whole soul mate aspect of this book. It's beautiful idea that there is just one person out there for everyone. 



   I really didn't like Kendra. Ughhh. I hate that every single guy she came in contact with was so in love with her




Honestly I just didn't get it most of the time. What the hell were these guys seeing that was so special? It just wasn't there for me. The only thing I thought was semi cool was that she gave a few kids makeovers that she was photographing so they would look nicer in their pictures. But even that she ruined a little by almost begrudgingly doing one of them, like how dare this kid look so unimpressive and take up her time. She should have stopped with the first one when I actually thought that was sweet of her to help the girl out. While I loved the idea of soul mates, I didn't like the insta love thing. I mean marriage talk in less than a week would send me running, even if the dude was Prince Charming. Not cool bro, not cool.



There were also a few things I found to be a little over the top, like the fact that it was said at some point that ."It's impossible to truly love someone without believing that there is a God who made that person just for you" That's a nice thing if that's what you believe, but man is it insulting to those who might not. I think that even people who don't believe in some higher power are still capable of loving other people fully. That quote just really rubbed me the wrong way.


    I would entertain reading the second book in this series since it seems that the main focus of that one would be Ryhan....YAY! I hope that one will be a little better than this one, if not then I'm afraid I'll give up on the whole thing.

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