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review 2017-11-09 10:00
New Release Review: Blood Oath (Shifters Unlimited #1) K.H. LeMoyne
Blood Oath - K.H. LeMoyne



How fast can you outrun death when it has you by the throat?

Callum Mann will do whatever it takes to get his pregnant mate across the territory line to safety and free from his alpha’s grasp. Even if he has to sacrifice himself.

Raised a survivor, Gillian isn’t about to let anything stand between her family’s freedom and happiness. Not a vengeful alpha, a twisted killer, or a rogue enforcer.



Prequel 1: Blood Oath

Book 1: Hidden

Book 2: Missing

Book 3: Traitor 

GENRE: Shifter / Were paranormal romance

HEAT LEVEL: Some sexually explicit content

NOTE** This book includes the full novel, Blood Oath, and the novelette, Fight Night.




Blood Oath adds lots of depth to the Shifters Unlimited books that have already been released, because it goes back to where it all started and gives a few things a different perspective. Can you enjoy reading the books without reading this prequel, of course, but you would be missing out.


It’s almost like reading two stories in one – first you have Callum and Gillian two strong characters who defy the alpha in order to have their happily ever after. Their romance is sweet but their relations is fraught with danger from the very beginning which keeps readers glued to the pages. Second you have an assassin sent out to find another young woman and it seems that their paths are all on a collision course that adds lots of turbulence and emotional turmoil to the story. The suspense builds throughout the book with thrills and surprising twists even as the decisions made by the characters draw the readers further into their story ensuring that the reader wants to know everything.


The author also included Fight Night, a thrilling short story that gives readers a better perspective on Alpha wolf Deacon Black and how he became the Alpha and his motivations behind his “alphaship.” It is full of danger and emotional turmoil as well, so readers really get an exciting read while learning about the beginning of the Shifters Unlimited series.


K.H. LeMoyne has provided another compelling book to the series and I was completely caught up in the characters from the very beginning. I can’t wait to read Traitor which is due to be released in December.




Blood Oath is the 1st Book in the Shifters Unlimited series.


Traitor the 3rd book is December 12, 2017!


Blood Oath is available in ebook at:



K.H. LeMoyne can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   BookBub   Facebook   Twitter

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review 2016-05-19 21:08
Missing (Shifters Unlimited 1)
Missing (Shifters Unlimited Book 1) - KH LeMoyne

This features shifters of all sorts, a very talented PI who happens ex-park ranger with a little something special, some regular humans, and more. The story starts with ma man wanting to hire the PI to find his wife and child. During the hunt things turn paranormal rather quickly. This is nothing new to the PI, it's a different story for the husband though.


The way this author can tell a story is what made this a good read. Shifter stories have become rather common and they all seem to be the same lately, but not this. This has some uniqueness that have seen elsewhere. The way the author sets and describes a scene is top notch. The action parts are very well, and there are quite a few of these scenes. The story itself was more focused on than the sex, I like that.


I really recommend this book to fans a shifter novels, especially at its price, FREE  (Amazon).

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text 2016-05-19 13:40
Reading progress update: I've read 65%.
Missing (Shifters Unlimited Book 1) - KH LeMoyne

This is free on Amazon, and it is surprisingly good. I haven't put it down since I began reading it. Strong, kick ass female. Level headed alpha male. And... it is not just graphic sex! Yes, there is some, but it is not the majority of the book.




An alpha losing control of his power. A desperate mother and son. The PI determined to save them all. 


Alpha wolf Deacon Black has succeeded in saving his clan only to risk the feral madness that threatens every unmated alpha. When one of his protégées disappears, he’s prepared to risk his sanity to bring her home until he unexpectedly finds help from a stubborn, sexy investigator. She may be his salvation, but she’s not sold on becoming an alpha’s mate. Yet convince her he will, even if he has to break his number one shifter rule to do it. 


Private investigator Lena Juarez is hours from hightailing it as far as she can from the northwestern forests when a desperate plea drags her into the search for a missing mother and son. Her collaboration with Deacon isn’t a problem as long as she ignores the seductive battle he wages against her body and soul. But to give into the temptation could mean death. His. 


amazon us

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text 2014-06-03 15:05
Overland or Sea: Best Historical Road Romances
Butterfly Swords (Harlequin Historical) - Jeannie Lin
Marrying The Royal Marine - Carla Kelly
The Pirate Lord - Sabrina Jeffries
The Windflower - Laura London
Only You - Elizabeth Lowell
The Untamed Bride - Stephanie Laurens
The Lone Warrior - Lori Austin
The Prisoner (Harlequin Historical, No. 126) - Cheryl Reavis
Rachel Lemoyne - Eileen Charbonneau
French Leave - Sheri Cobb South

By carriage, train, stagecoach,wagon, horse, ship or foot Historical Road Romances give us the joys of couple time, new scenery, and challenges. So, what if we wonder about bathing?


Here are some great ones for your reading pleasure! My list are never in any particular order...picking the top ten or so at this moment is hard enough. 


1. Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin 

2. Marrying The Royal Marine by Carla Kelly 

3. The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

4. The Windflower by Laura London

5. Only You by Elizabeth Lowell

6. Tallie's Knight by Anne Gracie 

7. French Leave by Sheri Cobb South

8. Once a Princess by Johanna Lindsey 

9. Rachel Lemoyne by Eileen Charbonneau 

10. Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase 

11. Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis 

12. Wicked Becomes You by Meredith Duran 

13. The Lone Warrior by Lori Austin 

14. The Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens

15. Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen 


Let me know your favorites!


To vote for the best of the best of Historical Road Romance, go to the Goodreads list. Overland: Best Historical Road Romance. 



To get recommendation for all the subgenres of Road Romances, take a gander at my Pinterest Board: On the Road: Best Road Romance. 

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review 2013-03-21 00:00
Dragon Rider's Gift (A Portals of Destin... Dragon Rider's Gift (A Portals of Destiny Tale, #1) - K.H. LeMoyne 4/5; 4 stars; A-I have enjoyed all the books I've read by this author. I think K.H. LeMoyne is a blooming fantasy writer to watch. This story had a quest, dragons, evil mages, and a sweet love story. I really enjoyed it for its characters, pacing, plot, and world building.
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