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review 2016-12-28 00:00
Kaleidoscope Hearts
Kaleidoscope Hearts - Claire Contreras Llevaba tiempo retrasando la lectura de este libro, ¿por qué? La verdad es que no lo sé, a veces la pereza funciona de esta extraña manera... Aunque la verdad, creo que lo que realmente pasó es que desde que salió, las críticas eran tan buenas que me invadió ese miedo a la desilusión que siempre tengo cuando un libro que me apetece termina decepcionándome.Pero la verdad es que mis temores eran infundados porque ha sido una lectura dulce y entretenida y me ha dejado con muchas ganas de leer el segundo en esta serie (Jensen y Mía).
¿Me hubiera gustado darle cinco estrellas?por supuesto que sí, pero oye, cuatro estrellas es una muy digna puntuación, que deja claro que mis miedos eran infundados.

Ésta es una historia de amor y de segundas oportunidades que tiene varios puntos positivos:

- Oliver es maravilloso y a pesar de que en un momento Víctor le describe (muy acertadamente, he de decir) como un "serial dater" es uno encantador y tierno que no te puede caer mal para nada.

- Es fácil empatizar con nuestra heroína y eso no es tarea sencilla. Una chica independiente que lo ha pasado mal en su vida y que ahí sigue, con una sonrisa en su cara prácticamente siempre y con una bonita visión de futuro

- Los personajes secundarios merecen muchísimo la pena y espero sus libros con muchas ganas.

- Es un libro dulce y ameno, con grandes frases, que se lee rápido y a pesar de tratar la pena y la pérdida (en varios sentidos) la autora no lo hace en profundidad, regocijándose en los baches en el camino, más bien todo lo contrario. Es muy "light" y las cosas se van resolviendo de forma natural y sin muchos dramas.

Yo creo que esto último es con lo que más me quedo de libro: la historia de amor entre dos personajes que caen bastante bien. Unos protagonistas que salen victoriosos en una vida que no les dio la felicidad estando separados, y lo hacen además siendo muy buenas personas (y es algo destacable porque de verdad que son como muy filántropos ellos). Todo ello contado de forma ligera, sexy y amena.
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review 2016-09-22 00:00
Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley Let me first say that a kaleidoscope plays a significant role in this book. It's almost a character in itself. And everything having to do with the kaleidoscope was amazing. How Deck got it, how he felt about it, what it meant to him, what it represented, what happened to it, Deck's plans for it, the scene at the end... *sigh* It was truly special and I absolutely loved it. It was perfect.

Now for the rest...

Kristen Ashley has a horrible habit of having her female characters kidnapped. It's like, her go-to conflict. Emme got kidnapped, Nina got kidnapped, Faye got kidnapped, Lexie got kidnapped... there's probably more, but it's 5am and I've forgotten half of what I read now. It's tiresome. I read the book with this feeling of dread, just waiting for Emme to get kidnapped again. Kristen Ashley is a damn decent writer, so I'm confused as to why she constantly resorts to same thing again and again. I'm sorry, but kidnapping is not that common. Child abductions by parents? Hell yeah, that's nearly a quarter million per year in the United States alone. Adults kidnapped by their lover's enemies? Not so much. Moving on...

The threat here kinda takes a back seat and the focus is on a) mundane relationship-developing moments, and b) Emme's neurosis. There are a few scenes that feel like filler, usually sex scenes that there's no lead-in to. It's just a new scene, two days later... sexy times... then a week later, totally unrelated scene about installing windows. It was a bit weird. As for the threat, it was mostly nonexistent. The bad guy was free to cause a lot of chaos, but all he did was steal something. He was a very weak villain. I wouldn't call this a romantic suspense at all.

As for Emme's neurosis. Holy shit, this girl is fucked up. Deck tries really hard to help her, but she's just not having it. Total disconnect. Complete denial. She'll recognize how fucked up and broken her thinking is, but she makes no effort to correct it or deal with it. I had a hard time liking her. I don't like characters that are satisfied with being miserable and alone. Nobody should settle for that, much less actively campaign to stay that way. But she eventually came around. And she certainly had her moments, even before coming around.

Deck was a great character. He made a couple mistakes, tried to avoid making more. He was totally alpha, but incredibly sweet and endearing. And of course, he spoke in that same manner that Kristen Ashley has all her Colorado Mountain men speak. Half the sentence is missing... they never start a sentence with "you" or "I", they just skip it and start with a verb. It's a very odd way of speaking, but recognizable to KA novels.

If you read my reviews for Kristen Ashley's previous books in this series, the issues I have are always the same. Overuse of the same words, the same plot devices, the weird dialogue... You'd think I'd get tired of reading these books because of that, but here I am again. And I'll probably read the next book if there is one.

Overall, I liked it. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but Deck has turned out to be one of my favorite heroes in this series and the kaleidoscope part was incredibly touching. I would definitely recommend it, but I'd suggest not reading it soon after reading any other book in this series. The similarities are too obvious.
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review 2016-06-01 05:03
Kaleidoscope: The Vision Chronicles, Book 1 by Chariss Walker
Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles Book 1) - Chariss K. Walker

Kaleidoscope: The Vision Chronicles, Book 1 by Chariss Walker, published by CreateSpace Direct is intriguing. It is not a stand-alone book. They are designed to be read in order. There are eight books in this series.


I gave this book five stars. There was a lot of research done to write this captivating book.

Michael James Lewis, aka Mike was a geophysicist working outside Cairo in 1998 when he was thirty. He discovered from a co-worker that he had a special gift. He had spent fifteen years denying his gift of visions.


"After a light dinner, I went to the gym for a grueling workout. It was something I did nearly every night of the week. When on a jobsite, I bought a temporary pass to the nearest gym. My body was lean and hard from the punishment I gave it, but that’s what I needed to find restful sleep."

Mike has a weekly housekeeper, Maria. He realizes there's not a lot of dirt but his living area needs attention. "As a dedicated bachelor, I’m tidy. I subscribe to the rules left over from childhood. If you open it, close it. If you break it, fix it. If you get it out, put it back, and so forth. Nevertheless, dust accumulates and any home takes on a stale odor when windows and doors remain closed for long intervals."


Here is Mike's description of his visions as he tells it to Nelson, who is the first person he ever told. "'Here it is in a nutshell: every time I close my eyes I see visions in a kaleidoscope. It is not the kaleidoscope of childhood filled with pretty-colored glass. It’s a kaleidoscope filled with black and white images of the future. It crackles and sparkles like the one I had as a kid, but rather than geometric shapes, this one shows broken images of future events. Visions that sometimes torment me. The images are reflections, not clear pictures. The visions I see are fragments, like a stained-glass window. What I see appears to use the same principle as a kaleidoscope, where several reflective surfaces are placed at an angle to one another.'"


His friend, Nelson Fitch taught Psychology at Columbia & had a clinical practice, suggested that he start keeping a journal & he did.


Mike was a confirmed bachelor but realized he missed having someone who missed him. He met Casey D'Angelo & they started a relationship. He found everything about her refreshing. Then his maid Maria found an unusual listening device inside the pillow case as she changed the bed linens.

He didn't know if it could be because he'd told Nelson about his visions or if it could be a jealous boyfriend of Casey's. Either way, it was disturbing & he contacted a friend at the FBI about it. He also had security videos installed in his home.


In a discussion with Nelson about learning to accept his 'gift' he learned: "'“It’s about acceptance. You’ve heard the analogy that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Well, the same concept could be applied regarding denial and acceptance. Acceptance is a more natural state whereas denial requires concentrated energy.'"


I received a complimentary kindle copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


I look forward to learning more about Mike in the upcoming chronicles. He's a well developed character.The next book is Spyglass, Book 2.

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review 2016-04-23 00:00
Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley I really don't get why I DNF this the last time. This is pretty much a classic KA, though with a little less of her signature drama (which I miss in some of her newer books). But other than that this was really good and it kept my interest the whole time.
I especially loved the last scene with the 2 kaleidoscopes :P
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review 2016-04-15 00:00
Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley 1st read - 8 February to 9 February 2014
2nd read - 13 April to 15 April 2016

Hmmmm I don't think I loved this as much on the second read. Still loved it but I may have overlooked a lot on the first read. Need to have a think!!

WOW!!! Loved it.

The action in this one is definitely a lot tamer than in the first four books in this series but the story was amazing and lovely and sweet. I could gush all day about Emme and Deck I really could. Beyond adorable.

A huge amount of this book is told from Decks POV and for me this made it that much more enjoyable. I do love the male POV's in KA books and I loved the all Layne POV in 'Golden Trail' but I felt it was very difficult to relate to Rocky because of it. I couldn't understand how she felt. Getting Emme's POV in this and seeing how she saw things really was special. And it was sad and emotional. Emmanuelle Holmes is just fantastic, I loved her. I loved her sass and I even loved her flying off the handle, and oh I love, love, love her name. Emme is just amazing and she may very well now be in my top 5 KA leading ladies.

Deck is most definitely now in the top 5 KA leading alphas. Yum. I mean seriously yum. Seeing him come to the realization of what Emme has always been to him was so enjoyable. The Kaleidoscope? I mean seriously? This was beyond romantic. It was so beautiful and the reasons he wanted to keep it were even more beautiful. 'Just turn the dial.' Amazing!!!

Deck is just a big old softy. Well he will kick anyone's ass but when it comes to Emme and Buford (the most amazing bloodhound in all the world) he is just a big softy!! Now there are times that I could of very happily smacked him up side the head but he really was very good at redeeming himself.

One of my favourite uber alpha Deck quotes:
"Met you twelve years ago and we're just gettin' here. I don't call that fast. I call that a waste of fuckin' time I'm about to rectify."

The only real complaint I have (well apart from the book not being long enough) was the outside reaction to Emme's breakthrough and her past. I would of liked to have seen how the girl posse and Deck's parents reacted to it all and it wasn't that I wanted to see her get sympathy but we only ever see Decks reaction and some insight from her dad to this and when she told Deck he already knew. This part of Emme was sad and dark and one major part of it was really screwed up. I would of liked to have seen how other people reacted to it and dealt with it. One of the things I adore about KA is that it is never a story about just two people falling in love. It's a story about two people falling in love and how the people around them react and help with that love. Seeing how the people around them viewed a part of Emme that was tragic and how it made her who she was would of been interesting. Most of the girls had something dark happen to them in their individual books and it shaped them but it shaped them differently than it did Emme. Yes. In many ways they all had a shared experience but they were adults and fully developed, what happened to Emme made her what she is and her breakthrough shows us what she could have been and will become. Watching peoples reactions to that could of been wonderful.

Another great addition to the 'Colorado Mountain' series. 5 plus stars and a home on my favourite shelf.
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