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review 2016-04-15 00:00
Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 20
Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 20 - Julietta Suzuki 4.5
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review 2016-02-10 20:18
Kamisama Kiss Vol 18 - Cliffhangers are evil
Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 18 - Julietta Suzuki

So, we should be in the home stretch. I've read that this is to be the final arc of the series and while I really enjoy this manga, I think it's best to leave them still wanting more than begging you to end. (I'm looking at YOU Inuyasha!) But then I reached the end of this and died a little inside. It's not going to be easy, is it Julietta Suzuki? Just when things were looking so well.


NOTE: As this is Vol 18 and takes place just after an arc ended, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead. Consider yourself warned.



So Nanami has returned from time traveling (the right way, not crazy jumping down wells for this chick. And a closed time loop to boot, I love this series) and everything is great. Tomoe's curse is lifted, he's confessed his feelings for her, and our dear shrine god even has the chance to finally go on a school trip. So perhaps no one should blame her for wandering through life looking like this.


Except that she's failing school and also seems completely oblivious to the fact that Tomoe and she are COMPLETELY NOT COMMUNICATING! Dear lord, it's pathetic. I want him to sit her down and explain to her (in small words as apparently she can't get the memo) that the snake is not okay and she needs to ignore basically everything he says. Argh. Mikage isn't much better, at times he really comes through and others he just watches with this knowing smile on his face. Grr.


However, there are several touching moments. Tomoe works to learn English and other problematic areas as he's now committed to living with her in the human world. His tenacity urges Nanami to reciprocate and when these two click, it's beautiful.


However, there is no rest for the wicked, therefore there's no rest for them either. Kirihito (Akura-oh) is stepping up his efforts to gain his true body from the land of the dead as the borrowed human body is failing. Because of this (and Nanami's admittedly recurring idiocy) the group, and especially Ami, are pulled into a dangerous situation. Nanami's secret and the truth of what Tomoe, Kurama, and others comes out and by the time the volume ends, things are looking very dicey.

(spoiler show)

Hopefully the wait for 19 won't be as long as this one.


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review 2015-04-02 15:10
Shh. Be Very Quiet. I Think I Can Hear the Winds of Change
Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 01 - Julietta Suzuki,Tomo Kimura

Spring is here and I have officially run out of excuses for not cleaning.  I have gained all of my original weight back, and that means that I have entered DEFCON 3 and I now have to keep the sugar away through any means necessary.   Since I can't go to the gym three days out of the week (two days because I donate plasma for that sweet, sweet book money) I will need to turn days that I get milked for my blood water into cleaning days. 


Just... I can't possibly get those scorch marks out of the carpet where that cast iron got dropped from that fire.   Rugs?  Gah.


I got my record player set up in the bedroom, and listening to records while writing in bed is actually a pretty great joy.  Listening to that "Encounter with Monolith" song from 2001: A Space Odyssey on vinyl is an atmospheric, haunting experience.


I will have to start cleaning soon, but before I go about doing just that -


Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 1


Filled with a lot of that Shojo googly-eyed softened close-ups of character's faces as they come to realizations about other people's feelings, most of this is pretty uninteresting and has been done previously already,  HOWEVER - the manga managed to surprise me about, oh, four times or so, with a few laughs to be had, surprisingly enough.   You look at the cover, you know where this story is going to go.  The protagonist is all knees and elbows, literally and figuratively knocking into everything like a seven year old, the guy is all aloof towards her and has adorable fox ears.  The story is all Fruits Basket with its homeless pretty girl with no family and all of these mystical male characters telling her that she's actually super pretty *gasp* and super special somehow. 


HOWEVER - this story is apparently contingent on the protagonist becoming powerful as she learns her own powers and grows to Believe in Herself(tm) and I have a soft spot for this type of trope.   Also, I like how in spite of her weakness, she has some real balls and doesn't back down when she gets her mind to it.  


I will give this manga one more volume to prove its worth to me, for I do have a sometimes longing for Shojo as long as its lower on the trashy spectrum. 


Goddamn shojo,


Intense close-ups of the girl characters with their hair fluttering in the wind and a "I just saw a man naked for the first time" look on their faces for a good 1/5 of the manga - laziness, lack of artist ability or ART?  You decide!

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review 2015-03-13 22:29
Kamisama Kiss Vol 17 - Finally the next volume...and what a volume!!
Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 17 - Julietta Suzuki

First let me say I love the cover for this book. All the people connected with the shrine, including Mikage (yeah!) are shown and perfectly in character.



*Fangirl squeal and gushing time*


Oh, I want to hug this book and never let it go. This is the volume readers have been waiting for since the first volume. Frankly, you could end the series here and not be too broke up about there. Though there are still questions that deserve answers. Thankfully, volume 18 is coming out in June.


I won't say what happens because literally everything is a spoiler in here. I will say it was better then I could have imagined. All Nanami's time travels come together and I can't wait to see this in the anime! (Surely they'll make it this far in the anime?!)



If you like Inuyasha, I highly recommend this. It's very much a shoujo version, though it definitely goes it's own way. And it doesn't take 20+ volumes to get anywhere. Funimation's dub and distribution of the anime is also extremely good.


I'm off to rewatch Season 1 right now!


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review 2014-12-22 04:02
"Kamisama Kiss" -- An Anime Review

Name: Kamisama Kiss


Version: Anime


Genre: Shoujo/Supernatural 


Triggers: Transphobic slur



Okay, so this anime/manga, from what I’ve seen gets recommended to people who liked InuYasha, and I can understand why. It does carry a lot of similarities to InuYasha, but , in my opinion, it is able to stand up on its own.  

I do think that this is a fairly good anime. I did find myself laughing at a lot of the jokes and gags. (I probably still would laugh a lot of them if I saw them again). I am glad that I saw this. This is the first season, and the second season will be coming out sometime next month (January). I do, for the most part, like Nanami as a character. She isn’t “naturally gifted” with her powers. There are a few cases to where her powers kind of manifest—or something else—happens at the last minute to save her from getting hurt too much or worse. I kind of feel like there hasn’t been enough detail to say how Nanami makes her powers grow, and I really don’t like that. This is especially given that her becoming more powerful is kind of key center to the plot. For the most part, the show does carry a “problem-of-the-week” type of vibe with the exclusion of the developing friendships and romantic relationships. I do kind of like this. However, I know that this probably means that the second season is going to have something that spans three or four episodes too.

I do like the developing romantic relationships. Though on Tomoe’s end, there is the cliché’ of the previous, now dead lover, I’m not as bothered about that as other might be. On Nanami’s end, I didn’t like how she was like she’d wait for him to love her back. I would have understood or liked it more if she said that she would’ve loved him anyway and just admit her feelings rather than pretend they didn’t exist. Maybe this was just in the version I was watching. But that didn’t really sit well with me. Their relationship, so far, seems to be of the “it-wasn’t-supposed-to-happen” type and they constantly go back and forth (which contributes to the gags that I talked about). However, I don’t find their fighting or anything as bad as I’ve seen in other shows/anime. It, again, gave me those InuYasha feels, with the exception of the fact that it took the both of them a lot quicker to realize how they felt about one another. That difference makes me glad because that was a huge fault of InuYasha for me.

The other big thing I didn’t like was there’s this character who is androgynous(or very feminine), and there’s a point(or two) where Nanami calls him(and I believe that’s how the Wind god identifies) a “h*sh*”. I didn’t like that. I really wish they had taken it out. However, this is a common problem I see in anime with having androgynous, gender fluid, and/or transgender characters.

Other than that, I did like Kamisama Kiss for the most part, and I am looking forward to the next season and what it brings.


Rating: 4 stars out 5

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