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review 2018-08-04 09:53
Buried in Books (Bibliophile Mystery, #12)
Buried in Books - Kate Carlisle

I used to love this series, but at this point it's more a nostalgic fondness.  I love reading about books, book binding, and book restoration, and the characters are all just ... awesome.  Quirky, kind, strong, and the friendships and family dynamics are amazing.  There was a stupid nemesis character for awhile at the beginning, but Carlisle dumped her, an action with did nothing but improve the story lines.


Alas, this book centered around Brooklyn and Derek's wedding, and I don't like weddings much.  On top of this, while there is a book at the center of the mystery, there's only one scene about bookbinding/conservation and it was brief and had little to do with the plot.


Speaking of plot it was ... scattered.  Even with an epilogue that tied things up it never felt like the criminal solution ever came together.  Everything is answered, but there wasn't a sense of satisfaction about it.  Carlisle does get a bonus point for incorporating every bibliophile's secret fear: death by book avalanche.  


Buried in Books struck me as more about Brooklyn and Derek's romance than about plotting out a great murder mystery.    This is a letdown, but the characters go a long way towards staving off complete disappointment.  Hopefully if there's a next book, it'll be more focused on the dead bodies and books.

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review 2018-07-31 18:15
Once Upon a Spine
Once Upon a Spine - Kate Carlisle

Brooklyn and Derek are engaged and she still has not met her future in-laws (Derek's parents). She is nervous about their arrival, but they are ready for the week of having both parents under their roof. They go to the bookstore that has older books, the local store owned by Will Rabbit and some other places. The next morning, Brooklyn goes to Will's store to find Joey dead under a shelving unit and Will unconscious next to him. She calls 911 and Derek. Their friend and detective comes and interviews her and she gives as much information as she can. Soon after that, her parents and Derek's parents are in the house and they are taking them around and finding that they enjoy each other's company and help to solve the murder of Joey and attack on Rabbit. 


The story was fun and had moments that were funny. This was another book that I combined reading and listening in order to get through the book a little faster. I know that I will continue to read the series (out of order as I am able to obtain them from the library). 

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review 2018-06-09 20:36
Pages of Sin
Pages of Sin - Kate Carlisle

Good short story. Brooklyn is back in her hometown, staying with her parents and giving a program at the library to teach people simple fixes of special books. Her mother asks her to help clean out a friend's house after her death. When she is using some of the books to teach her students, they find some records that show some of the secrets of the woman who died and her family. When they are brought together and the items are brought out at the memorial the whole truth starts to come out. 


While not a murder mystery, it is still a cute story showing some things that people keep hidden. 

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review 2018-05-20 20:43
The Book Stops Here
The Book Stops Here - Kate Carlisle

Brooklyn complained that she was running out of work and her friend, Ian, tells her about being a specialist on "This Old Attic" that helps people learn about the things they have and how much they are worth. Her first book is an old friend to her. It Frances Hodgson's "The Secret Garden" and she values it for more than the woman thought it would be worth. Suddenly after a blurb on the local tv news, she is being hunted by some very large men who want the book. Also, the host of the show is under attack by a stalker and some of the attacks on him have put her in danger. Derick is afraid for her safety and starts trying to stay close to her. Her new friend and neighbor, Alexandra, is also afraid and teaches her some things she can do for herself to keep safe while these men are trying to get her. 


Fun story, there were moments that I was laughing out loud and other places where I felt that something was off, but the story did have me guessing until the end. 


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review 2018-04-20 21:18
Once Upon a Spine (Bibliophile #11) by Kate Carlisle
Once Upon a Spine - Kate Carlisle

FYI: This is the only book I have read in the series. So take what I have to say about this book with a huge grain of salt.



Well I got through this book just because I wanted to know the who did the murders. I waddle through a ton of fluff and absurdities to get the reveal just to have that reveal be a series of dumbass antics from the obnoxious characters that populated the setting. Also quite disappointing was the lack of authentic San Francisco culture/atmosphere. SF is one of my favorite cities and the author gave me the tourist trap version of SF but nothing that residents would talk about or go to. 


I never connected to Brooklyn, Derek or their parents and yet that part of the book made up at least 70% of the book, with shoddy police work taking up the rest. Seriously, the police detective should have to turn in her badge for letting Brooklyn and Derek go on with their interference in the investigation. Overall, I found this book to be a waste of time and I won't read anymore from the series.

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