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quote 2018-06-05 05:03
“I have waited my entire life to love you and I refuse to let your stubbornness take you away from me.”
So Over You (The Chicago Rebels Series Book 2) - Kate Meader

― Kate Meader, So Over You

(The Chicago Rebels series, volume 2)

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review 2018-05-30 19:35
Hooked On You (Chicago Rebels #3) by Kate Meader
Hooked on You - Kate Meader

Kate Meader scores a hat trick with book three in the Chicago Rebels series, HOOKED ON YOU.  After never meeting her biological father, Violet Vasquez inherited a third of the Chicago Rebels hockey team, along with her two half-sisters.  She doesn’t plan on sticking around after the season is over.  Meanwhile, the Chicago Rebels captain, Bren St. James, needs a nanny.  With the playoffs at stake, Violet takes the job.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.


I like Bren.  He is a recovering alcoholic.  His kids mean the world to him.  His ex-wife, Kendra, is a piece of work.  Violet is good for him.  Violet is an amazing character.  She survived breast cancer.  She doesn’t feel like she fits in.  She doesn’t realize the impact she has made on everyone’s lives since she moved to Chicago.  She’s fun and encouraging.  Bren and Violet both grow throughout the story. 


I enjoyed HOOKED ON YOU.  It was an entertaining read.  The characters faced relevant obstacles.  I love the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off scene.  That was classic.   


I have enjoyed the plot of the Chicago Rebels series.  It is unique and charming.  The new management at the Chicago Rebels is unconventional.  I love that the team supports and appreciates them.  I recommend reading these books in order.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2018-05-10 16:25
Hooked On You (Chicago Rebels, #3) by Kate Meader
Hooked on You - Kate Meader


Meader is an avid scorer when it comes to temptation, but this time around she has a surprise ace up her sleeve. A DILF. In the world of fast track sports and heartbreaking choices, nobody's perfect. There's heartache in every life. Bren and Violet have seen enough disappointment. This time their shooting for the stars. No matter the obstacle, the hard won reward is so worth it. Hooked on You is like an icy rink. There's some rough terrain ahead, but once in the zone, there's nothing but smooth sailing.

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review 2018-05-03 00:00
So Over You
So Over You - Kate Meader Love when book titles are something like this so I can say

“So over it.”

As my review. Reasons...I was bored. Life is too short. Cut and paste generic Barbie/bunny/boobs and attractive women not being smart comments from sooooo many others in the genre. I find this dumb bimbo thing so annoying bc I think you must have to be smart to watch hockey. residing in a hockey state my whole life I still don’t fucking get it. I don’t go to the Wild games to ogle hot hockey players and I can promise you I’d never know if there are any. I don’t hockey. I know there are hot baseball, football, and basketball players...what was my point? Leave hockey fans alone..? Why is the language so horrible in hockey romance?

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review 2018-04-09 00:00
Irresistible You (The Chicago Rebels Series Book 1)
Irresistible You (The Chicago Rebels Series Book 1) - Kate Meader Hmmm, let me be crisp on this review. There was really nothing to do about this book. It was well-written, the characters were all just enough, the book was just enough, I didn't get Remy for about 30% but once I did he was sweet, and the book could've easily wrapped at 63%. Seriously, at 63% we know that Remy wants to retire after the season, settle down and be a stay at home dad. Harper has ambitions and wants to continue to build the Chicago rebel hockey team. Maybe to prove she can, maybe cause she's in love with it. She needs a man to support that or no man at all. I feel like I needed to smack both their foreheads at this point and say "time to discuss the future you idiots." It's a case of a slightly over mediocre book, which I read at a slightly bad time. (See: whole post on book grouchy)

I have to be honest, I had some stuff going on today, was quite busy and when I sat down to read I had no earthly clue what CR I was reading initially. I actually thought I might be between books. It was about a second before the book opened I remembered. I just think that's probably not the best sign...

Oh, but maybe I'll review it. It was a boss-employee relationship but the woman is the boss, and the man is the pursuer, generally. Nothing about this tickled my fancy including the sweaty locker room scene with, in all likelihood, pads still on. Light references to puck bunnies.

I have a crush on the actual interesting character, Bren, in this book. I also find her sisters interesting.
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