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review 2015-06-27 00:00
A Bride for the Sheikh
A Bride for the Sheikh - Katheryn Lane Rashid had just the right amount of arrogance, mystery and masculinity. Naive, adventurous and strong willed is how I would describe Angelina. Angelina, a foreigner in a strange environment thrust into the unexpected when she meets Rashid. Their differences are what drawing them to each other. I enjoyed the story, found it fresh, fun and entertaining. (https://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Reviews/Lashea-reviews-A-Bride-For-The-Sheikh-by-Katheryn-Lane)
Copyright Night Owl Reviews
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review 2014-05-18 00:00
A Bride for the Sheikh
A Bride for the Sheikh - Katheryn Lane Review
The opinion expressed in this review is my own fair and honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a copy of the ebook as part of a request to review from the author.

The first few chapters started with great detail and are easy to read, but then the writing began to feel rushed, and while a great plot idea, I didn’t feel it was executed thoroughly enough for me. It’s more of a novella than a novel length and if I was paying for this book I wouldn’t been keen on the $3.74 price for such a short story.

I was seduced by the blurb and the cover and had high hopes for a great read. I understood that it would be fast paced as Shiekh Rashid only had 2 weeks to find his prospective wife and present her to his father the Sultan. However, what I read was quite a rushed writing style with underdeveloped characters. I really didn’t get some of the reasons for their motivation.

Rashid and Angelina meet at the palace on her first night in the country. She makes the perfect comments about money and marriage and Rashid decides she is the one he will marry. Seriously? I’m all for a love-at-first sight meeting and hopping into bed with the one you are attracted to after only just meeting, but I didn’t believe that these two had a “connection”, or love-at-first-sight kind of thing going on. Yes, there were a few words to describe it, but I wasn’t sold as the sentiment didn’t seem to come into the story again and it’s not sexy or love, it’s “an old friend”.

“I’m Angelina, Angelina Smith. Pleased to meet you, Rashid.” She held out her hand.
Rashid took it in both of his and held it tightly. Angelina felt a strange bond with him. It was
as if she were being reunited with an old friend rather than being introduced to a stranger.

The abundance of dialogue worked and if it had been fully fleshed out with the ambience surrounding the characters as well as more detail of their inner thoughts I think I would have really been enthralled by this story. As it was I really didn’t get that Angelina was in lust with Rashid and vice-versa. I also didn’t realise Rashid had a beard until it was mentioned three quarters through the book. I’d pictured him quite differently until then and then I struggled to align the two images as I kept reading.

Throughout the story there are moments of conflict with Chrystal that Angelina gets past pretty quick and her father also doesn’t appear too upset that the sheikh gave his daughter a mercedes and a bucket load of gold jewelry after a few dates. Most father’s would have gotten out the shot gun and forbade their daughter to accept the gifts, but Angelina’s father just goes with the flow.

I did really like the way Rashid’s mother discussed how relative money is with Angelina. That was well written and fit the story. I think the Sultana would be an interesting character to read more of.

Katheryn Lane does write with some detail that shows she must have lived in the middle east and I found those descriptions interesting and fit the plot. I would have like more description about the surroundings and the main characters inner struggles and feelings to really get me into this story.

If you are looking for a quick read to pass some time then this is the perfect story for you.
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review 2014-03-07 11:08
The Texas Cowboy - Katheryn Lane

Once again I was attracted to the cover. Attractive guy. Cowboy hat. (I seem to like cowboys in stories, so I was sorted!)


The thing I feel I have to mention first is Laura. She is so annoying! She’s so reliant on image, it’s unbelievable. I wanted to smack her several times throughout the book.


Then I’ll mention Jack. That first meeting of eyes across the street, the wink and his words: “I’ve never been to England, but they say it’s real pretty. Welcome to Texas, Vicky. Give me a call sometime and I’ll show you the sights. I might even be able to show you a few things that your cousin doesn’t know about.” He gave he another broad wink and tipped his hat.” I liked him right then.


And as for Vicky. Good for her for wanting to go out with Jack, even while her cousin disapproves! As an English girl myself, I was cheering her on. Who doesn’t think about cowboys wanting to sweep you off your feet? Okay, probably not everyone but I like the idea.


The storyline seems to follow a series of unfortunate events between Jack and Vicky where they miss each others calls or see the other with someone else and jump to the wrong conclusions. When it all got resolved it was all very sweet and romantic.


It was a short read, just over 100 pages, but it was quite romantic when they finally got together and I liked it. If you’re looking for a short romance or a nice cowboy read then you should give this a try.

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review 2014-02-19 02:09
The Texas Cowboy - Katheryn Lane








Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the problems. 

When Vicky flies into Texas, she immediately falls for the charms of local cowboy, Jack Cassidy. However, her wealthy Dallas cousin, Laura, has other ideas and will do everything she can to steer Vicky away from Jack and into the arms of a rich oilman. 

Jack is resigned to living the life of a lonely cowboy whose only female company is his horses—that is, until he meets Vicky. However, Vicky isn’t the only person with a claim on his heart. Jack wasn’t always alone and his ex is about to make a dramatic comeback. 

Every cowboy has a past and this cowboy’s past is about to destroy his future. 




The Texas Cowboy is a short and sweet romantic read about Jake a Texan cowboy and Vicky an English girl who is vacationing in Texas.  Vicky was visiting her cousin Laura whom she had met on a social network. While having lunch with her cousin, Vicky met Jack and it was quite clear that these two had chemistry between them.  Laura did not approve of the two of them getting together as she thought Jack was poor and just a mere ranch hand. However, this all changed when she found out that he owned his own ranch.


I loved the chemistry between Vicky and Jack and I loved the way the romance was developed.  Vicky was very likeable. She is honest and open and does not like secrets, however if she is called upon to hold something in confidence she would not hesitate to do so.  Jack is a hunky cowboy who has been hurt in a previous relationship and since then has held himself aloof form women. The only real relationship he had is with his sister and his horses. This all changed when he met Vicky the gorgeous English girl.


I did not particularly like Laura. I found her to be shallow and snobbish. She lived a life of luxury and it appears she never worked a day in her life.


I would love to have had more information on Carly. Carly’s is Jack’s ex. She had some really serious issues and I was hoping for more details on this.


I was pulled into the story and found it quite enjoyable but that was before I reached the end. I was quite disappointed with the way the story ended so abruptly.  When I came to the end I was literally thinking WHAT THE HECK!  Where is the rest of it? I genuinely believe that ending could have been better developed. 


Despite the disappointing ending this was a good read and I would recommend it to readers who love their romance stories short, sweet and funny.


Source: totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2014/02/review-of-texas-cowboy-by-katheryn-lane.html
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review 2013-12-29 00:00
A Bride for the Sheikh
A Bride for the Sheikh - Katheryn Lane

 SOURCE: Author in exchange for a honest review.


Review originally posted at Satin Sheets Romance Blog

Rashid is in a quandary. His father had arranged a marriage for him with Chrystal Longhorn whom he detested. Chrystal is a selfish and self-centered person who also happened to be a gold digger. She was willing to go to any lengths to get what she wanted. Rashid was able to negotiate an agreement with his father which would allow him to choose his own wife. This agreement, however came with conditions. He had to present the person he chose as his bride to his father within two weeks and she had to be a foreigner. As fate would have it Rashid met Angelina at a party his father was hosting. The chemistry between these two was evident from their initial meeting and it was at this point that Rashid knew he had found his soul mate. What follows is a story of adventure that sees Rashid wooing and trying to convince Angelina that they were meant to be together.

I found this title to be a sweet, funny and romantic read which had me hooked from the very first line. This is my second experience with this author's work and she did not disappoint.I thought the characters were well developed. I was immediately drawn to the main characters, however my favourite character is Rashid's cousin Hammad. He was quite funny and very entertaining. Ms. Lane's writing style was quite descriptive which gave the story a very realistic feeling. I totally enjoyed every moment reading this title and I am looking forward to more of this author's work.

If you are looking for a sweet, funny and romantic read, then look no further. A Bride for the Sheikh has it all and more.

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