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review 2016-08-02 00:00
DarkFuse #4 (DarkFuse Anthology Series)
DarkFuse #4 (DarkFuse Anthology Series) - Keith Deininger,S.C. Hayden,E.G. Smith,Jon Gauthier,Robert Essig,Wilfred R. Robinson,Shane Staley The first 5 tales of this one were fairly elementary and each very short, adding up to only about 35% of the total length of the collection. Too bad too, because I think a few of them had greater potential and could have used some additional depth. Overall the first stories were only about 3 stars each with a few plusses and minuses in there somewhere.

The final story in the collection is Buried Soldiers by Keith Deininger which was released as a serial on the DarkFuse Magazine website. I am glad I got to read it here instead, because it is a good story but I never would have bitten off on the serial. Just not my bag. I can’t stand waiting to read the next installment week after week.

DarkFuse puts out some pretty damn good dark fiction. This collection is no exception and while not every story was entirely for me, I think that most people will enjoy the majority of the tales in this one. I’m not quite sure how to rate this one, but for now I am going 3.5 Stars and rounding down to 3 on GR and up to 4 on Amazon.
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review 2016-07-11 10:11
My Little Children review
My Little Children: Four Stories Unsettling, Surreal and Horrific - Keith Deininger

Odd. That's my one word description of these four unsettling, mostly supernatural tales which are low on concrete answers and high on sub-text.

Keith Deininger is a unique voice within the dark fiction/horror world and these tales are no exception. None of them really grabbed me, however, and delivered that gut punch I always hope for with any short story. All, however, are very readable and provoke deeper thought.

At 42 pages - with half the Kindle version I read dedicated to an excerpt from another Deininger novel, Ghosts of Eden - it's a very brief investment of time, and one worth it for fans of dark tales that come bereft of a neat little bow to go round them.

3 Reasons Not to go Out Clubbing for My Little Chidlren.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1201271337
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review 2016-02-22 14:06
good story and characters
Within - Keith Deininger

Art collector Harold Klimt comes to live in Upshaw mansion. The mansion is a place that has been linked to mysteries and bad things seem to happen around the mansion. Harold himself is a mysterious man but starts throwing parties and sends invitations for people to attend. Colin and his friend Derek were out for a ride and got hit two different times Eric doesn’t make it and dies. There is a house across the street from the mansion Maddie and Jeremy and three others live there. When Rich moves out Colin moves in. Colin and his housemates all go to one of the parties at the mansion. While there Colin is offered a job to do a mural in the cellar. But things started to go downhill as the mural emerges.

I didn’t understand all of this story I think there was just far too many characters. But the characters I did like felt real to me and I did like that a lot. Also some mysteries remained that were in the story. Well I did like the plot and story [ except where didn’t understand it as I have already mentioned ]. Yes it even spooked me at times. All and all was a good horror story and I do recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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review 2016-01-08 23:17
The Hallow - Keith Deininger
The Hallow - Keith Deininger

I purposely waited a couple of days to review Keith Deininger's The Hallow. I wanted what I had just read to sink in; to chew on it and roll it around. The Hallow is a trippy, drug-induced journey into the life of James after his car breaks down and he has to resort to walking everywhere. He begins to notice strange things that he never noticed while driving the same streets. His roommate Vance and him stumble home one afternoon drunk and discover a strange girl in their house. She gets up and goes into James's room and lies on the bed. When James goes in there, she's dead.

Things get really trippy after that and Deininger has a really staccato way of storytelling in this one where you go back and forth, starting and stopping that really makes it difficult to understand what it going on. This is my first story by Deininger and the guy can write, but the delivery, in an attempt to show the disjointed events transpiring for our protagonist, makes the story more muddy than trippy and prevents it from being enjoyable.

2 1/2 weird trees out of 5

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review 2015-11-19 00:44
Review of The Godgame (#1) by Keith Deininger
The Godgame - Keith Deininger

How do you sum up a world? From our brilliant storyteller, Keith Deininger, we have The Godgame, a full-immersion plunge into a fantastical world known as Meridian. First introduced in the book Shadow Animals ( a personal favorite of mine), we delve straight down the rabbit hole - and we keep on going. Although that is the only Alice in Wonderland comparison I can give you, because this is not your children's bedtime story.


The Godgame is partially horror, all fantasy and entirely entertaining. Keith does an excellent job of not only bringing each one of his characters to life but also seamlessly interweaving them into his world. There are no generic personalities here. Every character is entirely original and viewed from Keith Deininger's unique and often quirky perspective. The majority of the story in the Godgame takes place between the city of Talos and the small village of Fallowvane. Talos is the a technologically advanced mecca under the rule of the The Archon and the mystical and violent hallowgeons. Fallowvane is a small farming village inhabited by the Novan's, who for the most part reject the teachings of the Talosians. As rumors of unrest and a war against Nova are spreading, so is the tension between the two and a war, intentional or not, may just be unavoidable.


If you enjoyed Shadow Animals, The Godgame will be the icing on your cake. The first in a series of (at least) six books, I am very much looking forward to what Keith has in store for us in the series.


I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion and there you have it.



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