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text 2017-04-21 13:10
Blog Tour Stop for Puppy Love by Kelly Moran with Excerpt and Giveaway


Today’s stop is for Kelly Moran’s Puppy Love. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :) 







After a passionless marriage under the scrutiny of high society, Avery Stowe is taking back her life. All she wants is a little privacy and a quiet place to raise her autistic daughter, Hailey. Redwood Ridge, Oregon, seems to offer all the right ingredients. Except for the problem of the local sexy veterinarian. The last thing she needs in her life is to fall for his irresistible allure, even if he is a nice guy who keeps doing her favors. But the well-meaning patrons of her new hometown have other ideas, and it appears playing Cupid is one of them.

Cade O’Grady has never met a woman he couldn't handle, but when Avery Stowe walks into his office late one night cradling an injured puppy, he’s struck stupid. Which might explain her total lack of interest in him. But now that she’s working for his family’s clinic, he doesn't have to lust from a distance. He might just have a chance at convincing Avery—and her too-guarded heart—that falling for the right man isn't a mistake . . .






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Finished with a round of patients, he headed up front where Aunt Rosa was reading a romance book and Avery was typing away on the computer. “Whatcha doing now?”

Avery didn’t glance up from the screen. “Making a supply list in Excel.”

Hell. Why was that hot? She wasn’t his usual type.

Okay, to be honest, any female with too many brain cells wasn’t his type. It wasn’t out of a sense of shallowness he sought that variety, but preservation. Until he found someone who made his heart beat like Heather used to do for Drake, he’d stick with superficial. No point in getting hurt or hurting someone else. But ever since Heather died, Cade tried less and less to settle down or find that person. He was aware of it, aware he was doing it, and damn if he ever questioned his actions until now. People rarely recovered from that kind of love. Why search for it?

Perhaps it was Avery’s long legs in those black leggings, or her pink sweater the same shade as her cheeks when she blushed, or her brown hair—more chestnut really in the sun—piled on top of her head and held in place with a pencil that seized his interest. He bit back a sigh. Nope. It was her brain, her humor, and her strength.


Aunt Rosa glanced at him over the top of her book, a knowing smirk on her face.


“A supply list?” Bully for him. His voice sounded normal. He still had no freaking clue why, but if he wasn’t bumbling like a moron around Avery, he was saying moronic things. Where the hell was his swagger?

“Mmhm.” Type. “So we don’t over order things or run out. Gabby and Brent can just check off what they need and I can order from the supplier.” Type, type. “Did you know you had ten cases of cat litter? Insane.”

He scratched his jaw. “Uh. No.”

“Putting Zoe’s stuff on here, too. Her shampoos and whatnot for grooming.” Type.

“She’s making a supply list,” Rosa beamed, waving her hand like this was an epiphany. I told you I’m all-wise. I hired her!

Cade frowned at his aunt. She’d been the office manager, for Christ’s sake. She should’ve been doing this.

Flynn came up to the desk and tapped Avery’s shoulder. “Have you seen my backup bag? Gabby and I need to head out to Miller’s farm.”

Avery nodded. “In the supply room, stocked for you. Your new bag should be here Monday.”

At Cade’s questioning glance, Flynn signed, “A goat chewed my other one when Gabby was busy chasing a barn cat.”

And this was why he wasn’t the house call vet.

Flynn tapped Avery’s shoulder to get her attention again. “Marry me?”

She laughed. “Not today, but you’re welcome. Shoo, now.”

What. The. Hell.

As if sensing Cade’s thought train and derailing it, Avery said, “He asks me to marry him daily. Hourly, depending on what I’ve done.” Type, type. “Relax, Dr. Cade. He’s joking. Besides, I don’t do office romance.” Right, Flynn? she signed.

Flynn grinned, the asshole, and strode into his office, only to emerge moments later with Gabby and his travel bag.

Cade flipped him off behind Avery’s back as he was walking out the door.

“Saw that.” Type.

Of course she did. All moms had eyes in the backs of their heads. And that was the other thing. She had a kid. Not that he didn’t like kids. He did. Maybe even wanted a couple of his own someday. But it wasn’t just one person involved when dating someone like Avery. It was two.

And they weren’t dating. Not even a little. He hadn’t asked her out and, aside from that first day when her gaze had shown interest, she’d seemed immune to him.

That hadn’t happened in…ever. He found it oddly refreshing.

With Flynn and Gabby gone, Cade glanced around. “Where’s She-rah?” The cat was usually perched on top of the printer, plotting world domination.

“Avery put her on time-out. She’s in the back room.” Rosa’s grin grew to oh shit size, and he figured his aunt had read all his previous thoughts. Like a Vulcan mind meld. Which was never a good thing.

Wait. A time-out? He looked at Avery. “You put a cat on time-out?” He didn’t know whether that was cute or genius.

Avery never stopped typing, which was beginning to infuriate him. “Yes, she was scaring Thor.”

Cade looked down, just noticing Thor’s head in Avery’s lap from the other side of her chair. The Great Dane looked at him as if to say, Neener, neener. “Dust bunnies scare that dog.”

“Well, the cat needs manners. Plus, Thor and I are working on his courage. Aren’t we, boy?”

Thor barked. And not in fear. Yes, my liege.






Bestselling author Kelly Moran says she gets her ideas from everyone and everything around her and there’s always a book playing out in her head. No one who knows her bats an eyelash when she talks to herself, and no one is safe from becoming her next fictional character. She is a Catherine Award-Winner, Readers Choice Finalist, Holt Medallion Finalist, and earned one of the 10 Best Reads by USA Today's HEA. She is also a Romance Writers of America member. Her interests include: sappy movies, MLB, NFL, driving others insane, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet caffeine junkie and chocoholic, but don’t tell anyone. She resides in Wisconsin with her husband, three sons, and two dogs. Most of her family lives in the Carolinas, so she spends a lot of time there as well. She loves hearing from her readers.




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Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/blog-tour-stop-puppy-love-kelly-moran-excerpt-giveaway
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review 2017-03-21 02:01
Wonderful read
Counterbalance - Kelly Moran

Great read. Xander and Peyton have known each other since high school, she was the cheer leader he was the geek. Now he is the CEO of a company that is now a millionaire. The chemistry is smoking between them can they make it work even though they work together and with Xander's social anxiety and Peyton's fears of being left. This book is a great read and you don't want to put it down. Kelly Moran has made you fall in love with a great couple and the other characters in this book and you are rooting for them.

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review 2017-03-01 12:52
Great Story and Characters
Puppy Love - Kelly Moran

Avery and her daughter Hailey had been traveling for two days and finally got to the town of Redwood Ridge. Hailey was autistic and her father had given up full custody and didn’t even want visitation. If Hailey got too much stimulation or someone touched her especially her head she had a fit or tantrum. Hailey didn’t talk. Avery’s mom had moved to this town ten years ago. Avery hoped this town would be good for Hailey. Hailey was seven. Justine was Avery’s mom and had inherited some cabins from an aunt and she rented them out to tourist and she also owned a second hand store called thrifty. Avery dozed off and forgot to lock the back door and when she woke up Hailey was gone. Hailey often took off not because she wanted to run away but she lived inside her head and Had no concept of danger. Avery found Hailey in the woods with a puppy who was missing part of his leg and bleeding a lot but Haley had connected with the dog the first time she really connected with anything.  Avery, Justine and Hailey took the puppy to the pet hospital and Cade just happened to be still there he was on call anyway.Cade took the puppy and told them to come back tomorrow to see him. Avery ex was Richard who was Hailey’s father. For the first time in a long time Avery felt attracted to Cade. Richard had made Avery quit her job after they were married to be at his beck and call. Then he used Hailey to further isolate her from everyone. Cade was attracted to Avery also. Then Avery was hired to be the pet hospital’s office manager as  the current manager was her bosses aunt and she wanted to retire. Then Avery organized the whole office for the vets and techs even for the pet groomer. Cade’s brothers were also vets one was deaf but did well. Then Avery got talked into becoming the head of the Events committee which all the money earned by the different events went to charity. She even got the oldest brother Drake to smile. Cade was being as patient as he could be. Avery realized they were in a relationship even if it was hidden or so she thought. The night of the Valentine's Day Dance Drake pointed out to Cade that Cade was falling for Avery and before this Cade had kept things casual with any woman he seen since Drake became a widower and still was a shadow of himself since his wife’s Heather's’ death who had been his HS sweetheart. He never wanted that kind of pain.

This was an amazing story I loved it. How Hailey made friends and even went on overnights with her friend.  I loved how Cade was with Hailey actually his whole family and the friends Avery had made.I also loved how Cade was as patient as he could be when at times…… just a beautiful romance and one of my new favorites. Also it calls attention to autism and that being autistic does not mean you aren’t human and can’t care. I applaud the author for her portrayal of Hailey . Great plot great story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

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review 2017-02-17 04:03
Exposure - Kelly Moran

"We were supposed to be finished. I know, but I can't seem to quit you."

Exposure is sexy, captivating and provocative. This is a story of love, passion, and mystery that will have you hooked from the first page. From the moment I read the blurb, I knew this would be a book worth reading.

Raven Crowne is the sole proprietor of an Art Gallery. She suffers from a paralyzing fear of strangers, especially those of the male persuasion. She is slowly recovering from the state of depression that she had experienced for years. Her fears contributed to her need for control, especially in the bedroom. In light of this, it must have been a bit discomforting when she began receiving sexy and steamy anonymous notes for the five years on her birthday and on the odd occasion. (Who is this mystery man and why hasn’t he revealed himself?) The only man she trusts is her best friend since college Noah Caldwell.

Noah is the only child of a New Jersey senator. He is a billionaire whose wealth came from inherited money and monies he earned from his adventure start-up company. What he feels for Raven goes beyond mere friendship, but he never made his feelings known. His reasons for not telling her how he felt was understandable and proved that he did care. He too had a need for control, which should prove interesting when he and Raven got together.

From the moment I met Raven, I found her an interesting character. She overcame the issues from her past to become the successful businesswoman she is today. On the business front, it is evident she is in control, however, in regards to her personal life it was a constant struggle. Noah is a likeable character. I loved how he was protective of Raven, although there were times when I thought his behaviour was a bit too obsessive. This proved overwhelming for Raven as she had a hard time reconciling her feelings for him. There were things about Noah that Raven was not privy to. She would soon discover that here friend was selfless and would lay down his life for those he loved.

I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, which at times was intense, hot and steamy. The dialogue was good and the pacing was perfect. There was never a point where the story dragged. What made the story even more exciting was the element of danger included in the story. It had me turning the pages because I was eager to discover how that aspect of the story would unfold. Their pasts were proving a hindrance to their being together. Theirs was a case of trying to make a relationship that started out as a trial into something worth fighting for.

This is an emotional friend to lovers story that is loaded with lots of hot and steamy scenes. The writing, which is solid, held me captive throughout the entire story. This was an incredible combination of steamy erotic romance, drama, suspense and emotional healing.

This was my first time reading Kelly Moran’s work, and it will not be my last. I loved this story, would definitely recommend it.

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review 2017-01-24 00:00
Puppy Love
Puppy Love - Kelly Moran This is my second book by Kelly Moran and I am impressed. Her stories are heartfelt. Her characters are like family. She speaks to the heart with her brand of good- natured down home love stories. Puppy Love is such a sweet story. There is nothing more precious to a mother than the well being of her child. A fresh start in a less hectic atmosphere is just the thing for Avery and her daughter to begin again. A little small town romance with a adorable backdrop of characters and a an A list main cast make for a light hearted second chance story.

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