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review 2015-03-01 00:00
Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace Genre : - Contemporary Romance, Native American
Would I read more by this author? - Yes
Rating - 10/10
HEA - Yes!

Jo Montgomery is looking for a big change in a quiet town after her publicised divorce from her senator ex-husband. she buys a house that she has never seen, that requires a bit of TLC.

Out of curiosity, her neighbour Silent Hawk Stephens, a horse breed and local celebrity, visits the towns new resident, Jo. A few signs he notices from his Apache beliefs and Hawk knows that he has found The One. Of course, getting Jo to realise this may be more difficult than he first thought. then a possible tragedy interferes with an already fragile relationship.

This contemporary erotic romance was a great quick read. I have a bit if an obsession lately with Native American Themes in both contemporary and Historical novels, so this was perfect. I loved that the author included part of the belief system of the Apache.

At the beginning I felt that Jo was quite a weak person, and as a fan of strong willed females wasn't very happy with her, however it was satisfying to see that as the book progressed she became stronger, and more importantly realised that she loved him.

Hawk was just perfect. Although a little be keen with Jo so very early on in the book, due to his beliefs, he was every part a 'Jo whisperer'- see what I did there- and won the girl in the end.

Although parts of the book were predictable, the romance was believable and the sex was very steamy. I liked that Jo did have doubts to start and didn't jump straight into a relationship.

Of course, there were plenty of obstacles to put a barrier between the two lovers ( family, ex-husband and job commitments) and the drama was tension-filled without being over the top.

In conclusion, a great read, and definitely one author I will be watching out for.
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review 2013-07-31 00:00
Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace 2.5 StarsThis was okay...not bad, not great. That middle ground where a few days after reading it you don't really recall any details. From the cover and the blurb it sounded way more interesting than it was, I set it aside to finish another book and it was hard to go back to it. That said, it was well written, the characters were interesting to a point but it just did not "wow" me.The book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review
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review 2013-07-10 00:00
Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace Jo arrives in Georgia to make her house a better place. She knew there was going to be a lot of work. What she wasn't expecting was a cute man standing at the door named Silent Hawk. She is such a skittish woman after her divorce from a jerk of an ex husband. As Silent Hawk tries to help Jo along with names of contractors he knows he is looking for the one and he thinks it is JO after the signs.

He has a doe eating up his flower beds while Jo has a buck walking around her property.

Jo learns that Hawk is somewhat of a celebrity as he is know for being a "real" horse whisper. She seems him in action when she comes for the names of he contractors and can not believe how well he handles the horses, but can he handle her and does Jo want him to?

A great read by this author. This is the first book I have ever read by her and I will be looking for more. The characters jump out at you and draw you into the story.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.
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review 2013-06-25 00:00
Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace Beefcake cowboy on cover and inside - check.Hot, erotic read - check.Seemingly weak, yet surprisingly strong heroine - check.Apache mysticism and traditions - check. All the good stuff seemed to be in this book. And still, it didn't reach even three stars for me. Why, you ask? Allow me to tell you. Spoilers ahead............I didn't believe the instant attraction. Not from him, especially not based on how very strong he's coming on to her, nor from her, considering what she just left behind. He's in her face from the word go, always trying to seduce her, kisses her when she's giving him all kinds of indication that she's not sure about his advances, and he believes he's justified because she's THE ONE. Because there's a doe eating his flowers, and she saw a buck in her front yard. Oh, okay. Sure. Would-be molester excused.Jo's initial characterization reads like something out of a bad romance novel. She's just divorced her Senator husband for cheating, bought a rundown house in Georgia based on an internet ad (seriously? who does that?) and is basically portrayed as running away. She can't seem to say no to Hawk, can't seem to stop his invasions of her personal space and can't seem to stop herself from having all this lust for him. Because, clearly, a woman's libido is supposed to be all dried up after a loveless marriage. Right.And then the author introduces the age old romance trope of a surprise pregnancy. Oh, sure, they used condoms, except for that one time when he slipped it in first for a moment before putting on the condom. That got her pregnant. Fertile Myrtle, she is. The drama in this story, from both hero and heroine, is over the top and rather unbelievable. Most of it could have been avoided with one serious, honest conversation.I did like the inclusion of Apache traditions and the mysticism about seeing signs when your true love is near. Still, believing in those things doesn't give you the right to invade someone else's personal space and more or less forcing them to succumb to your seduction. Yes, I'm looking at you, Hawk. The only people I liked in this book was Hawk's father and mother. Jo's cheating husband and her father, both pressuring her to return for their own gain, were both despicable human beings, who put their political success ahead of Jo's well-being and happiness. I suppose this is the kind of book you could take to the beach and read in a couple of hours, and then promptly strike from memory. It was over the top, full of tropes and rather forgettable.I received a free ARC from the publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return.
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review 2013-06-24 21:04
A True Romance - "Thunderstruck" by Kendall Grace
Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace

If you're looking for a true romance with some heatedly desire, a native american really hot and a woman risking a second chance at love, this is the book for you.

The author is a wonderful writer, touching our emotions with depth and true love, family and showing us what really counts to be happy in life.
The book flows with grace, word after word, and one thing is certain, there should be more Silent Hawks out there.

Silent Hawk is a man trust worthy and loyal to his family, loyal to his feelings and when he truly loves there's nothing he won't do to get what he wants. I'm not telling but you'll see that he's a good listener too, accepting that he is not alone anymore and changes have to be made, forgiveness is the word.

Jo is a woman scarred by her ass ex-husband, believe me he is awful, but she will risk everything to be happy again, overcoming her fears and trusting her heart. I really dig her, truly.

Even though "ThunderStruck" is classified as western erotica, I find myself thinking this is truly a western romance and not so much erotica.

If given a chance to read or buy this book, don't think twice about it, a true romance is flowing from this pages.  

ARC acquired through NetGalley
Published May 29th 2013 by Smith Publicity -- Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
Author's page: http://authorkendallgrace.com/
Source: bookloverandotherjourneys.blogspot.pt/2013/06/a-true-romance-thunderstruck-by-kendall.html
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