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review 2016-08-04 13:59
When the Smoke Clears (Interracial Firefighter Romance) - Kenya Wright,Christine Rice
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review 2016-02-16 03:02
Dark from the very start
Cupid - Jade Eby,Kenya Wright

There was just something about this cover & then the blurb that drew me in... then I started to read it & damn, it was so very dark & twisted... FREAKING LOVED it!! This was my first book from both atuhors & I can't wait to read what happens next for the main characters.

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text 2015-09-22 14:10
CHBB New Releases
The Treemakers (The Treemakers Trilogy Book 1) - Christina L. Rozelle
Engulfed (The North Wing Trilogy Book 1) - Barbara C. Doyle
Fight for Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy Book 2) - Komali da Silva
Doorway To My Soul - Jen L. Joyal
Chameleon - Kenya Wright
Ashen Rayne (Shadowlands Book 1) - Skye Knizley
Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds - Carmilla Voiez
Protected Heart (Queens of Kings Book 3) - LaQuette
The Tin Man - Nina Mason
Renewing Bonds (Bonds of Truth Book 2) - Ruby MacIntyre

‪#‎YAfiction‬ ‪#‎Dystopian‬ ‪#‎scifi‬ ‪#‎horror‬
‪#‎ku‬ http://amzn.to/1gJlKfx
Troubled, abandoned and left for dead in the high society of the North Wing, Ebony Falls continues to live her life haunted by her past.
‪#‎YA‬ ‪#‎Paranormal‬ ‪#‎Romance‬
#KU http://amzn.to/1Mmjzdf
Not only is her life in danger, but the lives of everyone around her as well.
#YA #Paranormal #Romance
#KU http://amzn.to/1OrQ2SR
Within our soul there are many rooms. In them contains memories, experiences, imagination, and dreams. Not all are meant to be shared while others need to be.
‪#‎Poetry‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Loss‬ #ku


It seems like just another job, until a corpse is discovered and an old friend of Wiz appears.
‪#‎Dark‬ ‪#‎Fantasy‬ #Ku
Lost? In trouble and have nowhere to turn?
Call Shadowlands. We're here to help.
#Paranormal ‪#‎Mystery‬ ‪#‎Detective‬
#KU http://amzn.to/1KxqNHD
Full of psychological horror, Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds, delves into the depths of the human psyche.
#Horror ‪#‎anthology‬ #Ku
When events force them together, they embark on an emotion-charged, high-octane quest for the truth, ending up in bed, but also in the clutches of a sociopathic corporate raider.
#Dark ‪#‎Crime‬ ‪#‎Thriller‬
#KU http://amzn.to/1FcToGr
#Erotic #Romance #Booktube #KU
Protected Heart: Queens of Kings: Book 3
When trust is a matter of life or death...
Book 1: http://smarturl.it/heartofthematter
Book 2: Smarturl.it/DividedHeart
#Erotic #Romance #Fantasy #Booktube #KU
Chosen - A Little Sex & Magic Book 3
18+ Only the chosen is worthy...
Book 1 - http://smarturl.it/SexMagic
Book 2 - http://smarturl.it/SexMagicPulse
#Erotic #Romance #Fantasy #Booktube #KU
Light of the Moon
18+ A dance of seduction a play for love.
#Erotic #Romance #Booktube #KU
The Winter Girl.
!8+ Don't let winter get you down. Get to know The Winter Girl.


#mm #Erotic #Romance #Booktube #KU
Renewing Bonds, (Bonds of Truth Book 2)
18+ Fear separated them—Chance reunited them.
Can they renew their old romance? Or will life tear them apart once more?
Book 1 - http://authl.it/B00YT2UQCW?
#mm #Erotic #Romance #Booktube #KU
18+ Back in the Saddle (novella)
#LGBT #Erotic #Booktube #KU
Bridget's Phantasies (Smexy Phantasies Book 2)
18+ Business and pleasure has its benefits.
Book 1 - http://authl.it/B00ZY6RCZG?d
#EncompassTeen #NA #LGBT #PNR #Booktube #KU
GLAMOUR BLADE (a #HouseMillar book)
Reality and perception aren’t always what they seem.
#Steampunk #Fantasy #TimeTravel #Booktube #KU
"To save the world she must steal a fortune..."
#Erotic #Steampunk #Romance #Booktube #KU
Waiting For No One
18+ Some things are worth fighting for.
#Steampunk #Fantasy #Booktube #KU
Heartless: A Guild Story
A Killer Stalks the Streets

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review 2015-05-21 00:33
Wildifre Gospel (Habitat #3) by Kenya Wright
Wildfire Gospel - Kenya Wright

Lanore is done. Zulu is done. They have lost enough. They have suffered enough. Too many people have died. Now people are going to burn.


Despite the rampaging warpath and Zulu’s insistence on doing things “his way” (which involves a lot of bodies and Lanore is done trying to stop him), politics still intrudes even as the corpses pile high. Dante and his vampires, while very much deserving of being burned, have some very tempting offers to make. If Lanore can resist burning him

Of course, she could find other allies – but there are so many factions, none of which trust each other and Lanore doesn’t know if she can rely on any of them.


Meanwhile MeShack is going through a stunning transformation – and learning more about demons than ever he expected to.




I think the balance of this book with its world building and multiple factions is really excellent. I have always loved the underlying setting of this series because it is so original. The concept of the Habitats with the captured supernaturals inside after losing their war against humanity is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It creates a setting that is not just unique but is always relevant to the story – we can’t forget the basic setting because it defines the entire story


From little things like their home being inherently enclosed and limited – therefore making running and hiding a difficult proposition – to thematic elements like constantly living behind bars and how destructive that is to the inhabitants


It also creates a setting with no humans at all which is definitely an interesting twist as the different species exist with their own powers and cultures and rivalries which are often complex and intersect a lot with some brilliant class analysis and the depiction of the mix-breed supernaturals (often, but not always, less magically powerful and always disenfranchised). Again, the setting is always present in these depictions – like the various supernaturals who hate the vampires because they refused to fight in the war against humans (while the vampires insist it was pointless to fight a war they couldn’t win).


This also underpins a lot of the motivations of the characters which really drives the story. The twisty politics of this story as Lanore and Zulu have become major and renowned players is huge – we have multiple factions all vying for their attention (or servitude) and pretty much all of them are conniving and have their own agenda – all gazillion of them. Lanore doesn’t trust any of them, not one tiny iota. So why does she work with them – well politics is a main element but the underlying pressure is freedom

She hates Botelli vampire family and doesn’t particularly like vampires in general – but they’re working to free them from the Habitat. That’s worth it. Similarly others give her the chance to visit other Habitats – which, in itself, is presented as such a miraculous thing. The impact of this, the whole driving point of the storyline all works because of the foundation of their imprisonment. Even while so much of this story is characterised by Lanore finally snapping over how many of her friends have been lost and endangered and is quite willing to see Zulu pile bodies high – and add her own piles of ash – they still work with these forces because of that desperate wish for freedom. It’s this amazing metaforce behind everything else, behind all the personal stories and the revenge and the love, there’s always that pressure to be free that truly affects every decision


I also love how the different insular Habitats have been handled – like they live in Santeria (since every Habitat is based on a religion) which means the Santeria religion has a lot of influence and inclusion – but at the same time the inhabitants know little about not just the other Habitats, but also the religions they’re named after – like Meshack not having a clue that Christianity is monotheistic. Equally how each Habitat operates is based not just on the supernatural and religion, but also the politics and the laws of the country it’s in – it’s these details that make the world so rich, because each there is so much history and difference there



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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2015/04/wildifre-gospel-habitat-3-by-kenya.html
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review 2015-05-20 23:54
Chameleon (Cage Punks #1) by Kenya Wright
Chameleon - Kenya Wright

Living in the walled city of Santeria, one of the caged Supernatural denizens within, Cameo scratches a living as a reviled mixed-breed, but one with a unique power: she can change her shape to look like anyone.


Working with Wiz, her partner and long term crush, she manages to make considerable cash with this skill, especially for a homeless street kid; but as her reputation becomes known, the risks grow ever harder


Especially when a person from Wiz’s past appears – old debts become due and there’s far more to their history than ever Cameo guessed.





This is set in the same world setting as the Santeria Habitat series and I love that series. I love the world building. I love the concept of the various kind of supernaturals living in their caged cities and the different societies and cultures they have had to bring together and build. It’s intriguing to see a word where everyone is a supernatural of one kind or other and what that means, as well as the closed in setting caused by the closed city. It’s a really excellent and truly original world setting that I have never see anything close to it anywhere else.


I also love that the foundation of this book is Santeria. Each of the Habitat walled cites are designed around a particular faith and the supernaturals within are either adherents or sympathetic to that fait (or recognise that their particular supernatural nature will be tolerated within that faith). So the buildings, the districts the rituals, the expressions and the customs of this city all evolved around Santeria. It’s a rich and diverse element of the story and world that I love.


The plot itself is gloriously twisty but not that focused on the Habitat as much as the main series is. This draws on a lot of the history and believe of the fae


Cameo’s shapeshifting powers are also excellent as there’s a lot of imagination gone into exploring how this would be marketable and useful beyond the obvious. But this also mixes into this series’ excellent class analysis and the treatment of Mixedbreed supernaturals like Cameo. Exploited and shunned, her useful talents make her in demand, but being mixedbreed also makes her vulnerable. She can be easily used or scapegoated with little consequence which makes accepting jobs fraught


Cameo herself is a very fragile character. Her nature has left her physically very different and her abusive mother filled her with a vast amount of self-loathing. Her body image issues re interestingly confused still further with her ability to change her appearance so completely. It’s hard to tell her appearance doesn’t matter when her whole livelihood centres aound imitating other’s. It’s hard when she can assume the form of beautiful people for her not to notice how people treat he differently and how they react to her real form. It’s hard to tell her to love herself when she can change her appearance and set change as some kind of permanent goal. Why learn to see the beauty in herself when she can imitate the beauty in others?


I have a couple of stand out criticisms about this book


First of all the mystery goes on for far too long. There is a lot of investigating which I appreciate because too many urban fantasy protagonists interpret “investigation” as hanging around and doing nothing until someone hands them all the answers they want on a platter. So I do appreciate that Cameo always investigated, kept hammering at the answers, kept trying to find the answer. And she’s creative ad intelligent and capable in finding those answers



But, at the same time, I do think she may have seized on clues that appeared only a little relevant or coincidental. They turned out to be super-duper relevant, certainly – but don’t see entirely how Cameo could have known that when she seized on them as something vital to investigate.



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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2015/03/chameleon-cage-punks-1-by-kenya-wright.html
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