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review 2019-02-02 18:45
Great current events thriller
On This Day - Joseph DiFrancesco,Kevin J. Anderson
I was on the edge of my seat through the entire book-- the suspense was crazy. It is like something out of the real word, just taken a step further. After some mysterious seemingly unrelated deaths of a couple of early 20-something men of middle-eastern descent, law enforcement discovers a coincidental link, that they had both been adopted as teens after wars in the middle east by wealthy American parents to give them a better life. What the investigation uncovers is a subversive plot that a terrorist group had been using the overseas adoption agency as an unknowing partner to "plant" indoctrinated teens into American families where they would assimilate into American culture, and have the advantage of a good education, all the while, looking forward to the pre-arranged day when they would simultaneously initiate terror attacks across America. "On This Day" also delves into the personal lives of Officer Brant Discher and FBI Agent Kendra, who, at one time years before, had been seriously involved with each other and this new investigation has brought them together again--lots of romantic suspense there--can they get beyond their differences and see they are perfect for each other, or will their past and hurts be too difficult to overcome? I really enjoyed this book, as reflected in the rating, and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller with some romance thrown in. : )
I received this book from one of the authors in exchange for an honest reveiw-- thank you!


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review 2018-04-07 06:16
Navigators of Dune by Herbert, Brian, Anderson, Kevin J.(May 17, 2016) Hardcover - Kevin J. Herbert Brian & Anderson

Another of the ever-expanding books in the Dune universe.


First, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that all the plot lines, all the situations, themes, and everything in all these books sprang forth fully formed in the original book Dune. Dune is a masterpiece. That is all.


This one is no masterpiece, but it's fun. An interesting take on the Butlerian movement and a setup for the world of Dune. I think this second series (Great Schools, starting with Sisterhood of Dune) hews closer to the original intent of Frank Herbert's idea of a Butlerian Jihad (and the fundamental underpinnings of his universe) than the first series did.


The characters seem like unstoppable forces hurtling towards each other: Manford Torondo, Josef Venport, Norma Cenva, Valya Harkonnen, Anna Corrino, etcetera. I was excited to get to this book and see the denouement of how all these folks would interact.


Yes, the ultimate ending was predictable, as is usually the case with prequels, but some of the twists and turns weren't



in the very end, I actually even started to sympathize with Erasmus.


I understood Norma Cenva's motivations,and she was a major motive force for the other characters. Did a good job at answering my question why the Spacing Guild didn't just take over everything in the original Dune series.


I maybe even a little grieved for Josef Venport, and his stubbornness. I was surprised at the depths to which Valya Harkonnen sunk, and I really wasn't surprised at all that Vorian Atreides rode off into the sunset the way he did.

(spoiler show)


So anyway, that was a book. On to the next one.

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review 2018-03-21 14:57
Mentats of Dune - Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson

Another fun, engrossing read. I like the Brian Herbert prequels. I know not everyone agrees. There's thousands of years of space between these prequels and Dune proper, and I'm surprised at how many stories that can be told.


These books have a lot more in common with the Butlerian Jihad prequel series than any Dune books that come afterwards.


That being said, I'm now retroactively a little disappointed that they've already used the words "Machine Crusade" in the prequel series, because I think the events of this book are more of what Frank Herbert had in mind of the Butlerian Jihad. The dichotomy and balance between Manford Torondo and Josef Venport, with the Emperor right in the middle, is intriguing, and keeps me turning pages.


And yet, there's enough room for these books to surprise me. I certainly wasn't expecting the events that happened at the end of this book. On to the next one!


(again, this book is 4 stars only in deference to the original Dune, which is unapproachable)

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review 2018-01-16 00:00
Mentats of Dune
Mentats of Dune - Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson A decent enough space opera continuing the Dune saga. The characters are generally monomaniacs pursuing single goals and there are few good guys but the plot rolls along nicely and keeps you reading. There is too much repetition - a common flaw in Dune books - but I guess as the plot and background are complicated it aids clarity. Not bad and you might as well read it if you like Dune.
For a more complete review see my post on sfcrowsnest.
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text 2017-07-11 22:55
And for my next book...
Blood Lite III: Aftertaste - Kevin J. Anderson,Brad C. Hodson,Chris Abbey,Heather Graham

I love anthologies. I REALLY love anthologies. It's such a great way to get introduced to new authors without having to commit to a full novel. This one has 99% good stories. The Man Who Could Not Be Bothered to Die was lackadaisically meh, and BRIANS! just didn't gel for me. I understood the premise and aim of both stories, they just missed their mark. So many of these are written tongue-in-cheek or in Douglas Adams reality style, I really find the rest of the book quite engaging.

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