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text 2016-08-16 10:27
REVIEWS REVISITED - On The Inside by Kim Cano
On the Inside - Kim Cano
REVIEWS REVISITED - On The Inside by Kim Cano
"I was intrigued and looking forward to reading this book as it's not the normal story line I tend to read, what a sheer delight this story was, I truly didn't expect it to grab my attention the way it did. Every single spare moment I had found me picking up the book to to read more and follow the characters story, I loved it.
The authors superb writing led me quickly and easily into connecting with the characters in the story. The main character is Kristen, a mother of two boys, frustrated with her life turned to drink and started to steal money from the family firm she worked for. At first she stole small amounts but eventually led to stealing a total of half a million dollars with the end result being sentanced for 17 years in a woman's prison. The only thing that kept her going at the beginning was the kind and loving letters she receives from her sister-in-law Olivia keeping her up to date on the life outside, her sons were both too young, her husband too angry and her parents simply too busy. Kristin starts to realise what she has lost and you follow her emotional growth of character through her activities inside and her bond with the other cellmates.
Each cellmate has their own storyline that I strangely found myself understanding why they had found their way behind bars, my general view tends to be that people in prison are there because they deserve to be without giving a second thought about the background of their crime, this certainly made my question that. I loved each and every character and the interactions and stories that followed them, reading about the emotions that prisoners have and the sadness when they lose their cellmates. I find myself wanting to say so much more about them but that would really spoil the whole book for you to read and enjoy yourself.
One character I really liked to read about was Lakeisha, a prison officer who spent her days sorting through the inmates mail, checking for any contraband, as she merrily enjoys reading about the soap opera of the inmates lives and how she gets emotionally connected herself.
There was plenty of emotion in the story, some heartbreak, some 'oh no' moments and some joyful times. Some intimate scenes are also included in the story for those that may be offended. I have to be honest and say that I actually held off reading the last three chapters of the book because I simply did not want the book to end, that was just how much I was enjoying it. Eventually Kristin's sentence comes to an end and I found a couple of happy tears in my eyes reading the end of book.
Kim Cano is a truly talented author that I will absolutely be following from now on. I applaud her for her bravery on tackling the subject so close to her heart, based on her own family tragedy and find myself wondering if she knows just how much of a difference she is making to her sister in laws life"
Read more on the #book and author here...
Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/reviews-revisited-on-inside-by-kim-cano.html
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review 2016-08-10 12:55
His Secret Life - Kim Cano

Our Beck Valley Books review of His Secret Life by +Kim Cano

"It was lovely to read such a different story on love and the difficulties faced by both sides. I'm aware of a couple of gay men who had previously been happily married for years before coming out, but I have never come across a gay man falling in love with a woman and consider changing his whole life, so I was completely intrigued by the story.

Philip works hard in the corporate world, his work and his separate life are completely separate, not really by choice but the fear of what would happen if they knew he was gay, regardless of his skills. A lot of pressure is put on his relationship with Jason as they are only allowed to enjoy their relationship behind close doors.

To make matters worse he now needs a female partner to accompany him on his works do to keep his secret going. Luckily for Philip his sister, Sarah, introduces him to her flatmate and jobbing actress Emily to play the part for the evening They hit it off straight way and the pretend couple keep the charade going for work commitments, but can it last?

Emily realizes that Philip is her perfect man only it's typical that he is gay and it can go nowhere. Philip starts to realize that she is so much more than a pretend plus one. Will the two fight against all the barriers they face to admit to each other how they feel and if they do will they have the courage needed to make a go of things?

Kim Cano provides another realistic storyline that is thought provoking as the reader follows their day to day life, their emotions and fears."


Gay men don’t fall in love with women. Do they?

Philip is a gay man working for a conservative corporation. After his recent promotion, he needs a date for a company function and asks his sister’s new roommate, Emily.

Emily is an actress, waiting tables while starring in local plays and hoping for her big break. She agrees to be Philip’s date for the party, and soon they are attending one event after another together.

Philip and Emily click on many levels. Lines blur as the people they pretend to be start feeling like the people they are, causing a rift with Philip’s boyfriend Jason.

When Philip no longer works for the company, he doesn’t need Emily to play the role of his girlfriend anymore, but to his surprise, he can’t let her go.

Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/his-secret-life-by-kim-cano-plus-25.html
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review 2016-08-05 00:24
Review: His Secret Life by Kim Cano
His Secret Life - Kim Cano

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.”

This quote was fitting for this story.


‘His Secret Life’ by Kim Cano is a thought provoking story about finding love in the most unexpected place.  It touches on the very sensitive topic of homosexuality. It is not your typical love story. It highlights the struggles, discrimination, and temptations that homosexuals face on a day to day basis.


This is a story about a young and upcoming professional whose main focus is establishing his career as an investment advisor. Phillip knows without a doubt that he is gay, however, he not comfortable letting others know about his sexual orientation, as he is afraid of the backlash that is likely to occur as a result of persons knowing.   Added to this, he is a disappointment to his father because he is gay and as such their relationship is on rocky ground.  Phillip deceived his employer, coworkers, and clients into believing that he was heterosexual, which did not go down too well with his current boyfriend. He carried out this deception by hiring call girls to act as his date for major black tie events hosted by his employer. When an unexpected event came up and he found himself without a date, his sister’s roommate Emily agreed to help him out.  What follows is a series of intriguing events


The story, which was well written, was based on characters that were well developed and relatable.  Phillip had difficulty reconciling his feelings for Emily with that of his attraction to men.  How could he be gay and be in love with a woman? Is that even remotely possible? It was these issues that he had to face. His greatest fear in all of this was losing Emily. Added to that he had to deal with the issue of deceiving his employer which had far-reaching consequences. Emily had her own struggles to contend with. Falling in love with a homosexual for one and there was the fear that he may feel that he made a mistake and leave her for another man.  She feels she has to go the extra mile to keep him interested in her.


‘His Secret Life’ demonstrates what can happen when we pretend to be what we are not.  Phillip was not honest with his colleagues and it backfired. He was of the belief that they would not have treated him with respect, but there is no way he would have known that for sure. The story further shows that honesty goes a long way.


Another thing that this story highlighted was the power of love.  Phillip is gay, but he never met a man who made him feel the way Emily did. What he felt for her went deeper than mere attraction.  They connected on so many levels. In all honesty, I thought they were perfect for each other and at every page turn, I was hoping that he would not go back on his promise to her.


Verdict: I loved everything about this book except for the ending, which I thought was quite abrupt.  It makes me wonder if there will be a part two. It is evident what his secret was but I would have loved to know if his love for Emily was strong enough for him to keep up the façade or did he give in to the temptations facing him every day.


This is my first time reading this author’s work and it was worth every moment. I can’t wait to see what next she has in store for her readers.


I received a copy of this book from the author courtesy of Beck Valley Books in exchange for an honest review/

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text 2016-07-25 10:36
His Secret Life - Kim Cano
5* 'His Secret Life from +Kim Cano is a unique story, one I have not read before and I read a lot of books.' reviews +A Library of Reviews

"Philip is a gay man that keeps that side of him hidden. He works in the corporate world so he has to attend parties and such from time to time. Of course he pretends to be straight and hires women to pose as his girlfriend.This is where Emily comes in. Emily is his sister’s new roommate and she agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Things were going well until Emily started to have feelings for Philp. What is surprising though is that Philip has realized he’s starting to fall for Emily too. I guess it’s true that there is a soul mate out there for everyone. Straight or Gay there is someone for you and when you least expect it boom there they are!

This book is titled His Secret Life. It makes me wonder though which part is his secret life? The fact he’s gay and pretends to be straight? Or Gay but falls in love with a woman?

I love romance novels and this is a unique one to say the least."

Read more on the #book and author here...
Source: ginaslibrary.info/his-secret-life
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review 2016-04-17 00:00
INSIDE the Wall (The War in the Wall Series Book 1)
INSIDE the Wall (The War in the Wall Series Book 1) - A. Lotus,Valentina Cano Letha and Nathan were best friends as were their mothers until the day two people attacked their city and took the children captive and then killed their parents right in front of their very own eyes. They did this to gain control of them. They were separated into two groups and were then made enemies. All the little kids were trained to be killers and sent on missions to kill. If they did not do what they were told by their leader then they would die as well as everyone on their team.

Letha and Nathan became enemies because of these two people not because of the way they felt about each other. They were trained and brain washed into believing what they were told not to mention threatened. The thing is it wasn’t a threat at all it was a promise which all always came true. Letha didn’t want to kill Nathan but did he want to kill her? Would he kill her if given the opportunity? Would Letha kill Nathan if or when it the opportunity is put in her face literally? Or does Letha have plans of her own? How will Letha save herself, her friends and everyone else? Can she save everyone including herself?

No one cares about anyone or anything anymore well except killing someone and surviving. Will the world ever care again? Will they start caring about each other like they did before? Can they ever go back to what they once had?

I loved reading INSIDE the Wall not that I liked seeing people get killed or seeing kids watch their parents die or seeing kids being brain washed and trained to kill but the world that the author created was amazing. INSIDE the Wall will grab you from the first page and won’t let go until you have flipped that last page and leaves you wanting to know more. Wanting to more as to what happens to Letha and the rest of her friends and what it is like for them in their new world. I can’t wait for the next book
OUTSIDE the Wall.
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