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review 2018-01-02 02:15
Just a comment to explain why this one went down hill on me...
Adam and Holden (Men of Smithfield #4) - L.B. Gregg,Shannon Gunn

Ok so this is a really bizarre experience because I've listened to the first 3 books in this series and they were all narrated by Shannon Gunn and I enjoyed them so because I've read the books and this is just me listening to the audio books because I wanted to revisit a series that I had enjoyed years ago...until I got here and things kind of tanked a little for me.


Once again Shannon Gunn is the narrator and while I his idea of Adam's voice and the rest of the characters were ok, I can't lie Holden's voice...well...it was...let's just say it was not my idea of how Holden would sound and I might have found it a teensy bit annoying because truthfully for me it just didn't sound like a 40ish year old man but someone who was definitely older and at times the voice for me had a bit of a pervy undertone to it...sorry, but no...for me Holden's voice was just wrong and so for that reason and because he's one of the MCs the story can keep it's 4 stars but the audio only gets 3 stars from me.

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review 2018-01-02 00:00
Bad Boy SEAL - A Virgin and Bad Boy Military Romance
Bad Boy SEAL - A Virgin and Bad Boy Mili... Bad Boy SEAL - A Virgin and Bad Boy Military Romance - Lilly Holden DNF at 37%
Forcing a virgin to be with you for a week against her will in order to save her cousin? Then want her to partake in his kink?
I don't mind insta-love at all. But I like my characters to show genuine interest in getting to know each other, not just forcing them to be who you want them to be.
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review 2017-12-06 00:00
The SEALs Virgin Hostage: A Virgin and Bad Boy Military Romance (SEAL Mercenaries 3)
The SEALs Virgin Hostage: A Virgin and Bad Boy Military Romance (SEAL Mercenaries 3) - Lilly Holden In an age of exploitation and sexual innuendo, disrespect is a trait that is exhibited regularly. Ms. Holden gives some of that respect back with her heroines. At a glance, The Seal's Virgin is a sexy romp. Yet beneath all the heated looks is the tale of a woman working to better herself. Paige is no victim. She will not be coddled and she will be listened to. Lilly Holden proves strength doesn't lie in sex appeal, it lies in character. The person underneath the window dressing. Who knew a positive message could hide within a tempestuously, tantalizing, mystery?
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review 2017-11-29 00:00
The SEALs Secret Baby - A Second Chance Bad Boy Military Romance
The SEALs Secret Baby - A Second Chance Bad Boy Military Romance - Lilly Holden Lilly Holden thrives on action, therefore it's only natural that Deke and Sophie's tale delivers an adrenaline rush, along with a heaping helping of lust. The Seal's Secret Baby dances on the edge of danger and romance. Secrets are plenty. The danger is extreme, but the temptation is just too electric to walk away from.
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review 2017-11-09 00:00
So Much More
So Much More - Kim Holden,Amy Donnelly,Monica Stockbridge I don't even know how to shelve this.
3 POVs up till the end, when a 4th gets added. I have, historically, I thought, liked Kim Holden's writing but in this book I found it as meh. I want to be VERY fair. This book is meant to be angsty, it lays it all out in the prologue. Unfortunately I am currently reading [b:My Absolute Darling|33572350|My Absolute Darling|Gabriel Tallent|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1498911183s/33572350.jpg|54375969] which is incredibly heavy and engaging, controversial, and critically acclaimed. In sum, it's fucking fantastic thus far, and as I said in my status update made So Much More feel trite.

I don't think this was a romance.I don't think this was a love story. And I don't think it was heartbreaking. There were a few things that grated on me to the point of absurdity. It tried to do too much. Explain the past, give us the present, and redeem fucking everyone. Doing this in a book this short with three main characters shortchanged a shitload.

I don't even really feel like putting effort into this review, I'm not pissed or enthused. It was just...okay, and there are more than one unnecessary developments/plot lines: a detailed description from Faith's mother of her sexual abuse as a teen (which she doesn't realize was), pregnancy, and rape. It's not that I don't think this should ever be in romance/whatever this was, it just was so jarringly out of place.

There was also the time that Miranda backed over her son. And just....whatever.

And I guess...at the risk of sounding extreme...one of the "unforgivable, evil" things Miranda did was have an abortion as a result of a pregnancy from the hero (Seamus) without telling him that she was having the procedure. As a characterization, there's all sorts of things that could go along with this. It could've served many purposes. They were married. Miranda doesn't love her children, she's a terrible mother for much of the book. That was enough. To add the abortion reveal was a big fat whatever for me because even if she's an awful mother and hurts her husband her choosing what to do for herself & her body is really up to her. Full stop. That doesn't really pitch the scales for me...AT ALL. But it makes me consider the author. Miranda couldn't be considered psychologically healthy and yet was unequivocally judged in the tone of the book in Seamus's perfection as a parent for her decision to have an abortion. I'm not down with it.

So Much Whatever.
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