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review 2019-04-19 04:35
The Art of Fire by Kirby Crow - My Thoughts
The Art of Fire - Kirby Crow

I always enjoy a Kirby Crow story and this was no different.  The story of  Marik, the disgraced soldier and Grey, the much younger recruit sent to second him in his lonely outpost is short - novella length - never my favourite, but I loved it anyway.  It's Kirby's writing!

Both men have secrets.  There are some magical powers.  There is a lovely sex scene and a few expressions of affection.  There is danger, a bit of intrigue and a tease of things going on in the wider world. There's even some fun banter.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable read that while being complete in and of itself, left me wanting to know more about these two characters and the wider world in which they live.  And, oh, I did love Marik very much.  :)

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review 2017-06-21 01:29
Windward by Kirby Crow - My Thoughts
Windward (Mirror Series Book 2) - Kirby Crow

This is a serious book!  Not for the faint-hearted, let me tell you.  And I loved it.  :)

We're back with Matty and Grant who still have so many things to iron out between them.  It's not an easy row to hoe by any means, love notwithstanding.  Are they to be allowed to do this by themselves?

Oh hell no.

If it's not interference and at times outright disapproval from Grant's family, it's the FBI come knocking with a request for Matty to help them out with the tracking down and capture of his ex-lover, the chilling assassin, Jaeger Koning.  And what's with Jaeger?  Well, nothing other than that he wants his one-time submissive, Matty, back where he belongs.  With Jaeger.

There's action.  There's banter.  There's humour.  There's emotion.  There's heart-stopping danger and there's moments that one is tempted to weep.   Seriously!

But the main strength in this book, I think, comes from the way the author brings us into the minds of the three main characters - Grant, Matty and Jaeger - sharing their thoughts and how their minds and their.. well... their selves are guided and formed by the power exchanges of D/s relationships.  I'm explaining it badly - who's surprised? - but I find the whole idea of power exchange to be sexy and heady and fascinating.

Loved it and I hope we may revisit the Mirror Universe at some point.  :)

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review 2016-07-01 10:30
The King of Forever - Kirby Crow

After such a long time waiting for this I feel happy and unenthusiastic at the same time. It's such a short book and you expect so many things to happen that when you find out the book is going to end the same way it started you don't know if you should be angry or worse.

So, was it a tease and no more? Well, not exactly, because I really loved this story. I was reminded why I like this pair so much, why they are so special in their peculiar way. But that's a long way from being a "complete" book. It's more like a transition book, with all that it implies.

So do not expect mysteries to be solved and questions to be answered here, because there aren't any of those. It's like stretching book 3 a few pages more to prepare for what's yet to come. Yes, it sounds awful and discouraging, and that is by no means my intention. I just want to give you a proper warning, that's all. I recommend to wait for book 5 before daring with book 4, if only for the sake of maintaining some kind of continuity.

But do you think it's worth it or not? Yes, of course, I don't need a constant set of action scenes to keep me interested, you just have to combine several elements and if it's well played, you have me forever. That's what made devour this novel, the writing style and the characters draw you in hopelessly, and they made me want to know more about them and what's going to come and how they will ever overcome the endless conflicts in the kingdom and the little detail that Rshan have a much longer span of life.

Nothing was boring, everything the author touches wakes lots of wonders and leave you fully satisfied. So in truth there is no real complaint from my part and I finished the book with a sense of completion: in the feeling sphere nothing was amiss, it's the plot that is lacking, but I hope that fault will be corrected in the following installments.

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review 2016-05-31 22:09
Meridian by Kirby Crow
Meridian - Kirby Crow

After the disappointment of the previous book I was reading and DNF, Meridian was a total joy to read!  I knew it would be good because I really enjoy Kirby's work, but seeing as it's her first contemporary, there was always that slight possibility that things could go horribly wrong.  




First off, let me tell you, one of the MCs, Grant, is THIRTY-EIGHT years old!!!  Stated clearly!  He's not a kid!  I can't tell you how much this thrilled me.  So many of my fave authors seem to be gravitating towards the angst-filled 'new adult' characters and stories, that it was so wonderful to have a mature character and one who could bring the angst, trust me!  And his younger love interest, Matty, isn't THAT young, he's twenty-seven, not really 'new'.  *LOL*  


The plot revolving around the assassin and the reason for Grant and Matty to come together works pretty decently - even if it did give me visions of Hotch and Reid at the BAU for a moment or two.  *LOL*   The villain of the piece, Jaeger, is menacing and evil and wicked and almost gave me the shivers.  Had he more screen time, he'd have for sure given me the shivers.  


The secondary characters, Grant's family and friends and Matty's friend/boss were terrific.  Not cardboardy-cutout, but interesting, real people all on their own.  (We don't see much of him but I have to tell you, I cheered out loud for Henry!)  And if this is a series, I can say that I did not immediately spot the next couple, if indeed I spotted a couple at all!  Which is rare in m/m, folks, and something that drives me insane.  


But you know... I wonder if Grant and Matty's story is finished.  Yeah, I'm  very pleased with the HEA as it played out in the end, but man... there are threads dangling!   And I'm reminded that Ty & Zane of Abi Roux's Cut & Run series got their happy and continued to have adventures, so....  we shall have to see what Kirby has planned.  :)


OH!  The sexy, BDSM, intimate love story.  Well... it was very, very hot.  No toys or role-play or costumes or any of that stuff, just Dom/sub power exchanges that are beautifully fascinating!   And it's so wonderful to see a Dom that has a goofy at times sense of humour and the capacity for being so corny that he actually made me chuckle out loud.


And BEAKIE!!!  I cannot forget Beakie!!!  That's one special bird!  


Anyway... I loved it and am looking forward to Mirror #2.  :)

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review 2016-05-23 00:00
Meridian - Kirby Crow BR, May 21th with Susan.

*2,5 stars*


Susan explained... Susan's review
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