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review 2016-10-29 00:00
Senseless 2
Senseless 2 - Kol Anderson Senseless 2 - Kol Anderson I can only say, even the nicest people have their limits. They can be scariest assholes when they've had enough.

Warning : incest, violence, non/con.
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review 2016-07-23 20:10
Not for the feint of heart
The Prisoner: Broken, Season One - Kol Anderson

And then there are those books which leave you thinking ‘what the fuck did I just read?’ and ‘how the fuck am I going to write my thoughts down?’


To start with the first question, what I just finished reading is best described as non-con, dark erotica in the strictest sense of the word. These three stories feature abduction, cruelty, torture, and rape all inflicted upon Aaron, a character so nice and innocent, despite his rent-boy status, it breaks your heart experiencing the events mostly from his perspective.


I could go into lengthy details about the sort of horrors Aaron encounters but I’ll refrain. I’m fairly sure that readers who are drawn to books like this one will have a pretty good idea what to expect. I’d much rather write about another aspect of this story, one that took my breath away. For me, if this story is anything, it is a testament to the mind’s determination to stay alive. And in order to keep its ‘owner’ safe, Aaron’s mind comes up with almost convincing constructions and lies in order to prevent him from just giving up and dying, although he does come close.


The dynamic between Aaron and Vincent, the man who abducts and subsequently ‘trains’ him, is frightening due to how plausible it all is. I know there’s a good word and psychological explanation for everything I read: Stockholm Syndrome. I realise it’s not something the author has invented, but the way in which he describes the process and makes it happen on the page is stunning. Aaron’s emotional journey is vivid, real and very logical. And THAT is what makes this book such a shattering read. It is impossible not to like Aaron and fall for him, which makes having to watch his journey, as he’s slowly broken into pieces which may never slot back into their original settings, all the more heartbreaking.


Hardly any character in this book is exactly who or what they appear to be when the story starts. Some who at first appear heartless and cruel will turn out to have feelings after all, and others, who at first glance seem to be nothing but bystanders suddenly turn up centre-stage. And that’s all I can say about that without resorting to spoilers.


I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to read and appreciate this book. I’ve tried starting a dark series before and haven’t found the courage to go back to where I stopped reading yet. The Prisoner has me convinced that I should probably try again. This story captured me from the first page, be it in a car-crash sorta fashion. In fact I’ve one-clicked ‘Season Two’ of this series just now, because I have to know what will happen next; especially considering the bombshell the author dropped in the last few pages.


To summarise: The Prisoner is a captivating read but only if you enjoy and can stomach dark erotica. (And it appears I had less problems writing my thoughts down that I feared I might have)

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review 2016-02-14 02:39
I Want To Know
Hell and Beyond - Kol Anderson

I swore I was done with this but I just have to know how it ends.

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review 2016-01-25 00:00
The Perfect Place
The Perfect Place - Kol Anderson image

That was easily one of the stupidest books I have ever read. I can't even with this ridiculousness. And apparently this book is 277 pages...there is no fucking way it's over 150. Perhaps the missing 100 plus pages would have shed light on this but I'm afraid I would have slit my wrists had it been any longer. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if every character had ended up in the morgue. Good grief.

Status Updates:
8% done with The Perfect Place: For every good thing about Jax, there’s also something deeply disturbing just waiting to ambush you. The last thing I want is to fall into that trap. The last time I got caught, it took everything away from me and left me bare and senseless, with no one around to hear me cry for help.

16% done with The Perfect Place: “You drew me all in red. I’m not wearing red.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
I look at the painting again. “It does look like me,” I say. Perhaps I too, saw something that no one else could see.
If only I had seen the future.
I might have run as far away from that drawing as possible.

Very intriguing start.

36% done with The Perfect Place: Humphrey Bogart played a lot of gangsters in his life, but his Rick Blaine has to be the most perfect rendition of a man so utterly in love that he refuses to see anything beyond it. A love that gives you everything just as it takes everything away from you. A love that has the power to transform a former freedom fighter into a cynical lonely man, devoid of all real emotion.
Movie ends, credits roll and I find myself a little lost in the whole experience. It’s when you look at a poignant piece of art that you’re truly able to appreciate beauty. It’s not the object itself that affects you but the artist’s vision of it that lingers in your memory for longer than you can imagine.

40% done with The Perfect Place: So this is what happens to Lee when he goes off his meds. Nice.

41% done with The Perfect Place: This is what happens when Julie goes off hers. I am so confused.

56% done with The Perfect Place: “I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’re acting strange.”
I’m acting strange? He has knocking sounds coming from his store-room and bloodstains on his laundry, and I’m acting strange? “I don’t know what you mean.”

65% done with The Perfect Place: “You were having an affair with someone and you’re telling me I should say sorry to you and beg you to stay?”
Laughing at this point is probably not the emotion I should be having.

74% done with The Perfect Place: Another book of nonsense, douchebags and doormats. Can we get back to the fuckery that was Jax's basement?

82% done with The Perfect Place: "...he has an inheritance he lives off of..."
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review 2016-01-25 00:00
The Perfect Place
The Perfect Place - Kol Anderson I don't consider this the mind fuck everyone else seems to. I didn't see some huge plot twist that changed everything. What I got was excellent writing, unease seeping into my bones almost immediately, characters that while I hated, I wanted to know more about. I knew I was missing something, I was uncomfortable-on edge, I knew there would be a moment where everything got turned on its head, and I didn't get this from reviews or readers, but from the ominous clues Liam himself left, this had to be leading to something right? But I guess that's the problem with an unreliable narrator. While we all would tell a story differently, because from our point of view, we see what we see It didn't lead anywhere. At least, not to me. If the purpose was to leave the reader not knowing what to believe, the author succeeded. But it made for a rather miserable reading experience for me personally. Having been (as Julie says) "properly mind fucked" this isn't how it works. I was hoping that the fuckery or twist would have me seeing the clues from all along and how they line up, or a big, "oh shit!" moment. Nope. I got a bizarre and frankly unbelievable answer to a question I hadn't even asked. This could have been fantastic. If the author could have taken some time to connect some dots or fill in holes or anything to make it feel like I wasn't just tossed some line of BS and then-Done. Over. I guess, given the ratings, that there are plenty of people that like this kind of story, I am simply not one of them.
I do think the author has talent. I do believe the writing to be excellent. But the let down at the end left me hollow and kind of angry and wishing I could get those precious reading hours back. Just overall unsatisfying.
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