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review 2015-01-03 02:28
REVIEW - Saltwater Skin
Saltwater Skin: an erotic novella (Breaking in Waves Book 3) - Laila Blake

4.5 "Saltwater Love" Stars!

“It’s always the simple things that can squeeze your heart with such exquisite pain.”


Saltwater Skin by Laila Blake is the third and final novella in her Breaking in Waves series, the end of Paul and Iris’ story – or perhaps the beginning. This is a series that explores dominance and submission between a forty-three year old reclusive American screenwriter living in a quaint small seaside town in England and a twenty-eight year old journalist who initially went to his home to conduct an interview of him. All three books in this series are not overly long and I would consider this a serial novella series; however, the series is a very well written one. Frankly, the writing is exquisite. This author has this innate ability to draw me in and Ms. Blake had me completely enthralled with her eloquent and lyrical writing style. I was swiftly entranced with the narrative and loved the rhythmic flow of this book. Nothing felt rushed. Nothing came out of left field. It was a simple continuation of the story between two individuals that captured my attention right from the start.

“We’re about to embark on something new, about to wreck what we had before in favor of the deeper, the longer, the more intimate connection. There is risk in that, and treasure. And also loss. Maybe.”

This story picks up where the previous one leaves us. Please note that the first two books do not end in cliff-hangers. They are simply a continuation of what is occurring between Iris and Paul, their love story. After being in a long-distance relationship for the better part of a year, the couple finally decides to take the next step and Iris moves the fishing village where Paul resides. What I absolutely adored about this installment is the fact that it is written in Paul’s POV. I loved seeing everything through his eyes, discovering his fears, needs and desires. His love for Iris simply transcends everything, as if he can’t believe he finally found his perfect mate. Paul worries about how he may be too old for Iris but when they are together all is right in his world. It seems that it simply took him a little longer than most to get to the place where he found the other half of his soul. Paul slowly must shed the last of his bachelor tendencies to make room for Iris in his home, his life. As for Iris, she is exactly where she wants to be. Paul is everything she desires and he fulfills her in ways she would never had discovered if it were not for him. The love this couple shares is truly beautiful. Can Paul and Iris merge their two lives together in the picturesque seaside world that initially brought them together?


“That’s what she does: she lights me up. That’s what she’s been doing from the first.”


“She is my air, my water, my bread. She makes me want to be better than I ever was, and then makes it easy to be just that. My marvel. My newfound world.”

I absolutely loved the setting where this book (as well as most of the series) took place, a small dilapidated fishing village off the coast of England. Ms. Blake does a stellar job transporting her reader into this picturesque and antiquated village where you settled in Paul’s home to have tea and walked along the rocky shores captivated by the driftwood and other inanimate stray objects along the beach. It definitely made for the perfect setting where Paul and Iris’ story could play out. While in the previous book we see Iris’ emotional journey play out, this time we see everything from Paul’s standpoint. We understand their intense connection through his eyes, watching him experience the plethora of emotions only Iris evokes in him. Everything builds and unfolds into an intense, complex and beautifully told love story with quite a bit of kink added into the mixing pot.

I have come to adore the writing style of this author. Ms. Blake writes in such a manner that each word, scene, nuance has a purpose. For me, nothing was wasted or superfluous. Each moment is carefully planned out as Paul takes Iris deeper and deeper into the world of submission, as we watch their relationship grow into something more and finally as we see them develop an everlasting connection. I once again loved Paul’s calm and collected demeanor and ease with his need for dominance at this point in his life and this was simply exhilaratingly sexy. I again had no problems imagining how freeing it was for someone like Iris to simply let go and trust herself, her body, to Paul. I understood their powerful connection. Paul wants to give Iris the world and she willingly places her absolute trust in the hands of the man she adores.

All in all, Saltwater Skin was a beautifully exquisite ending to this spectacular series. I am not a huge lover of novellas but this author has made me fall in love with Paul and Iris and their tale of passion and need. This is most definitely a series I will be re-reading.

******An advance reading copy of Saltwater Skin by Laila Blake was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2014-10-20 00:42
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
A Taste of Winter (Lakeside Book 2) - Laila Blake

I liked this installment slightly less than its predecessor because most of it revolved around Moira & Owain bumbling their way through the woods which wasn't very exciting or sexy. The final chapters were more interesting with fae intrigue, betrayal, and the promise of more to come in the final book. 3.5 stars ~ Full Review to Follow.

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text 2014-10-19 22:51
Reading progress update: I've read 80%.
A Taste of Winter (Lakeside Book 2) - Laila Blake
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review 2014-07-28 22:21
Shakespearotica: Queering the Bard
Shakespearotica: Queering the Bard - Rob Rosen,Jean Roberta,Louisa Bacio,Tilly Hunter,Wes Hartley,Penelope Addams,Caitlin Ricci,Laila Blake,Salome Wilde,Anna Black

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Anthology


Frolicking in gender play and sexual diversity, the nine authors collected in this volume offer a dazzling array of queer erotica and romance. Stories range from comic to tragic and historical to fantastic, taking up textual hints overt and subtle as they engage with the power of lust and love. By Any Other Name introduces the beautiful young Renaissance thespian Anthony, who faces a challenge for the women's roles he covets. Then, The Buttboy of Nicomedes: A Masque in Eight Scenes offers a gay farce built upon an original chorus of gossiping guards who crassly comment on the gay exploits they witness unseen. For Love or Dutyexplores a complex affection between Iago and the Moor in, while The Ills We Do reveals their wives' secret attractions.


All Pucked Up: A Midsummer Night's Romp shows new ways the four lovers of A Midsummer Night's Dream can be paired and grouped... with the right magical intervention. Next, A Well-Placed Pinch shows three young contemporary women rehearsing and improvising well beyond the script of Twelfth Night. Improvisation is also at the heart of a passionate encounter between two members of an all-gay cast in Much Ado About a Kiss. A meager Romeo proves the perfect fit for an irresistible beast with three backs when he practices swordplay with his Mercutio and Tybalt inA Tight to Remember. Finally, As We Like It: A Romance brings a science fictional future in which we learn how the trans desires of Ross (née Rosalind) can best be filled.

Whether you're a devotee or just Bard-curious, Shakespearotica has something for every lusty reader.


Review: This is a dense anthology. It isn't one you fly through like a bag of chips, but rather sample from occasionally. Many of them use stage rehearsal as the premise of the story, but some are AU inspired reinterpretations of the originals.


3 Hearts


Cute aside from Midsummer's Night Dream Anthony deals with aging and lost roles and his rival Valentine who snaps up those of beautiful young women. More confusion and blunder as all are blind, but one to the truth.


FOR LOVE OR DUTY by Penelope Addams
3 Hearts


Othello homage with an interesting take on the ill blood between Iago and Othello. Quite decadent in the telling.


THE ILLS WE DO by Salome Wilde
2.5 Hearts


Another Othello inspired piece featuring Emilia and Desdemona. Quietly seductive, but the furtive, gamesmanship by Emilia was a bit uncomfortable.


3 Hearts


The the spirit of bawdiness and true both time periods. Less approachable than others, but fun when with the right frame of mind. I put it aside and came back to it and was pleasantly surprised. Fairly certain, though so much was spot on, that reveille was not played by Romans.


3 Hearts


Amusing. An escape gets thwarted by Puck's interference and suddenly we have M/M and F/F interludes that soon morph into menage a quatre with a happy polyamorous ending.


3.5 Hearts


Indeed, a wager is placed and the bets made. As usual, mortals are spied upon and perhaps manipulated in this bold F/f/F story. Sweet and amusing play with some spanking and birching and breaching.


MUCH ADO ABOUT A KISS by Caitlin Ricci
3 Hearts


When rehearsing gets interesting. Lines aren't the only thing important when performing, and Alex and Jack explore their roles as Margaret and Borachio. Sweet and sultry MM take on it.


4 Hearts


What happens when the lads are sent off to practice swordplay? Smutty fun menage with Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio.


SMOKE SIGNALS by Laila Blake
3.5 Hearts


Obsessive musings of an actress practicing for the role of Viola. They are interrupted and what proceeds from there is an exploration of male/female. Technically, this is MF, but it is the nascent beginnings of more as Viola becomes less Viola and more Cesario and how it is found.


AS WE LIKE IT: A ROMANCE by Tilly Hunter
3.5 Hearts
Futuristic transgender offering with a poly arrangement that helps meet multiple needs. Snarky and sweet with a side of emotion.


Overall, the collection is a solid one and entertaining. There are no clear home runs, but nonetheless it delivered. The exploration of sexuality is diverse and each is different than the next. One won't speed through this anthology, but rather leisurely sip it. Great for those moments when you want a quick read that has wit.


Favorite quote:

Why make something serious that was always meant to amuse and entertain?

Source: heartsonfirereviews.com/?p=28128
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review 2014-04-29 00:00
After Life Lessons (Book One) (Volume 1)
After Life Lessons (Book One) (Volume 1) - 'Laila Blake', 'L.C. Spoering' I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Emily and Song her son or more accurately her boyfriend's son but she calls him her son and he calls her Emmy. Emily has been taking care of Song since he was two years old when his mother brought him to Emily and her boyfriend and just left him with them. Emily loves and cares for Song as if he is her own child. She always has and always will. She will protect him with her life. Sullivan was bitten by a zombie; he gave his life so that Emily and Song could live. Sullivan was a musician and was hardly ever at home. Emily and Song miss him so, so much.

Just when they have just about made it to the end of their own road they meet this man who was a medic in the Army, Aaron. Aaron has been going around the country trying to help out different people who have made new homes in different places or their own homes, safe places hopefully away from the zombies. Aaron goes from place to place gathering up supplies that he thinks these people needs and he takes the supplies to them. Aaron takes Emily and Song with him.

Emily and Song both fall in love with Aaron and want him to stay with them and not leave. Song is so tired of everybody leaving him so it upsets him when he thinks Aaron is going to leave them and of course he blames Emmy. The one person that has been a constant in his life and the one he loves the most. He is hurting and being so young he doesn't know how to handle it. He has lost his dad and everyone he has ever known except Emmy. Emily is only twenty-three years old herself and is very young to be raising a child one her own much less a child that is not even hers. Emily is a very strong and mature woman to be able to take care of such a young child. You can just tell by the way she talks to and deals with Song that she has a very big heart with a whole lot of love to go around. She is so young herself to have gone through what she has experienced and felt. She loved Sullivan very much for someone so young.

Now Emily and Song have both fallen in love with Aaron and neither one of them are sure if they are going to get to keep him in their lives. Is he going to be just like Sullivan? Is he going to be gone most of the time and then maybe come by to see them when he is in town just to bring them the supplies they need? Can Aaron lay down his past and all that haunts him to stay with Emily and Song to be a family? Can they both stop running away long enough to have the love and life they both and all three deserve?

Want to know the answers to all of these questions? Well then I recommend that you grab your copy now to find out what they all decide to do. You will not be disappointed as I was not. I loved reading Emily, Song and Aaron's stories and about their lives and would like to know more about them. Although I do wish that there would have been more zombies and they would have had more zombies to have fought. But all in all I would have to say that After Life Lessons was a great read.
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