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review 2017-11-13 16:28
For 100 Reasons
For 100 Reasons - Lara Adrian,Summer Morton,Alexander Cendese
100 Series, Book 3

I Picked Up This Book Because: Continue the series

The Characters:

Dominic “Nick” Baine:
Avery Ross:

The Story:

I didn’t think their drama could get any deeper and man should Nick thank his lucky stars that Avery loves him. She should have walked away several times. If I had to pick a theme for this book it would be forgiveness because a lot of it goes on. New hurts, old wounds and all the scrapes and bruises in between.

I know when this series was originally planned it was going to be a trilogy but I wonder in the following years has Ms Adrian changed her mind or thought about expanding it. I would love to follow Nick and Avery in their next steps. I think the chances are slim though because we got a great ending to the trilogy and I’m happy to have read it all.

Writing: Very good.
Forward Motion: Perfect. I never felt a lull. (Lulls and filler are the worst)
Overall Interest: I was riveted
Length of Reading Time: Average
Re-read-ability: probably not

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4 Stars
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text 2017-10-21 20:00
#30DaysofReadathon - Day 20 through 11
Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian
Food: A Love Story - Jim Gaffigan
Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End - Jennifer Worth
London; the story of the greatest city on Earth. - Edward Rutherford
Night - Elie Wiesel,Robert McAfee Brown,Fran├žois Mauriac,Stella Rodway
Naked in Death - J.D. Robb

Continuing on with challenge...


Day 20 Best - Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian (the best out of the Midnight Breed series; Dante and Tessa is my favorite couple)


Day 19 Graphic - that's easy, my favorite graphic is the Wonder Woman symbol.


Day 18 Alternative - I participate in the 24 in 48 read-a-thon and Bout of Books, two alternatives to the Dewey.


Day 17 Listen - Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan


Day 16 Green - Call the Midwife, Volume 3: Farewell to the East End by Jennifer Worth


Day 15 Thick - London: The Novel by Edward Rutherford


Day 14 Thin - Night by Elie Wiesel


Day 13 Genre - My favorite will always be the romance genre. Hands down.


Day 12 Exercise - does pushing my luck or getting a good temper started count? I guess I like to walk in the Thetford Forest next to my house.


Day 11 Exciting - Naked in Death by JD Robb

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review 2017-10-18 04:41
Midnight Unleashed (Midnight Breed #14.7) by Lara Adrian
Midnight Unleashed: A Midnight Breed Novella - Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian’s MIDNIGHT UNLEASED is an excellent addition to the Midnight Breed series.  Breed Gen One vampire Trygg is partnered with Atlantean Tamisia (Sia) on a mission to stop the dealing of Red Dragon.  This PNR is suitable for adult audiences.  It takes place in Rome. 


Lara Adrian continues to do a wonderful job with her character development.  Sia and Trygg have both gone through a lot in their lives. They are both very different, and they seem like an unlikely match.  I like that Sia really understood Trygg. She sees more than the former Hunter.  Sia is not the type to back down and Trygg is stubborn; it made for some interesting confrontations.  I appreciated their chemistry and banter. 


I enjoyed the plot.  It was clever how the characters end up working together.  The story was exciting with interesting twists.  I like that incidences from previous books in the series had relevance in this story.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2017-10-16 13:29
Review: Midnight Unleashed by Lara Adrian
Midnight Unleashed: A Midnight Breed Novella - Lara Adrian

Six weeks ago, Tamisia (Sia) was banished from the Atlantean colony where she helped rule as council member; trusting the wrong man earned her a lifetime on Earth. Now she finds meaning in helping run a shelter for women and children in Rome, with fellow Atlantean Pheaedra. But when a deadly Breed Order operation causes the death of one under her care, Sia decides to take action.


Trygg, a dangers Gen One Hunter assassin who prefers to work solo, is obsessed with bring down the human responsible for distributing the deadly Red Dragon drug. When his mission crosses paths with the beautiful Sia, his emotions start getting in the way of his job. As much as he tries to avoid her, Trygg seems destined to tangle with the Atlantean.


Sia, who was introduced in Defy the Dawn (Midnight Breed #14), put her love and trust in Elyon, who was a traitor and still loyal to the evil Atlantean Queen. This resulted in the deaths of two Atlanteans and the colony was quick to blame Sia, banishing her and placing her under the protection of the Breed leader, Lazlo. Trygg also has trust issues, first from his youth as a Hunter under Dragos, and then when he was used by another who he thought loved him. This makes a relationship difficult to say the least - with two people both weary of the world and unable to trust one another. Yet, they cannot fight attraction and their mutual backgrounds seem to draw them closer rather than push them apart.


Midnight Unleashed is another good Midnight Breed novella that carries the same basic romantic premise as so many before it. It starts with a main couple who can’t stand one another. He’s rough and alpha, she’s tough yet feminine and tender. They are attracted but don’t like that they are. And then, in a matter of days, all hesitation melts away and they just know they are meant to be. 


“It was as if she’d been waiting for this all her long life. Waiting for this man to awaken her and make her feel truly alive.”


They are in love - the kind that will last an eternity. If you are good with the basic premise than I highly recommend Midnight Unleashed, and the series in general.


The bottom line is that I liked Sia. I liked Trygg. I think I would have enjoyed their story more had it been longer; more fleshed out. They had sex once and spent like less than three days together, and they are in love. My issue is a personal taste one, and that is I just can’t get into the quick to love stories anymore. It’s not that they are even some pre-destined pair. They just fall head over heels immediately, and know they will spend an immortal life together. Forever. I don’t fault the author; it’s actually well done, albeit short. I found the hunt for the bad guy an interesting story, but was a bit disappointed with the conclusion. Note: while this story is listed as book #15.5, book #15: Claimed in Shadows, has not yet been released.


In the end, I enjoyed reading Midnight Unleashed, but on a personal note, I have hit my max on the “quick to fall in love” stories. A novella is a short space, and trying to create a forever relationship in such a short time can be challenging. Ms. Adrian continues to move the entire Midnight Breed series forward, and I look forward to the next full-length romance.


My Rating:  B- Liked It, but I had a few small issues

Review copy provided by Inkslinger Blog Tour

Originally posted at That's What I'm Talking About

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review 2017-10-04 00:41
Good Quick Read
For 100 Nights: A 100 Series Novel - Lara Adrian

After struggling throughout her life, Avery Ross is living a dream life, at least for the next 100 nights. She has been staying with her billionaire lover Dominic “Nick” Baine. After agreeing to stay for another 100 days, her past is coming up to haunt her. She must decide if she can trust Nick with her dark secrets.

This was a pretty good story. It was short, but filled with plenty of well-written erotic scenes and a full story. I enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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