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video 2015-12-18 18:02

Currently reading: Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman


The audiobook is very engaging so far, even if it takes more concentration to keep all the different characters straight. I love that the setting is Ancient Greece with Alexander the Great when he was still 17. All these references to the gods and kings makes me want to refreshen my knowledge of Greek mythology. That's something I think I will definitely set out to do for 2016.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-10-01 15:11
Legacy of Kings and Voice of Gods: Review
Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman

I really enjoyed this book. i think that this was such a cool way to use real history and add some magic to this story. This book follows two several characters but mostly focuses on a young alexander the great and Kat. There lives wind up intertwine and connection i unique ways. This book was so so fast past and with both court life and war as a backdrop i was really engrossed in the novel and did not want to put it down. The book focused on three stories and since this was a first book only two of the stories Kat and Alex really intertwined during this novel. The story following Zo did not interconnect quite yet but I hope that in the future her story really connects with the other stories in this novel. I was not super surprised the Alex and Kat were actually twin but i am so ready for the next book in this series. 



Check out my non-spolier review



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text 2015-09-29 16:24
More Mini Reviews
More Happy Than Not - Adam Silvera
Darkness Before Dawn - J.A. London
The Night We Said Yes - Lauren Gibaldi
The Fill-In Boyfriend - Kasie West
Lois Lane: Fallout - Gwenda Bond
Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman
Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan
Rook - Sharon Cameron
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera – 5 Stars

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this one. It was something I bought on a whim. I think I was expecting something light and snarky. What I got was one amazing emotional gutwrencher of a novel. It was gritty, stark and realistic. The MC is struggling with a sucky living situation, his sexuality and his father’s recent suicide. He has a girlfriend who he likes a lot, but then a new guy comes into the picture making him question himself when he starts to realise just how much he likes this dude. The writing packs a punch, its very blunt yet provocative in the emotions the story brings out in its characters. There’s also a storyline involving some sort of medical procedure that makes you forget all the horrible things in your life. (There may be some side effects). It’s an emotional rollercoaster that made me cry at the end. I loved it.


Darkness Before Dawn  - JA London – 4 stars

This was a something I snagged a few years ago when it was a freebie on a Kindle daily deal. Something I stared at random a few weeks ago when looking for something to capture my attention. A bit of coverlust, I went into this one not really knowing anything about it. And found myself surprisingly impressed. Vampire dystopia! Great world building, even managing to be down right creepy in parts. Likeable heroine – always a plus. There was a love triangle that was totally obvious to where it was going from the second it started. Only thing I didn’t get with this one was the main character was supposed to be special somehow. I didn’t see much elaborating on that. She’s supposed to be a delegate between the humans and the ruling vampire party. I saw nothing particular special about her. Maybe something elaborated in the next book? Unique vampire lore. Fantastic twist at the end. Definitely a series I’d like to read more of.


The Night We Said Yes – Lauren Gibaldi – 4 stars

Oh this was an emotional roller coaster. Tells the then and now story of Ella and Matt, and their best friends Jake and Meg.  Told from how Ella and Matt met, from their breakup to Matt’s reappearance a year later and how Ella handles it was well as a few other dramas in between. Brilliant character driven novel with deep emotional connection. Manages to go from fun to heartwrenching and back again with some great character growth. I loved this one.


The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West. 3.1/2 stars

A reasonably entertaining read, I read pretty much in one morning after the first 10%. Don’t really have a lot to say about this one. I didn’t really connect much to the characters. MC Gia is popular and perfect with a set of really cool friends and one frenemy who she thinks is trying to push her out of her group. She’s dumped just before prom and talks some random guy into being her date. The plot is completely predictable as they wind up in various situations pretending to be a couple. Gia was shallow and obsessed with what people thought about her which got to be annoying. Particularly when she told her so called cool friends lots of white lies. Then got upset when they got mad at her. She did show some character growth towards the end. It was light, fluffy and kinda cute.


Fall Out (Lois Lane) Gwenda Bond – 4 Stars

The Smallville fangirl in me had a total blast with this one. While some of the technical aspects, the scifi stuff, the total immersion video game things went a little over my head and it was a bit hard to grasp some of the concepts, but it was still fun. I think that was because Lois was so well written. Snarky, witty, smart, dedicated and loyal. What else was immensely fun about this novel was while there were lots of familiar names and places that any Smallville or Superman fan would recognise, it managed to take the familiar and make it new, updated and original in its own fantastic way. Introducing new characters and villains with a great build up and conclusion. More please.


Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods & Royals #1) Eleanor Herman – 5 Stars

I loved this so much I got it in hardback as well as a kindle copy. I’m not really that fussed on how historically accurate it was, it was a brilliant piece of epic fantasy. Multi layered characters, brilliant world building, a unique take on magic and its own densely developed take on some familiar and unfamiliar mythology. Lots of characters, lots of different view points. The romance angles were the weakest part of it, but the rest of the story telling was so completely captivating it’s one of those cases where annoying romances are easily over looked. I loved it.


Not a Drop To Drink – Mindy McGuinnis – 3 stars

Survival stories are really not my thing. I ummed and aahed over this one for a while. I like dystopia, but not that much of a survival story fan. It was a review from Christina Reads YA blog that convinced me I needed to read this one. Took me a while to get to it, but I’m glad I finally did. One of the most brutal world buildings in a dystopia that I’ve come across in a while. Bleak and certainly uncomfortable in parts. The hardships over come by the main character showed tremendous strength, both physical and mental. But even throughout the hardships, I did like seeing how she could soften her heart without being weak as she learned to survive for herself but rely on and help others as well.  Little to no romance and a surprising twist at the end. I’m not sure I’m that interested in a second book in this series, but I would definitely read something else by this author.


Unspoken (The Lyburn Legacy #1) Sarah Rees Brennan – 5 Stars

This one was recommended to me when I was looking for gothic romance a few years ago. Another one I’d heard of for a while but never got around to reading. I loved it. Loved it from start to finish. Loved the magic, loved the characters, the world building, the setting, the writing. The brilliant bantery snark just made it all the more entertaining.


Rook – Sharon Cameron – ½ star. DNF at 25%.

Didn’t work for me. Dystopia. Very slow and boring. World building made little to no sense. No connection to any of the characters. Also didn’t like how they randomly spoke French in parts with no translation. It wasn’t mysterious or clever, it was irritating. Not for me.

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review 2015-09-25 01:35
Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals #1) by Eleanor Herman
Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman

I cannot find a way to review this book properly. I think one of my problems with this book is that if I had to summarize this, I would not know where to start. And I think this is because of the lack of plot—for me, personally, of course—in the entire book!


This book opens with Katniss Katerina hunting in the woods for food, when her best friend Gale Jacob comes to tell her that he’s joined the Hunger Games Blood Tournament. And then three percent in:

And then he’s leaning in, so close she can smell the familiar, earthy scent of clay dust in his hair, so close his lips touch hers.

Cue in makeout session in 3% of the book. I really don’t like these things, this makes me so annoyed! Where did this love come from?! We don’t know, because we just came into this world. Stop making out. And then Kat is suddenly pondering over the fact that she may love him? Where’s Alexander the Great?! The person who this book is based on in the first place!


Another thing: I feel like a huge part of the character cast is simply not needed. This includes “amazing” characters like Gale Jacob and Zo. They’re so mainstream and I will never understand their characters. Ever. I don’t even care enough to say anything to them in a proper paragraph.


If I had to describe the plot of the overall story, I’d have no words just because I feel like this entire book was just a build-up to the next book! I could tell you what the characters are like (I love Alex. Alex: you’re the reason why I continued on with this book), I could explain the setting, and I could explain what’s going on. But plot wise? I’m blank.


I have more thoughts and theories down below in the spoilers:


I knew that Katerina was Alexander’s twin. For those of you that have read Legacy of Kings, did you see this coming as well? I could so tell! It was the exact moment where we found out about the baby’s bones from Olympias and the fact that Kat could communicate or sense animals. So, not much of a twist there, at all.


I thought Cyn easily managed to stray Hephaestion. The fact that he so easily questioned a lifetime of friendship over a wild, rebellious girl. Get real, Heph.


Everyone is in love with each other. I’m not even joking. We have Jacob-Katerina-Hephaestion, Cyn-Hephaestion-Katerina, Cosmos-Zo-Some Guy Who’s Name I Don’t Even Know, and much more for me to possibly keep track of.


There was a certain point in the book where Alex was convinced he loved his sister. I’m not sure—he never thought he was in love with her . . . but there was a moment where he mentions that he loves Kat and she loves him, too. So, what kind of love? Just a love where you care for them, romantic love, friend love, what love?!?!?!? (Let’s hope it’s brother-sister love, because that’s what they are . . . )

(spoiler show)


Overall, A Legacy of Kings is a pretty meh book for me. It was extremely boring at some parts, and at others, I was kind of like, “Why am I even reading this?” But after reading the last few pages, I think that the next book, Empire of Dust will be much better, and I cannot wait to see that! So, I will be reading the next book.


Unfortunately, fans of history may be slightly disappointed because I found some flukes, some that I heard of before I even read this book. But as for the fantasy aspect, you will be satisfied.


Thanks for reading my review guys, and I hope you all have a great day! Until the next one! :D

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review 2015-09-18 00:00
Legacy of Kings
Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman Alright I just want to start off by saying that I skipped a lot.. so this is not the most accurate review. And a lot of people have loved this book so do NOT read this review and think that the book was horrible. Because the story itself was not bad. The story was actually really, really good. I kind of feel like it was 6 stories all shoved into one book.. and I HATE that. I love it when an author uses more than 1 POV but when it jumps around like it did with this book I can't stand it. I can't get attached to one character when it does that. I wanted to know about Kat. I really didn't care about Jos or Cyn. but I really couldn't even grow an emotional attachment with Kat because it jumped around so much. So I kind of skimmed through a lot of the book.
So I would recommend this book if the whole jumping POV thing doesn't bother you like it does me. I tend to get pissy about that though.
Ill read the next one because the story is interesting, I just don't like how it's written.
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