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review 2019-02-21 04:59
Quick but Disappointing
Creed - Trisha Leaver,Lindsay Currie

This one read out like a B movie. Entertaining for the most part, but then you’re left empty and at times it felt like you were cheated out of a potentially good story. It was over so quickly hence why you get the feeling you were cheated. Which is too bad. The plot had promise, but it fell short.


It started off well. Just enough to get your attention, the creep factor was all set. A breadcrumb trail was set up and it was good enough to keep the plot going steady. Considering the length of the story, you don’t really have the time to connect with the characters, which is all right. I suppose the same would be said of characters in a horror movie. You’re just there to see their untimely end ;)


Despite there being a shocking moment in the book, it wasn’t enough to redeem the plot. There were so many unanswered questions and a rather drab mediocre last third of the book. You wanted to know so much and yet nothing much was produced. I’m not sure if that was meant to be a teaser but it was disappointing.


It was a quick read, this could be considered something to read in between books, or a light one to pass the time. Nothing eye opening or any wow factor will redeem this one. You’re not going to miss much if you pass this on.

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review 2017-06-12 00:00
The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street
The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street - ... The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street - Lindsay Currie This was a solid kids supernatural horror mystery. There were several times reading it when I was surprised at how menacing the tone of the ghost seemed to be. For a kids’ book, it actually did get fairly creepy a few times. (Though that could be because there is a ventriloquist doll in it. Aren’t they creepy naturally?)

The main character, Tessa, was a well-written young girl. She seemed real and easy to relate to in The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street. The other kids that get introduced are similarly likable, although we definitely never really get to know them. The parents, on the other hand…. I’m too much of a helicopter parent apparently, because I just could not believe any parents in this day and age would tell their kids to ‘go explore’ alone in a new city without even a cellphone on them. I know that they were supposed to be free spirited and easy going, but I just couldn’t like them. No matter how nice they seemed in The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street. (It was obvious they loved their kids, though.)

The pacing of The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street was good. Things started happening almost immediately. Tension kept ratcheting up. The dialogue was similarly well done. I loved some of the incidents that happened in the book. The thing with the painting was especially creepy. The scene in the graveyard had me a bit on edge, I’ll admit! The author is very good at creating great atmosphere. And she does a great job, too, at laying out all the threads in an interesting manner. I found myself puzzling over some of the clues right along with Tessa.

Now, although nothing bad really happens in this book, I would tell parents to be careful. Its very well written, and gets resolved nicely, but it has scenes that could give some more impressionable kids nightmares. (Like that ventriloquist dummy!) So, just be sure your kids aren’t easy to scare before letting them pick up the book. (Or at least don’t let them read The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street at bedtime.)

Overall, I really liked The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street. Lindsay Currie knows how to write and this was enjoyable from start to finish. I might be checking out more books from her in the future!
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review 2016-09-09 00:00
Creed - Trisha Leaver,Lindsay Currie 3.5 stars

This book isn't actually that bad. The premise is very simple. Three teens get stranded on some random road, try to find help, end up in this creeptastic town and then attempt to escape a deanged dude that's trying to kill them.

This was like reading a decent slasher/horror film. I quite enjoyed it, and to be absolutely honest, the first few chapters of the book did give me the creeps. The atmosphere and that town... *shivers*, I so did not want to be in their shoes.

The last chapters got very intense (I didn't expect all that gore), but I didn't much care for the ending.

I also wasn't a fan of one of the main characters, Dee, but I suppose she acted very much the immature teen part. Funnily enough, I found her sad, sad background unnecessary (ironic, considering what happens) and she started irritating me the moment she thought Joseph was interested in her that way --not 5 seconds after being introduced she feels she has to make it clear that she has a boyfriend. Give me a break.

This book is very straightforward in its blurb, I think. So I believe most people's expectations should be safe. I doubt anyone is expecting some thriller/horror masterpiece. This is basically a slasher film in book format. You'll get your cheap thrills, exciting moments, clichés, characters making dumb decisions, and lots and lots of blood.

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review 2015-12-01 21:11
Sweet Madness
Sweet Madness - Trisha Leaver,Lindsay Currie

Is Lizzie really going mad? She seemed just lonely at the beginning of the novel but when Lizzie gets Bridget alone in the barn, I started to wonder about her mental state. With the tone and the words coming out her mouth, she just didn’t seem like the girl at the beginning of the novel. She was creepy, the coldness of her words, I started to fear for the safety of Bridget and when she started to describe her father’s tools, I didn’t feel she was doing it to protect Bridget, I felt she was showing her true colors and my pace in reading quickly intensified. Lizzie lived with her parents; her father wore heavy boots but their whispers filled the house and cast an eerie presence. Bridget worked for the family; taking the job because it paid a dime more per week and it was closer to Liam. Bridget and Liam had dreams but these dreams cost money, money they were trying to save up together. Bridget thought the money and proximity to Liam was worth the discomfort of the Bordon household. The more Liam heard about the family, the more he tried to convince Bridget to seek employment elsewhere. Lizzie spends most of her day out in the barn next the house, secluded from the rest of the family. In its day, the barn was a house that her uncle’s family resided in. The barn has history and this history is slowly revealed as I read further into the novel and I got to know the family better. As Lizzie takes Bridget inside the now crumbling structure, the stench is horrifying yet Lizzie is not fazed by it. Every day she lives in it and now Bridget is seeing another part of Lizzie. It was an interesting novel, the gradual build up and then the story releases the pieces so you can put it all together.

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review 2015-10-28 16:37
Review: Hardwired
Hardwired - Lindsay Currie,Trisha Leaver

I had high hopes for this interesting dystopian world. The idea of a genetic predisposition to violence fascinates me and I was curious to see how the authors wove it into a "normal" society. The story moved quickly and while I enjoyed the pacing, this was not a "home run" book for me.


Lucas is a well written character and I enjoyed getting to know him. His innate need to prove the system wrong about his violent "genetics" is what motivated him to survive the Bake Shop. Having watched his older brother crumble after his stay in the Bake Shop, Lucas was ready to fight "the man" (aka government) by not only controlling his temper, but by coming out of their tests unbroken. It was his strong will that made his character shine.


Unfortunately, Lucas is the only character we really get to know and that was disappointing. His roommate Chris was an integral part of the story, but we didn't really get to know him at all. Their friendship could have been developed much more. Carly's character was shallow and frustrating to read. By the end of the story I was left wanting much more.


I don't normally discuss the ending of a book, so suffice it to say that I was disappointed in the epilogue. Hardwired had some great potential and with a little bit of refining and more character depth could have been up there in the top dystopian books - Hunger Games, Mazerunner, etc- but it was a solid 3 for me.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.

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