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review 2017-02-26 18:53
Part of a series but stands alone, good read
Surrendering to My Spy (Linked Across Time Book 4) - Dawn Brower
Rosanna loved Dom since she was a child. His harsh words to protect her from his life change it to hate. As time passes, Dom realizes that he needs to give up his life as a spy and settle down. He decides to pursue the woman he pushed away as she has never been far from his thoughts. Intrigue, danger, and a daring rescue made this an interesting ride. Rosanna finally understands why Dom did what he did, and they find a way to move beyond. I recommend this story.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.


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review 2016-10-30 16:10
The Tigrens' Glory (The Soul-Linked Saga #8) by Laura Jo Phillips Review
The Tigrens' Glory (The Soul-Linked Saga) - Laura Jo Phillips

Planet Jasan is mobilizing for war against the evil Xanti, enemies of all. As the warriors of Jasan prepare to strike across the immense void that separates the galaxies to end thousands of years of bloody conflict, into the gathering storm comes Warrior Princess, Gloriani of Ramouri, known as “Glory.” Stripped of her birthright for refusing to marry a brutal man who believes that a husband’s job is to break his wife through humiliating subjugation, Glory has fled to Jasan seeking not sanctuary, but information.

Within the recesses of her mind, Glory, a powerful Dream Walker, holds the key to recovering the Lost Clan of the Tigren, without whom the Jasani will eventually perish regardless of their efforts against the Xanti. The problem is, they’re trapped in a dream world, and not even Glory knows where they are or how to find them. Even as the Tigren introduce her to feelings of increasing passion and eroticism, Glory becomes more and more convinced that time is running out. She must solve the mystery of where they are, why they’re trapped, and how to wake them up so that they can be rescued. If she fails, they will die. If they die, so will all Clan Jasani.

The threads of the story begun in The Dracons’ Woman and developed throughout the volumes of the “Soul-Linked Saga” come together in this exciting conclusion to the saga. It will take the mystical gifts of all the Arimas from the previous volumes, the power of the Jasani Clans working together, and the unlocking of the secrets buried deep within Glory’s mind to save the Tigrens and, beyond all hope, for Glory to find the love she has dreamed of all her life.

This is the time foretold. The Jasani, the Tigrens, and Glory have a rendezvous with Destiny.




This book is the series does a wonderful job with all the plot lines that have been set up in the series which makes it a really satisfying read.


The heroes are wonderful and the heroine's journey into becoming more of herself is great to watch.


The romance is a good time as well.

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review 2016-10-23 16:57
The Vulpirans' Honor (The Soul-Linked Saga #6) by Laura Jo Phillips Review
The Vulpirans' Honor - Laura Jo Phillips

The Vulpiran brothers, three breathtakingly sexy near identical triplets who shape-shift into creatures much like giant foxes, have been waiting century after century for their Arima, their destined soul mate who will unite their divided souls, tremendously enhance their magic, give them children, and whom they will love and cherish for eternity. And, finally, they have found her, in the person of Honor, known as “Honey,” Davis, a beautiful human obstetrician with a psychic gift for communicating with and healing the unborn. There’s just one teensy little problem—Honey is married to the brilliant Terien scientist, Michael Davis, invited by the Vulpirans to their world to help unravel the mysteries of the enigmatic Xanti, evil spider-like beings from a nearby galaxy bent on the conquest and enslavement of every race in our own. And, Michael and Honey have a five year old child, the adorable and precocious Nica, who wins everyone’s hearts and who has psychic gifts of her own. While Michael races to unlock the puzzle of the Xanti, on which the fate of our own galaxy hinges, Honey and the Vulpirans struggle with the intractable situation in which they find themselves, all the while fighting the powerful emotional connection, not to mention the irresistible sexual magnetism, drawing them together. Their dilemma sends all four on a perilous emotional odyssey, through dangers of the heart and soul as well as dangers posed by Xanti machinations and sabotage and a deadly threat the rises from the ashes of Michael’s secret past to threaten their future together and the innocent life of little Nica. These destined lovers will use all of their magical and psychic gifts, all their wits, all their resolve, and all their courage as they struggle to overcome these challenges, but will they be enough? Will Honor become the Vulpirans' Honor?







The conflict that kinds these lovers together is real. The heroine is married to someone else.


This book spends a lot of time on the overall arc of the series plot which is well done. The characters are well developed and if you having been reading the series we get nice time with former characters.


Once Honor's marital issues are resolved, the romance is sweet and healing.

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review 2016-10-14 17:48
The Falcorans' Faith (The Soul-Linked Saga, #7) by Laura Jo Phillips Review
The Falcorans' Faith (The Soul-Linked Saga, #7) - Laura Jo Phillips

You could say that Faith Myers was one of the unluckiest women in The Thousand Worlds, but that would make her sound a lot luckier than she actually was. Her twin sister, Grace, died in an attack by the reptilian Brethren. Her parents were murdered. And, as for Faith herself, she has been stalked by ruthless criminals and bears the scars, both physical and psychological, of multiple murder attempts. Battered by trauma and fear, she has retreated within a solitary fortress of her own making, in which she is safe from emotional harm but is achingly and eternally alone. Fleeing to the sanctuary of planet Jasan with no loftier goal than to escape danger, Faith is found to have a unique gift that makes her a priceless asset in the struggle against the spider-like Xanti whose goal is nothing short of conquest of the Thousand Worlds, and absolute rule of our galaxy.

This gift, and the evil forces that continue to pursue her, propel Faith into a thrilling and dangerous adventure beyond anything she could have imagined. As if that were not exciting enough, she discovers that she is the Arima, or destined soul-mate, of the impossibly gorgeous, yet impenetrably cold and distant Falcoran brothers. Yet, behind this forbidding façade, the Falcorans’ hearts carry an unspeakable longing for closeness and family and children which they reject and deny as a result of, themselves, being the victims of an unspeakable wrong.

Although the Falcorans reject claiming their Arima, and Faith rejects being claimed, they must work together to combat the deadly threat to both their worlds. Faith and the Falcorans begin a painful and perilous journey together. One fraught with danger from the Xanti, and with the danger of exposing their wounded and vulnerable hearts to the terrors and, perhaps, ultimately, the joys of a destined, true love








The world building and series arc remain solid in this tale.


Faith is a very wounded heroine. The romance is nice and it is fun read overall.


There isn't thing super great about this book but it is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. 

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review 2016-09-17 17:33
The Gryphons' Dream (The Soul-Linked Saga Book 5) by Laura Jo Phillips
The Gryphons' Dream - Laura Jo Phillips

Recently rescued from being kidnapped by the reptilian Brethren, Aisling Ametsa, a beautiful redhead with a mysterious past, awakens on the planet Jasan with a huge gap in her memory and a painful back injury, to find herself hundreds of light years from her home on Earth. She immediately finds herself surrounded by more questions than answers. Why is she on Jasan, guarded by the Dracon princes and the fiercely protective Gryphon brothers? How is it that she can read and understand alien languages that she has never before encountered? And why do the Gryphons stir her heart and her body in such disquieting and exciting ways?

As Aisling discovers more about the Gryphons, gorgeous but forbidding triplets who shape-shift into enormous Griffin-like creatures with lion’s bodies, eagle's heads and wings, the Gryphons slowly delve into the secrets of the enigmatic Aisling: from whom is she hiding, or who is she chasing, or both? Is she a frightened mouse, or a lioness in disguise? Together, Aisling and the Gryphons unravel the tangled skein of each others' secrets, while they share an interstellar adventure to avenge cold-blooded murder, and to unravel an ancient puzzle that may hold the secret to the survival of the Thousand Worlds against the threat of the Xanti, evil invaders from another galaxy. And, along they way, they must fight against obstacles of the heart and barriers to understanding, all the while struggling to build a love that bridges the light years between their worlds.





I think this is the best book in the series. The series world building if very good as is the overall series arc. It is a series that should be read in order.


It is a sexy series with lots of fun alien races, animals, and cultures. 


However, the romances are usually not well developed because the action of the overall plot takes over the story so we don't get much couple time. Also, this is a fated mate trope which I like but in this series rather than sink into the trope and allow the couple (or square in this case) to be together and learn each other, there tends to be annoying conflicts. Bleh,


In this story, we get a ton of time between the lovers and the conflict is well done and not stupid. 


The heroine has friendships and a great backstory. The heroes shape shift into griffins and do only one dumb thing but overall adorable. 


So, I highly recommend this book. The series is enjoyable but this book is all around great. 

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