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review 2018-06-15 01:04
Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble (Step into Reading) - Charise Mericle Harper,Bob Shea
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A very funny book about a superhero named Wedgieman and a giant bunny. This is a very silly and humorous book in the same vein as Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants/Super Diaper Baby/Dogman. Wedgies and poop jokes galore. It has the same dumb humor as many of Pilkey's series. Take the villain, whose name is Bad Guy. You know it's dumb, but it is still satisfyingly funny. 

This is the first Wedgieman book I have read so I didn't really get the transition from Veggieman to Wedgieman or why he gives himself a wedgie at the end, but I did enjoy the book (and plan on reading the previous books as well). 

A funny, entertaining read.
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review 2018-06-11 09:32
Neatly observed hard boiled noir
A Lesson in Violence - Jordan Harper

Nate McClusky is just out of prison. He knows his life and that of his family is in danger as crazy Craig Hillington president of Aryan Steel,  has put out a death threat on Nate, his ex wife Avis and his daughter Polly. Crazy Craig  has already murdered  Avis..."knifed dead in the dark on the bedroom floor"..... but can Nate save Polly from the threats of the assassins bullet. He collects her from school and there then starts a cat and mouse game with Nate trying to save his daughter from those who might do her harm. He was trained in the art of bank robbery by his dead brother Nick and uses these skills now to wreak revenge on those hell bent on his destruction. He has a need to gain the trust and possibly the love of Polly especially as he has neglected her for so long. Police officer Park assigned the task of looking into the death of Avis soon finds himself embroiled in a much more complicated and dangerous situation when he discovers that she  was murdered some 12 hours after McClusky's prison release....is there a connection here?


This is hard boiled noir tale that successfully blends the badness and anger of Nate McClusky with the innocence and youth of Polly whose one real friend "Bear" is nothing more than a child's teddy yet always a confidant and protector. A Lesson in Violence is also a coming of age story showing that the bond existing between a daughter and father is resilient to the harsh realities of life. As the story progresses Nate comes to the realization that he needs the warmth and respect of his daughter more than she needs him.


This novel grabbed me from the opening page..."She wore a loser's slumped shoulders and hid her face with her hair, but the girl had gunfighter eyes"......and continued with some beautifully observed prose...."That was the way Polly felt, that outside she was quiet and calm but inside her acid winds roared"......"Rod was the king shit of the Nazi Dope Boys"......"That soon as you found something to live for, you found something to die for too. But he guessed in the end it was a good trade"......


A neatly observed crime story that successfully pays homage to the writings of such notorieties as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Jim Thompson and at the centre is one cool hero Polly and her close companion "Bear" Recommended.

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review 2018-06-04 18:00
Review: Ain't She a Peach? (Southern Eclectic #2) by Molly Harper
Ain't She a Peach - Molly Harper


An Atlanta ex-cop comes to sleepy Lake Sackett, Georgia, seeking peace and quiet—but he hasn’t bargained on falling for Frankie, the cutest coroner he’s ever met.

Frankie McCready talks to dead people. Not like a ghost whisperer or anything—but it seems rude to embalm them and not at least say hello.

Fortunately, at the McCready Family Funeral Home & Bait Shop, Frankie’s eccentricities fit right in. Lake Sackett’s embalmer and county coroner, Frankie’s goth styling and passion for nerd culture mean she’s not your typical Southern girl, but the McCreadys are hardly your typical Southern family. Led by Great-Aunt Tootie, the gambling, boozing, dog-collecting matriarch of the family, everyone looks out for one another—which usually means getting up in everyone else’s business.

Maybe that’s why Frankie is so fascinated by new sheriff Eric Linden...a recent transplant from Atlanta, he sees a homicide in every hunting accident or boat crash, which seems a little paranoid for this sleepy tourist town. What’s he so worried about? And what kind of cop can get a job with the Atlanta PD but can’t stand to look at a dead body?

Frankie has other questions that need answering first—namely, who’s behind the recent break-in attempts at the funeral home, and how can she stop them? This one really does seem like a job for the sheriff—and as Frankie and Eric do their best Scooby-Doo impressions to catch their man, they get closer to spilling some secrets they thought were buried forever.



*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*


This book is part of the Southern Eclectic Series but can read as a standalone. But it helps to have read at least book one to get to know the family and town. I enjoyed book one in the series but at first was a bit overwhelmed with so many people in the family , plus the small town folks, but that was not the case for this book anymore since I knew most of them by now. I really like that these books are not just about the main couple in this case Frankie and Eric but just as much the family and town dynamic. Frankie and Eric are fun and easy to follow as they struggle to not be attracted to each other. Frankie more so than Eric. Both characters were enjoyable for the most part. There were a few times Frankie was a bit annoying and a bit much but that was just her character. The same when it came to her parents they were a bit too overprotective when it came to her and went a bit too far at times, but that was also at the same time funny to read. The romance was fairly light but so much fun to read the sweet and tender moments between them. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I kind of hoping we getting a book for Duffy next, I think he also deserves his HEA. I rate it 4 ★







Buy Links



Will be available June 12th 2018


Amazon *** B&N *** Kobo 


Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/index.php/2018/06/04/review-aint-she-a-peach-southern-eclectic-2-by-molly-harper
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review 2018-05-06 11:52
THE JULIET CLUB by Suzanne Harper
The Juliet Club - Suzanne Harper

Delightful read of a class of teens attending the Shakespeare Scholars summer class in Verona, Italy.  There are many false steps that lead to hurt feelings turning to love. 


I loved this book.  Some of the students are very into Romeo and Juliet.  Some are out of their league and world.  I enjoyed the characters.  I enjoyed the repartee between them as they argue about how to answer the letters sent to Juliet for answering, which is part of their class.  I also enjoyed how the tables get turned on them all when it comes to love. 


Just so much fun.  I was sorry it ended.

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review 2018-05-01 19:26
Save A Truck, Ride A Redneck by Molly Hrper
Save a Truck, Ride a Redneck (Southern Eclectic Book 1) - Molly Harper

So sweet that I wanted more. 
When it ended I actually said, 'Oh shit, that's it?!'. Mainly because it was over and I didn't want it to be.
My only gripe was how quickly the relationship happened at the end. They went from thinking about it, to BAM! Even with the history and chemistry, it still sorta felt forced there. 
I like Marianne and Carl together though. They work.
I like all the characters in this story. It seems like quite a nice place to be, with many nice folk in the town. 
I definitely will read the next book, Sweet Tea and Sympathy. It sounds sugary sweet!!



Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2018/05/save-truck-ride-redneck-by-molly-harper.html
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