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review 2018-11-12 15:22
A Fatal Chapter
A Fatal Chapter (A Booktown Mystery) - Lorna Barrett

Tricia's bookstore has caught fire and she is waiting for the insurance to finish dotting the i's and crossing the t's and pay off her claim. She is living in the Chamber's upstairs apartment while working for them as a volunteer. She also helps her sister, Angelica, take care of her dog. She is out walking him one day, when they find the President of the Historical Society, in the gazebo. He whispers a cryptic message to her and then dies at the hospital. She is just out and about and she starts learning things that lead her to find out who really murdered him. 


I enjoy the Book Town Mysteries. This one did make me cry at the end. 

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review 2018-09-29 15:18
Not the Killing Type
Not the Killing Type - Lorna Barrett

We are back in Stoneham, NH with the Miles sisters. Angelica is running against Bob for the Chamber President and so does Stan. The problem is that after the two have their hats in the ring, Stan goes to the bathroom and Tricia finds him there, murdered. Her life is then thrown into an uproar while she searches for who could or would have murdered the man. Her current boyfriend, Baker, the police officer in charge of the murder investigation and her ex-husband are either trying to get back with her or pretend that they aren't involved with her. She has to figure out what she wants in her life and take some time off from her job so that she can come back refreshed. 


The story was interesting and it was interesting to listen to (I was in the car a lot yesterday with grocery shopping). So where possible I had read the book and listened while driving. 

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review 2017-12-13 03:38
An Author, Wife Swapping, Visiting Family and Murder
A Just Clause - Lorna Barrett

Tricia is hosting an author book signing and the man is late. Before he arrives, Tricia's father shows up and he is not well received by his daughter's because, on his last visit, he stole from the other merchants and his own daughters. Angelica paid off all the money he owed and replaced all the items he stole. Tricia's place is being remodeled and neither daughter wants to put him up. Also, none of the other merchants want him in their place and he cannot get a room at any establishment in town either. Pixie's fiancee, Fred, feels sorry for Tricia and her dad and offers him his almost empty apartment to stay in. Before he can get there, he gets his face slapped by a woman at the signing, who also slaps the face of the author. Then she is found dead on the street, by Tricia and her sister. 


Tricia gets involved in finding the murderer because she wants to clear her father's name, even if his name is less than stellar. She and Angelica also want to bring their parents back together. 


So many things happen in this story and you learn more about the relationship between Tricia and Angelica. 


I have gotten a little out of order in the series and there are things that have happened in the other books that I am uncertain of how they came about. Things like Angelica's many businesses. How Tricia found about them, Bob killing Christopher. The cruise with the mother and father causing a huge split between the parents and Angelica and their mother. 


So I am going to go back and get the other books that I have missed and get caught up. 


This book was good and fun to read because I kept trying to figure out who did it and why. So it kept me guessing to the end. 

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review 2017-07-30 00:00
A Just Clause
A Just Clause - Lorna Barrett Between planning a bridal shower for her shop assistant Pixie and hosting a book signing for author Steven Richardson, Tricia Miles is busy as usual. Her life gets more complicated with the renovations on her apartment, and the unexpected arrival of her father back into town. After the book signing Tricia along with Angelica discover the body of a local business owner on the sidewalk shortly after the book signing. Tricia must do her best to solve the murder before the murderer gets away with the crime and her father winds up doing the time.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-07-04 21:35
It Dragged at the end....but some character development involved
Bookplate Special - Lorna Barrett

***Spoilers ahead you’ve been warned***


So I just finished reading the second one a while ago. As far as cozy mysteries go, I like them and pick them up when I can. They’re more like a go between heavy reads or when I need something light. (Reading is like eating you see..you’d like an appetizer before you dig into the main course.)


With most cozy mysteries you don’t get much character development. They’re usually just there like placements in a diorama with nothing much to them except it makes the story readable and whole. Or it provides support to the setting and the plot. There’s nothing central to them.


In Bookplate Special, that pretty much changes.


Tricia and Russ break up! Which is not big news anyway. You were anticipating it and quite frankly, Russ was pretty much boring to begin with. Enter the green eyed (and this is emphasized throughout the novel) Captain Baker who’s not that charming but at least has somewhat more of a personality than Russ, he’s certainly a gentleman, and manages to grab Tricia’s attention. So there’s that development there in that regard.


Then we have Ginny and Brian who aren’t together anymore because Brian’s done some really awful things (and ended up being the culprit anyway.) Well, Ginny was going through some really tough times anyway and this just ended up being the icing on the cake but now she’s got some goals for herself. There’s some development there. Although it’s probably going to take some time for Ginny to get used to this situation.


Then we have Mr Everett and Grace getting married. Which is pretty much the most happiest part of the book with all the breakups happening here. Congratulations to them, by the way.


Angelica who still acts like the older sibling you wish you never had, had a secret all along (well, not really) and you find out the reason for her behavior. I liked this part the most. It made her more human and less of an annoying character. For those that have gone through similar situations like Angelica would completely understand and maybe even sympathize.


The plot overall was interesting but not as great as the first two I’ve read. Pammy who is the victim is here and gone. She wasn’t that likable anyway but Tricia, being the nice girl and the doormat, tolerated her and ended up doing the right thing for her. Sure, it makes Tricia look like she’s being put on a pedestal and nothing can go wrong but at the same time Tricia was going through her own issues (her relationship with Russ for example, among other things she was involved in throughout the novel). It makes Tricia sound almost unstoppable and it’s amazing what she can accomplish while her store is running at the same time. It can be unrealistic as it seems like Tricia can just come and go when she pleases but if you think about it, don’t most bosses do the same?


I started losing interest towards the last third of the book. It really started to drag and Tricia could not stop whining about Pammy and her guilt over kicking her out of her place. I don’t know how much you could drag about the secret diary, and how a philanthropist could have been involved in this (which he really wasn’t.) Top that with adding in a group of Freegans and someone born with a birth defect that needed gender reassignment surgery. Okay. I can handle it, but did it have to drag? It really should have ended about 4 or 5 chapters ago.


Other than that, it wasn’t a bad read but as of now it’s my least favorite of the series. I hope the fourth one will be better than this one. The characters changing and developing was a welcome change however. Cozy mystery fans may or may not enjoy this one. Take it or leave this one.

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