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review 2017-04-25 03:28
Broken Justice, Blind Love - Rena Koontz Broken Justice, Blind Love - Rena Koontz

This is my first experience reading a story written by Rena Koontz and it will not be my last. The story engaged me from the first paragraph and from that moment, I had difficulty putting it down. The impeccable writing, complex and character driven plot had me devouring the story at each page turn, as I was eager to discover how the events would unfold. 


As a fan of romantic suspense, I am always on the lookout for stories from the genre. What I enjoy about these stories is the author's ability to balance the romance and suspense. Rena Koontz accomplished that balance in this book. The romance and suspense did not overshadow each other; instead, they both enhanced and made the story come alive. Although the twists and turns that one would expect with this genre were not present, the suspense and drama coupled with the author's clear and concise writing more than made up for it. 

The story follows patrolman Trish Kleery and gym owner/instructor Bryan Dejwel. These two are as different as night and day, but that made them perfect for each other. Trish believes in doing everything by the book. For her it is black or white, no colouring outside the lines permitted. However, her beliefs came under testing when she became emotionally involved with Bryan. 


Bryan knows what it means to make mistakes. After spending time in jail for a crime he did not commit, he is determined not to repeat his mistakes. He turned his life around and he now owns his own business where he has staked a reputation for himself in the fitness world. In addition, his personal life heats when he and Trish became involved, however, someone is determined to destroy his reputation and his budding relationship with Trish. Now he finds himself in a fight to prove his innocence. Will Trish follow her heart and stand by her man or will she go by the book and destroy her newfound happiness? 


The romance did not run smooth between these two as expected, given the circumstances. Her tendency to see things as black and white placed a strain on their romance. Trish, despite being a good cop, struggled with self-esteem issues when it came to her personal life. She has difficulty separating her personal life from her professional life, which has tested not only her relationship with Bryan but also with her best friend Kandee. As the story progressed, she evolved and showed that she could put the woman before the cop when necessary. She came to realise she can be both without compromising one for the other. 


There were two stories taking place, which at first seem to be unconnected. However, as it progressed, the connection became clear. At first figuring out the killer's identity was not so easy, but as events unfold, I had a suspect who fit the profile well. My early identification of the villain did not affect my enjoyment of the story. I was on the edge of my seat as I tried figuring out what his next move would be. Getting a glimpse into the killer's mind was a scary experience, especially when his actions supported his thoughts. 




This story had a lot going on. I am unable to go into details as it may lead to divulging the plot. As such if you love romance and suspense then I recommend you read this book. Well written with developed characters and an engaging story that will keep you entertained to the end.

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review 2016-11-01 00:00
Love Blind
Love Blind - Christa Desir,Jolene Perry Love Blind - Christa Desir,Jolene Perry Read for free during Riveted Lit’s fundraiser campaign for It Gets Better.

Content Warning: Rape, Malfunctioning Parenting, Bullying

It’s hard reading the top reviews for this book since my reactions are so wildly different. #OddOneOut

Love Blind is a meaningful, funny, realistic, sarcastic, tale of two teens struggling with mental and physical issues while navigating the trials of high school. And this isn’t some Mean Girl drama. This is rape, a degenerative disease, bi-polar mood swings, anxiety, and fear. Fear. It’s causes and consequences are the underlying theme and conquering it is the message. You can seize the day, but recklessness creates problems as does doing nothing. The reasonable middle is a slippery, wavy mirage like heat off the pavement, but even landing on the other side, you’ll be okay. You can make it.

+LOVE Hailey
+Love Kyle
+LOVE Hailey & Kyle
+Love Hailey’s moms
+Slow Burn Romance: They’re friends for YEARS first.

+I thought the time jumping was handled well and there were clear reasons for it. It’s not an immediate best-friends situation, which was refreshing to read.

+Kyle is the typical dude who’s attracted to Hailey and his narration reflects that, but he berates himself about it. It’s not a bragger jock type situation. I honestly didn’t think it was overabundant or pervy. Especially since Hailey often did things on purpose to fluster him and flush him out. I’m a sucker for this kind of guy and thought their interactions were so cute.

+Loved the ending. Bitter-sweet, meaningful, and perfect for these two.

+Kyle’s mom is bipolar and still experimenting to find the right medication treatment. The effects are devastating. They have other issues that plays a huge role as well. I feel so bad for Kyle and her and their situation. It really hits home how things can go wrong, out of your control, and spiral. The depiction is subtle and nuanced. She’s not a villain, but a person trying to do her best but being held back and fucking up.

+Appreciate the disability, anxiety, rape, and mentally ill parent representation. Nothing seemed out of place or wrong to me, though I only have experience with the latter 3, not the former. Parents, if you have any doubts of the effects of certain actions on your teens, Love Blind is a great way to illustrate and make it hit home.

+There is a lot of “I’m not good enough for him/her” and trying to “earn” them, causing much grief and misunderstandings. I don’t like waving it off as just teenage bemoaning over nothing. Given how our society treats relationships and class it’s no surprise they have this kind of thinking. Is is pleasant to read? No. But it’s real. The idea must be combatted and that’s what Love Blind does.

==Pavel the Russian best friend. I like how it shows that inside jokes with the person about themselves is fine, but the way the described and talked about him rubbed me wrong. They weren’t being mean to him and Pavel jokes about it himself. I dunno maybe this is one of those things that makes you uncomfortable as an outsider but the person is fine with it. Pavel reminds me of Paul Finch from American Pie but Finch was mercilessly bullied, while Pavel isn’t.

He’s more than just comic relief though. His relationship and history with Kyle is an important part of the story. But did they make him Russian just for the ‘funny’ accent and cultural misunderstandings when communicating? See, I like Pavel and his role, but the execution and portrayal? I just don’t know. It doesn’t feel quite right. It could be nothing and I could be overanalyzing so you’ll have to decide for yourself on this one.

--Bi-erasure. Hailey does experiment and admits to not knowing for sure since she’s never been in a f/f relationship before. I really liked how this was handled except for one thing. It’s laid out as gay or straight. It’s never acknowledged or mention that hey, maybe she’s bi? Experimenting and finding out you’re straight is FINE. But if that’s the case, don’t list it as QUILTBAG and DON’T include it for a It Gets Better Campaign. Love Blind is a straight book. Experimenting and truly finding out you’re heterosexual instead of just assuming is a heterosexual experience, not a gay one.

Like I said, I liked her relationship with Girl. I think it will be useful to teens to have realistic exploration of sexuality with mature responses. However, the bi-erasure problem could’ve been solved with a sentence. Just one. Some acknowledgement it’s not an either-or simplicity. Sexuality is a wide spectrum. If she’s majorly attracted to dudes but enjoys some aspects of being with girls, why not use the Kinsey scale? Bi-sexuality isn’t a phase, but experimenting is. The fact this wasn’t clear makes it a problematic book unfortunately and shouldn’t be included or made to believe it’s anything but straight.

Love Blind should be included on lists about physical and mental issues though. It’s a great story with an usual romance that I completely fell for and would be remiss it this representation is ignore or overlooked because of fail marketing ploys.

Previous Update::: Read for free on Riveted Lit as part of their campaign:

Support the #WeAreHuman campaign and the It Gets Better Project by reading Love Blind and eight other great reads from now through November 11 as part of our Riveted Readathon!

Review to come shortly, I'm moving to the other novels while I can!
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text 2016-10-28 13:46
[Rezension] Sophia Chase - Love is blind Band 1 "Unnahbar verfallen"
Love is blind. Unnahbar verfallen - Sophia Chase

Titel: Love is blind - Unnahbar verfallen
Serie: Love is blind Band 1
Autorin: Sophia Chase
Verlag: Klarant Verlag
Erschienen: September 2016
Genre: Erotik
Seitenzahl: 213 Seiten
Ausgabe: E-Book

ISBN: 9783955734923
Preis: 2,99 Euro






Durch Schicksalsschläge in eine finanzielle Notlage geraten, arbeitet Emily als Bedienung in einem Nobel-Stripclub in London. Für die Männer dort empfindet sie nichts als Verachtung, doch dann trifft sie im Club auf Nick und Tom. Die beiden sind nicht nur steinreich, sondern auch noch verdammt attraktiv und strahlen die pure Dominanz aus. Besonders Nick, der Edlere der beiden, ist von Emilys stolzer und sexy Art fasziniert, und sie machen ihr ein unmoralisches Angebot:
Emily erhält eine Million Pfund, dafür steht sie den beiden Männern einen Monat lang sexuell zur Verfügung...
Als Emily sich schließlich auf den Deal einlässt, ahnt sie nicht, welche Achterbahnfahrt der Gefühle auf sie zukommt. Immer mehr wird sie von dem geheimnisvollen Nick angezogen, der sie in eine Welt mitnimmt, die sie bis dahin nicht kannte...

Meine Meinung:
Durch die finanzielle Notlage und die immer wieder eintreffenden Rechnungen und Mahnungen zwingen Emily dazu in einem Stripclub zu arbeiten. Auch wenn sie die Männer dort verabscheut, braucht sie aber doch das Geld. 
Dann trifft sie zwei sehr attraktive und reiche Männer, die ihr ein sehr verlockendes Angebot machen.
Sie lässt sich trotz einiger Zweifel darauf ein und erlebt eine Reise in eine sehr erotische Welt. Das Gefühlschaos ist vorprogrammiert und einer der beiden Männer, Nick, hat es ihr besonders angetan. 
Doch was ist mit Tom? 
Sophia Chase hat das Ende ziemlich offen gelassen so dass ich es nicht erwarten kann, wie es weiter geht. 
Sie hat einen sehr angenehmen und fließenden Schreibstil. Ist locker und es wurde zu keiner Zeit langatmig.
Die Story ist heiß und die erotischen Szenen sind absolut überwältigend. 
Mein Fazit: 
Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie es mit den Dreien weiter geht. Ein sehr erotisches Highlight, dass ich absolut empfehlen kann. 
Meine Bewertung: 5/5 
Source: beatelovelybooks.blogspot.de/2016/10/rezension-sophia-chase-love-is-blind.html
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review 2016-07-09 21:36
A Lifetime movie before there were Lifetime movies
When Love is Blind - Mary Burchell

This was recommended to me by Minesha , thank you so much!



First off, I want to say, for being first published in 1967, the lack of sexist or racist remarks I girded my loins for, was amazingly absent. So, bravo!


But he's inclined to be mocking and a little sardonic about any display of feeling.


Moving on, if this hasn't been made into a Lifetime movie, I'm willing to bet it's been the inspiration for one or two. A very quick rundown, heroine is aspiring to be a professional concert pianist but hero fails her at her college final and says some soul shattering comments to her.




Hero is a master pianist who heroine loved going to listen to but starts to sort of stalk him after his comments continue to eat at her.



In a serendipitous way, she learns where he lives and while walking the road by his house, he almost hits her with his car and crashes. The crash makes him blind and he now needs a secretary with musical knowledge.




"Don't be quite so reverential," he protested amusedly. "I'm afraid you only know me in a somewhat chastened condition. When I'm under the nervous tension of a professional career I'm quite insufferable, according to many of my acquaintances. I'm afraid it's going to be a shock for anyone as good and civilized as you."

"I'm not good!" protested Antoinette. "I'm perfectly horrible sometimes. And---and I've done some things I'm ashamed of."

"What, for instance?" he enquired with teasing interest.

"I couldn't possibly tell you," she exclaimed agitatedly. 

"As bad as that? You excite my wildest curiosity," he said, laughing. If ever I recover my sight, the first thing I shall do is dig into your interesting past.


Our heroine became a secretary after having her dreams crushed by him so she takes the job. They grow closer as she pushes back against his arrogant attitude (all that artistic passion, don't you know!) and tries to hide her identity as the girl who caused his accident. So the girl he blames for his accident is also the one bringing him back to life.



"Play!" he shouted at her once. "Play! You've got it in you to make music, haven't you? And all you do is push down the keys. You drive me crazy"

"You drive me crazy too!" She was surprised to find that she too was almost shouting. "I'm not the soloist. I'm just the useful hack pretending to be an orchestra. And stop shouting at me anyway!"

"I'm sorry," he said stiffly. 

"No---I'm sorry too!" And then suddenly she laughed at the sheer absurdity of the scene and, as the tension relaxed, she impulsively put her hand over his.


The pov is all from the heroine and as usual I missed the hero's perspective but his thoughts and personality were still represented. He's a master at his craft and with that comes arrogance and an artist's temperament, I'm saying he can get a bit harsh and sassy. It never crossed a line for me and the heroine had a tendency to nip it in the butt. 



The heroine's adoration was a bit hero worship (she's twenty and the hero is 36) but as she worked with him more, they began to develop more of a balanced relationship. Love is declared by the hero around the 50% but again, written in 1967, can't have too much more than some scandalous kissing without declaring yourself.



There was a neighbor lady (anyone else think it was alluded to that maybe she had taken care of her husband by nefarious methods and he didn't just skip town? I have a diabolical mind) who obviously wanted the hero, I think they had a previous relationship. The neighbor lady and heroine engaged in some truly inspired classy, subtle, not so subtle, cat fighting. 



And frankly, because I can't help myself,



Nothing remotely like that happens in the book, but Dynasty, y'all. 


She told herself this was the prerogative of anyone under great nerve-strain and remained unshakably calm and good-tempered, which earned her no more, however, than an irritable, 

"Do you have to be so insufferably sweet and spineless?"

"No, not really. Were you spoiling for a fight?"

There was a moment of astonished silence. Then he laughed suddenly and asked, "Is that a smile that I hear in your voice?"

"Yes, of course. You're being rather funny, you know."

He drew a long, rather odd sigh of something like relief at that and simply said, "I'm glad you're here. You'll be backstage all the time tonight, won't you?"


I'm not sure how much of a spoiler this is, I did mention the Lifetime movie thing, but the hero has another accident that gives him his sight back.



So our heroine decides to disappear forever so he doesn't learn that she is in fact the girl he has been loathing and searching for. With help from a main couple from a previous book in the series, they have their big climatic "But why?!" "I love you anyway!". 


Again, for being written in 1967, this aged magnificently well. If you're looking for a change of pace that centers around music, talented arrogant hero, a heroine that feels like she is 20yrs (a mash of naive, sweetness, needing emotional growth, and obliviousness) then this would be an out of the box pick up. I liked their little interactions and how the heroine and hero communicated, even if their relationship felt a little rushed but at 192pgs, that is to be expected. I've never read a Mary Burchell before, but her writing style will have me on the lookout for more of her books from here on out.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!










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text 2016-07-09 05:50
Reading Update: 30%
When Love is Blind - Mary Burchell

"I don't want to play now—for anyone but myself. Imagine being led to the piano, fumbling a little until one found one's bearings on the keyboard." He gave an exclamation of sheer disgust. "I'd rather never play again than make such an exhibition of myself!"

"Stop being so self-pitying and arrogant," said Antoinette, and utter silence fell in the room.


The first, of what I hope, will many verbal smack downs from heroine to hero. 

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