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review 2020-12-11 07:25
Lowcountry Boondoggle (Liz Talbot, #9)
Lowcountry Boondoggle - Susan M. Boyer

Another solid entry in what's been a very dependable, well-written series.  The mystery itself was a little predictable, but I can't be certain the author didn't intend that, as the clues weren't subtle; a story about PIs wouldn't really work with subtle and still be fair to the readers.


There's some character development in this one, as well as references to a previous plot that make this less than ideal as a standalone, and it's wroth the time to start at the beginning with book 1.

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review 2020-05-09 01:22
Lowcountry Boomerang (Liz Talbot Mystery, #8)
Lowcountry Boomerang - Susan M. Boyer

I continue to really enjoy this series; Boyer doesn't overplay the ghost, and keeps the mysteries solvable by strictly corporeal measures.  


The plots are always well done, though this one's solution sort of felt like it came out of left field.  Looking back at the end, I can see where the author placed the 'clues' (though they wren't really clues) but I'm not sure really works, and it left questions for me.  Still, I really enjoyed watching Liz and Nate go about solving the crime, absolving their client of a false accusation.  And the Talbot family had a few moments in the spotlight to let their crazy flag fly, which I always enjoy.


The inside flap of my book says there's already a ninth book out, so maybe I won't have to wait longer than the slower than usual post before I can jump back in.

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review 2019-11-25 18:24
Liz Talbot Regroups
Lowcountry Boomerang - Susan M. Boyer

Well "Lowcountry Boomerang" was a really great installment into the life and work of private investigator Liz Talbot. Happily married to Nate, and running their PI agency. The eighth installment has the usual, a curious murder case, Colleen still the island protector and keeping an eye out for Liz and Nate. And Liz's father and his dog doing something ridiculous. I really needed a comfy book this weekend, and this one fired on all cylinders for me. I also like that for once, Boyer seems to be setting up something to the future of the series. So I am curious about that. The only reason why I am giving this four stars though is that there is a huge plot hole (okay maybe two now that I think about it) that are never resolved. I am curious if Boyer will do so in the next book or what. It's so weird too since there seemed to be something sinister going on with both sub-plots.


"Lowcountry Boomerang" has Liz investigating when hometown boy turned Hollywood star Darius DeAndre Baker is arrested for the murder of his high school girlfriend, Trina Lynn Causby. Trina was an investigative reporter, and there's a possibility the new case she was working on could have led to the murder, but after a secret is revealed concerning Trina and Darius and the fact they argued before her murder, has the police settled on him as their prime suspect. When Colleen tells Liz to take the case since Darius is going to be someone important to the island of Stella Maris (yeah that whole thing is going on still) Liz and Nate start trying to figure out who wanted Trina dead and why. 


Liz is stressed in this one. She knows the money that she needs to pour into her grandmother's old home is a lot and she doesn't know how they can get that money. Nate seems fairly unconcerned about it though and one wonders what is going on there. I am imagining some big secret being revealed that he's a millionaire or something, but I found it curious that Liz and Nate don't sit down and actually thoroughly discuss their finances. 


I did like that we get more Nate and Liz togetherness in this one. They do split up their work, but they get back together throughout the book to start discussing suspects and motives. One of my favorite things was them going undercover and going out drinking with two potential witnesses. 


Liz's father continues to be a mess. I am curious though about where the marriages/partners are going to be for Liz's brother Blake. Poppy seems a bit....eh honestly.  

The writing was good though seriously though, two huge plot holes get ignored for the resolution of the case which felt like a reach to me at times, but I just went with it. The flow was really good throughout the book. I'm glad that Boyer chose to focus on the mystery instead of peppering Liz with dreams and or her obsessing about keeping Stella Maris from being developed. It's brought up here, but is not central to the main story. I also liked that Boyer discusses how Trina being white and Darius being black was not something that her family was willing to deal with via a marriage. The book head on discusses racism and doesn't try to just pooh pooh the thing away.

I loved the setting of Stella Maris, but also enjoyed Boyer being more descriptive about the lowcountry and Charleston in this one. 


The ending as I said, hints at a future for Liz and one of her relatives, am very curious on how that is going to go. 

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review 2018-10-03 00:42
Lowcountry Boil
Lowcountry Boil - Susan M. Boyer
This was entertaining. I enjoyed the mystery- there was more than one thing going on and as such more than one mystery! I knew where one was going, but not the other!
I thought most of the characters were likable. Liz was stupid a time or 2 (leaving her purse, keys, gun behind), but hey I understood the rush. I did like adding Colleen to the mix; I love the paranormal, but there really wasn't an explanation why Liz (and only Liz). I would have liked more on Nate. I did like Liz telling Michael no. However, the makings (please no) are there for a love triangle. Michael is a spineless idiot and I absolutely do not want him with Liz!
I think the thing I enjoyed most was the sibling interactions. I also wasn't sure how much Deanna really knew, or if she was an innocent as she seemed.
One thing that really bothered me was I felt at the end Marci (the Schemer) was being forced into a
(spoiler show)
she didn't want. (She was one of the most unsympathetic, unlikable characters, but I disliked that plot point).

Booklikes Bingo: Murder Most Foul


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review 2018-07-10 19:28
Lowcountry Bookshop
Lowcountry Bookshop - Susan M. Boyer

Oh I am annoyed I bought this. What a lackluster book. I used to really enjoy the "Liz Talbot" mysteries, but geez, the last three have been a bunch of well that happened. I think I was ultimately dissatisfied by the main mystery (how did a man end up in the middle of the road hit by a car) and then we still have the never ending nonsense with Liz and her dreams about the end of Stella Maris. Colleen is not in this one that much (not complaining) but she really doesn't add much to the book. The reveal at what went on I guessed at pretty early since that was the only explanation that made sense. I also felt frustrated because there doesn't seem to be any calling out on the people who are responsible for someone's death.


"Lowcountry Bookshop" has Liz and Nate hired by a mysterious client to keep a local mailwoman from being arrested for a hit and run. The mailwoman (Poppy) found a man she knows on her route dead in the middle of the road during a rain storm. Poppy didn't like him, and she claims he beat his wife. Though the police don't have enough evidence to charge Poppy yet, there doesn't seem to be another explanation. Liz and Nate investigate and find out about a hidden Charleston they knew nothing about.


Liz is still dealing with the fallout from her dreams about the end of Stella Maris and Nate dying. She dreams of two children who cannot possibly be hers and left a widow. Trying to work through that while also investigating a hit and run accident is a lot of her to do. Liz and Nate still make excellent partners and I love how they work together.


I have to say though when we get Colleen's terrible explanation behind Liz and her dream I don't get why Liz didn't go off on her. It made very little sense and I have to say that Colleen and her whole guardian angel of Stella Maris thing is wearing very thin with me. At first this was pretty cool, but it got a bit samey. I think Boyer did a smart thing with do to Colleen and her sticking her nose in with Liz and Nate has her sidelined from interfering with their investigations. However, doing that has made her not necessary to the story.


Liz is also dealing with her sister about to leave to get married and that also didn't ring very true. I wish we had a wedding to look forward to or something. Liz's whole family felt a bit flat in this one. I feel sad saying this, but even Liz and her crazy family were not enough to get me to enjoy this one. It just didn't ring true and felt very fake (the ghosts, pig, etc. was too much).


The secondary characters: Poppy, and some women with ties to a bookstore didn't really work. I liked the idea behind what the women were doing, but have to say that they actions were problematic.


The writing was typical Boyer. I hope you like hearing about delicious food, restaurants, clothing, and homes/rooms. The flow was okay, though I think that the book just didn't come together very well.


And as I said above, I didn't like the resolution since it left a stink on a good man and I didn't believe at all the why behind everything. I felt like we needed one more scene, or maybe more with the police to discuss what happened next. Instead that was left twisting in the wind.

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