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review 2018-10-13 16:22
Enthralled - Meljean Brook,Alyssa Day,Lucy Monroe,Lora Leigh

I am relatively sure the only reason I bought this was the Alyssa Day. I'm equally sure I waited until I found it cheap.


The LL... Thoughtful look. It's been a long time since I read a Breeds book. The inability to keep anyone/thing straight was maddening to this somewhat ocd reader. The "heroes" who were more controlling alphhole than alpha didn't help. Her short stories are generally easier for me to digest, and this one is no exception. The h - recessive breed - figures out what she is when her breed genetics suddenly kick in and she ends up in the ER. How she ended up like this is not really answered satisfactorily - either her grandfather was a douche who schemed to get his son's and his son's wife's eggs/sperm from a fertility clinic for malicious reasons, or the old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions holds true. The story gives you the feeling the author couldn't make up her mind...or changed it. Whatever the case, the h is rescued from an assassination attempt, and she is separated from her parents. As to the why of that, well, we're never told but knowing how the breed mind seems to be written, it seems a deliberate attempt to force her into the fold. The H is somewhat aware of his attraction but is put off by her age and doesn't want her around. She forces the issue and other than one kidnapping attempt, they spend the rest of the book boinking. Out of the bedroom, the rest of this group of merry men (and Jonas is absent as they seem to be a group of security folks who only vaguely answer to him when they feel like it) are playing head games with each other and the would-be kidnapper.


The Alyssa Day contribution... too short I thought. I wanted to read more about the h and H. This is probably a good thing.


Meljean Brooke... I've read a couple of novellas from this series, and have the first book in Mt TBR. I'm still unconvinced though as to the appeal of steampunk. And well, in light of everything, I can't help but wonder why the H, as soon as he figured out the bad guy was going to kill them anyway, didn't act then. Or how the bad guy knew he survived, or HOW he survived for that matter.


Lucy Monroe's contribution - cute but didn't really catch my interest.

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review 2018-10-08 00:05
Lovers at Seaside by Addison Cole
Lovers at Seaside - Lucy Rivers,Aiden Snow,Addison Cole

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I liked this one but it wasn't a story that really stood out to me. This is the ninth book in the Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers series but it reads perfectly fine as a stand-alone while readers of the series will enjoy checking in with some of the characters from earlier books. I found this quick and pleasant read and liked the chemistry between the characters.

Parker is an actress taking some much needed alone time after the loss of her good friend and mentor. Her friend, Bert, was like family to her and she now feels alone in the world. Grayson is an artist who has been working on a project for Parker for the past several months. Grayson finds Parker drunk and wants to help her put the pieces back together. Add in Parker's adorable dog, Christmas, and things are looking up.

I liked Parker and Grayson together and I found their relationship to quite authentic. I thought that they had some great chemistry with each other and connected well from the very start. I really didn't see any obstacles to their relationship and honestly, things went really smoothly with the exception of a quick hiccup at the end of the book. In some ways, I would have like to see a bit more drama between these two characters.

This book is narrated by Lucy Rivers and Aiden Snow and it was my first experience with both of their work. I did prefer Aiden Snow's performance in this book and would find that I was a bit disappointed when the narration would change at times. I thought that Lucy Rivers also did a fine job with the story but I found her narration to be somewhat monotonous at times.

I do think that a lot of readers will enjoy this one a bit more than I did. I thought that the characters were very well done but I wish that the book had just a bit more drama to hold my attention.

I received a copy of this audiobook from the author / publicist.

Initial Thoughts
I am somewhere between 3 and fours stars right now. I am going to take a few days before I settle on a final rating. This was good but nothing really stood out to me. There wasn't a lot of conflict and the mystery at the end was very predictable. I did find that I enjoyed Aiden Snow's narration much more than the performance by Lucy Rivers.

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review 2018-10-07 18:18
Grimm’s Fairy Tales ★★☆☆☆
Grimm's Fairy Tales: Household Stories from the Collection of the Bros. Grimm - Lucy Crane,Crane Walter,Jacob Grimm,Wilhelm Grimm

I think my only exposure to the Grimm brothers’ stories has been the Disney-fied version. I think I prefer Disney’s.



  1. Hans in Luck – Hans is a fool who wouldn’t know a good bargain if it punched him in the face.
  2. The Goose Girl – Trickery and ambition get you thrown naked into a barrel of nails and dragged to your death.
  3. The Frog Prince – He’s the original “nice guy”. Accept help from a nasty toad and you will wind up with a Prince who feels he has the right to your time, your food, and your bed
  4. The Wolf and the Seven Goslings – “If you don’t do it,” cried the wolf, “I’ll eat you up!” And the miller was afraid and did as he was told. And that just shows what men are.
  5. Faithful John – Abducted princess suffers Stockholm Syndrome, parents willingly decapitate their own children to save their faithful servant, wtf is this story?
  6. Rapunzel – If the prince loved her so much, why didn’t he just bring a ladder to help her escape, instead of visiting every night to have sex with her in prison?
  7. Hansel and Grethel – For once in these stories a girl takes action and saves herself and her brother.
  8. The White Snake – A princess has fun setting impossible tasks for her suitors and killing them when they fail. Until a servant boy’s animal friends help him pass all the tasks, and he and the princess live HEA. Yay?
  9. Mother Hulda – Helpful and industrious girls are rewarded. Lazy and mean-spirited girls are tarred and feathered.
  10. Tom Thumb – He’s a tiny psychopath.
  11. The Elves - oooookaaaayyy
  12. The Robber Bridegroom – Girl keeps her head, brings justice to man who chops up and eats women.
  13. The Almond Tree – Wicked woman decapitates and dismembers her stepson and feeds him to his father. All is HEA when stepmother is crushed by a millstone and the boy is resurrected by the almond tree.
  14. The Six Swans – More wicked stepmothers and abducted girls “willingly” married to their captors
  15. The Sleeping Beauty – Two beautiful privileged youth find each other and live HEA without a thought of the many boys with poor timing who died an agonized death impaled in the thorn hedge. This may be the best one, with the wonderful imagery of the kingdom asleep in suspended animation.
  16. Snow White – Snow White is TSTL but is such a beautiful corpse that a prince marries her, and the evil queen is an incompetent murderess, but gets death by red-hot iron shoes.
  17. Rumpelstiltsken – I think Rumpelstiltsken got a raw deal here. The greedy 1% stole his gold and welshed on the trade.
  18. The Golden Bird – Another story where some dolt gets to own a beautiful princess as a contest prize.
  19. The Golden Goose – I’d be a sourpuss too, if my father announced he’d give me away as a contest prize.


Illustrations: They are wonderfully intricate, but the style doesn’t really appeal to me.


Hardcover copy with the text translated from the original German and with intricately detailed illustrations.


I read this for the 2018 Halloween Bingo square A Grimm Tale: any fairy tale or retelling of fairy tales, folklore, legends, etc.

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review 2018-10-03 21:04
Thriller ohne Thrill, langatmige Wiederholungen, unglaubwürdige Auflösung
Pfad der Lügen: Thriller - Lucy Dawson,A... Pfad der Lügen: Thriller - Lucy Dawson,Andreas Kasprzak

2,5 Sterne

Kurz zum Inhalt:
Sally wacht plötzlich in einem Taxi auf, an den Klippen von Cornwall. Über 200 Meilen von ihrem Zuhause entfernt, bekleidet nur mit einem Nachthemd, ohne Handy. Und nur mit 400 Pfund Bargeld - genau die Summe, um die Taxifahrt zu bezahlen. Und einem Abschiedsbrief. Sie kann sich an die letzten 10 Stunden nicht mehr erinnern.
Doch niemand glaubt ihr, dass sie nicht Selbstmord begehen wollte, nicht mal ihr Ehemann Matthew und ihre Eltern.
Sally ist fest der Meinung, betäubt worden zu sein. Doch wer hat ihr das angetan? Und vor allem: warum?

Meine Meinung:
Der Schreibstil lässt sich wahnsinnig schnell und flüssig lesen, und ich war noch nie so schnell mit einem Buch fertig.
Allerdings fehlt diesem Thriller eindeutig der Thrill. Und wenn, dann fällt es in die Kategorie Psycho-Thriller. Jedoch mit so einer haarsträubenden Auflösung, dass man sich nur fragen kann: Was? Echt jetzt?
Auch werden viele Dinge ständig wiederholt, v.a. die Schlafprobleme von Söhnchen Theo. Und dass er nur 10 min. am Stück schläft. Und dass bittebitte niemand einen Pieps von sich geben soll, da Theo sonst wieder aufwacht.
Anfangs fand ich diese Familien- und die Eheprobleme von Sally und Matthew noch spannend zu lesen, man erhält einen Einblick in die Familie und einen Überblick, und kann sich als Mutter auch mit etlichen Dingen identifizieren. Aber das dies immer und immer wieder durchgekaut wird, ist mit der Zeit etwas langatmig.
Auch hat mich gestört, dass niemand Sally geglaubt hat, als sie immer wieder beteuert hat, dass sie sich nicht umbringen wollte. Nicht mal ihre Eltern!!
Nur die heftigen Streitereien und Sticheleien zwischen Sally und Kelly, ihrer zukünftigen Schwägerin, haben etwas Pepp in die Geschichte gebracht.
Und so eine haarsträubende Erklärung für die Tat ist mir noch nie untergekommen. Leider total unglaubwürdig und in meinen Augen konstruiert. Schade.

Thriller ohne Thrill, aber wahnsinnig schnell zu lesen. Hat nach einem guten Anfang leider nachgelassen, und eine total unglaubwürdige Auflösung, daher nur 2,5 Sterne.

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review 2018-09-28 19:37
Audiobook Review: Lovers at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #9) by Addison Cole (Author), Lucy Rivers (Narrator), Aiden Snow (Narrator)
Lovers at Seaside - Lucy Rivers,Aiden Snow,Addison Cole


Lovers at Seaside is an amazing tale of life, love and loss. It's also a life lesson: "Make every moment and person in your life count." Addison Cole wraps readers up in a tale of new beginnings and heartbreaking loss. There are moments where the emotion seems larger then the characters, but that's to be expected when looking at greatness. The hardest goodbyes, often bring the sweetest hellos.

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