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review 2017-11-03 13:24
The Color of Magic
The Color of Magic - Terry Pratchett



Lets see now.....how do I review this book?  It is certainly special.... and humorous in a strange sort of way.  There´s a lot of adventure and you should be sure to strap on some protective gear.  Oh, and be ready for a test at the end.  You will be expected to remember how to spell all the names of people, places and things (okay, just kidding.  There´s a Wiki for that.)  


I will tell you a little I suppose.  This is the first book in the Disc World series and one of only 8 books to be divided into sections or chapters.  


A strange tourist sets off on an adventure to see new things and experience adventure. He has lots of gold but he doesn´t have to pay anyone to carry his luggage since it has it´s own feet.  He becomes acquainted with a wizard, a lousy wizard but he´s not a bad guide.  Together they see some amazing sights and may or may not live to tell about it.   


p.s. I used this book to complete square 13


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review 2017-01-30 22:36
Therapeutic for travellers as it shows you it could be worse!
Have Bags, Will Travel: Trips and Tales - Memoirs of an Over-packer - D.G. Kaye,Talia Leduc

Although I’ve been travelling more than I used to in recent years, mostly for family reasons, I cannot say I’m a seasoned traveller or one who knows all the tricks of the trade. I get annoyed by the queues at the airport, like most of us, and I always discover I’ve left something in my hand luggage that shouldn’t be there, even after checking.

Reading this book I realised that perhaps I shouldn’t complain. I am not obsessed with germs (thankfully), I’m not a big shopper, I don’t wear make-up and although I’ve managed sometimes to pack too many things, I haven’t had to carry three suitcases all by myself. The author of this very short book has all those things against her. She also remembers the good old days when travelling was more glamorous and the airlines weren’t so strict with weight limits and didn’t insist on packing the clients as if they were sardines. That for sure must add to the frustration, as at least quite a few of us have nothing to compare it with and know no better, only degrees of discomfort.

  1. G. is a woman with a great sense of humour and writes the book as if she were sharing anecdotes around a table with some friends. She wonders why she always gets picked up for searching at the airport (she tries to go unnoticed but there are limits to her attempts at invisibility) and is happy to confess to her fears, her crazy shopping sprees, and her failed best-laid plans. I was particularly interested in her reflection about how Las Vegas had changed. She describes her first trip there as a fascinating experience, when you landed in the desert and the hotels were the only oases in it and is disappointed by how much it has changed. I’ve only visited once and not being a gambler either, found that although its location was very convenient, it wasn’t the place I had read about. It’s difficult to fight commercialisation and consumerism and nobody can stop “progress” but perhaps there’s more to be lost than to be gained by some of the changes we’re implementing.

This is not a guide to travelling or packing (although there are a few wise words of advice at the end), but, as the subtitle indicates, a memoir of some of the writer’s trips. It could be extremely therapeutic if you’re going travelling as you’ll have the comfort of knowing that things could always get so much more complicated. You’ll end up with a smile on your face and you might also pick up a tip or two.

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text 2017-01-10 01:09
A Zoo in My Luggage - Gerald Durrell,Ralph Thompson

This is another enjoyable and amusing book by Gerald Durrell, an account of one his animal-collecting expeditions to Bafut in the British Cameroons in West Africa. I didn´t know where this was and had to look it up in my atlas; the country must now have changed its name. Previously, while collecting animals in that country, Durrell had been permitted to stay in the Palace of the Fon of Bafut. I don´t know what a Fon is, neither could I find the word in any dictionary, but Durrell states that he was a “potentate”. The Fon in question has innumerable wives and hordes of children; he is tall, elderly, and extremely entertaining. Durrell had written about the Fon following a previous stay with him, but had become afraid that his portrait of him might have been “open to misconstruction” and the Fon might have felt that Durrell had portrayed him as a senile alcoholic. So prior to the present trip he writes to the Fon asking with some trepidation whether he, his wife Jacquie and his team might again be allowed to enjoy his hospitality. It turned out however that the Fon had been most flattered by the unexpected fame he had encountered after being depicted in depth in Durrell´s book (I don´t know yet which one that was); many Europeans had visited the Fon with Durrell´s book in their hands, and the Fon had ended up autographing all these books, as though he himself had been the author! Durrell and wife are accommodated in the Fon´s Rest House and their extra team of two arrives later; many of the locals begin to queue up outside with animals (“beef”) they have collected to sell to them, news of their arrival having hastily spread. We´re apprised of the antics of a baby black-eared squirrel they receive, called Squill-bill small and of Bug-eyes, a needle-clawed lemur. On reading Durrell´s books we realize that each individual animal has its own distinct personality, just as we humans do. When talking to the Fon and the other locals, Durrell and the others use a form of pidgin English, only half of which I for one could understand. The Durrells and the Fon enjoy many entertaining get-togethers, with much dancing, singing and drinking, not least the latter. They are presented with many monkeys, and one of their favourites is a half-grown female baboon called Georgina. She has “a wicked sense of humour”, and this leads to many both amusing and less amusing escapades. Back in England, Georgina runs riot in a large department store, so they require the aid of two constables together with Durrell´s sister Margo to capture her. At the end of the book, Durrell by a stroke of serendipity finds a suitable place to deposit his animals and set up his zoo – in Jersey. Durrell is a master story-teller and recounts innumerable riotous episodes. To sum up, another delightfully entertaining book by Gerald Durrell, though perhaps it does not quite reach the level of “My family and other animals”, which is my favourite. The writing is excellent, there are many fascinating

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text 2016-12-07 11:12
Motorcycle Accessories to Bump Up Your Travelling Experience

Want to enhance your riding experience? Then the right motorcycle accessories are apt for the safe as well as comfortable ride. One must consider some of the essential items while selecting the accessories for motorcycle; let’s have a look at the important ones:



  • Motorcycle Helmets – Helmets may give the impression of a little uncomfortable but in reality, they provide the much-needed ventilation. Your head may experience a little warm because of extended use but you must endure it for your own safety. For any rider, the motorcycle helmet is certainly a necessity. Although helmets cannot assure you the 100% security against the head injury, but it definitely minimizes the brutality of an injury.




  • Motorcycle Saddlebags – Motorcycle is by no means convenient for carrying personal items that you may acquire at the store. Most motorcycle owners are very much aware of this fact and you will barely see a person riding a bike down the street one-handed, carrying a bag of groceries in the other. Those who ride frequently necessitate a robust and reliable way of transporting these items and motorcycle saddlebags are certainly apt for this need.



  • Leather Vests – One thing is for sure that every rider would want to amass as much motorcycle riding gears as possible. Leather vests are the fashionable accessories that are perfectly suitable for adventurous motorbike trip. It provides a thrilling ride which is nearly impracticable to experience in regular street clothes or with long sleeves. If you fancy embarking on your adventure in style, then you require a cool leather motorbike vest.


Expand Your storage space with Motorcycle Luggage


The best thing about riding a motorbike is the sense of freedom you get. Just you and the open highway, not tied down with lots of stuff. But the fact is every now and then you need stuff, be it the packages from a shopping or just the simple things that you need while you are out. The solution to carry all these personal belongings is a motorcycle luggage. Nearly all the riders will get benefit from having an array of different bags. Motorcycle luggage bag sets are obtainable that include quite a few pieces that work simultaneously. Purchasing a set will often save you money over paying money for each item separately.

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text 2016-08-10 12:55
Travel in Style with Motorcycle Hard Bags

motorcycle backpack


So you have decided that you are going to embark on a motorcycle adventure with your friends and all the things you need are ready, including a brand new bike and your valid license. This is when you realise that you are not sure how to take all your things with you, because you do not have the appropriate luggage with you. However, these days, it is easy to find anything, from sleek luggage to roomy waist bags online.


When you do go online to shop for your road trip, do make sure that you go to a website that specialises in such things. You might find a stunning looking suitcase, but chances are that it might be too tough to tether that suitcase to the back of your bike. You will have to purchase something like a magnetic tank bag in India, because this will sit comfortably on the gas tank of your bike and will be the ideal choice if your trip is only a few days long. Even if you are planning a longer trip, you could use such a bag to store your valuables, because the bag will always sit in front of you.


If you are looking for something a little sturdier, then you can look into the wide range of motorcycle hard bags, which are the choice for bikers who are considering riding through rough terrains. Such bags are designed to protect whatever is stored inside them, through bumps and jumps and you can be sure that your favourite bottle of eau de cologne will be safe inside!

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