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review 2017-04-28 18:45
The Roanoke Girls: A Novel - Amy Engel

♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪

♫Picking a song for this was difficult…if you've read it then you know, nothing is really quite right…but if I picked something, than it would be Alive by Sia…sometimes they fit for Lane…and sometimes they fit for Allegra and even for Cooper sometimes.  Overall, it's a really moving song and so is this book…regardless of how twisted it really is. ♫



Book Title:  Roanoke Girls

Author:  Amy Engel

Narration:  Brittany Presley

Series:  Stand-Alone

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller

Source:  Audiobook (Library)


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My Thoughts


What a versatile storyteller Amy Engel has turned out to be.  I've also read her YA Duology; The Book of Ivy.  This is nothing like that…I would have to say it's not YA, either.  Small town seediness at it's most seedy.  A sick and twisted affair to be sure…and yet, so addicting.  I could not stop listening, even though I knew where it was headed. beautifully and hauntingly written...but so f*cked up!  Warning:  It will, at least partially, if not wholly...wreck you.  You'll seriously be thinking...



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  4.7/5

Main Characters:  5/5

Secondary Characters:  5/5

The Feels:  5/5

Addictiveness:  5+/5

Theme or Tone:  5/5

Flow (Writing Style):  5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  3/5

Narration:  5/5

Ending:  5/5  Cliffhanger:  Nope


Will I read more from this Author?  Yeah, I will

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review 2016-12-17 00:14
Vicarious reads like a toned down, not-quite-so-violent Kill Bill meets strange Days.
Vicarious: A Novel - Paula Stokes

Book Title:  Vicarious

Author: Paula Stokes

Series: Vicarious #1 (of 2)

Genre:  Older YA, Thriller

Source:  Kindle E-Book (Library)




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See my full review including a video for book theme song at Leah's Bookish Obsession.





Let it Die by Starset  --The less I say about that, the better… ♫ 





⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜


Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4.8/5

The Feels: 4.5/5

Addictiveness: 5/5

Theme: 4.2/5

Flow: 4.5/5

Backdrop (World Building): 4/5

Originality: 5/5

Book Cover: 5/5

Ending:  4.7/5 Cliffhanger: uhhh...yeah


Will I continue this series? For sure!!!






⇝My Thoughts⇜



A fascinating and super intense story, that's not without its flaws, but they're miniscule in comparison to the overall entertainment value.   Twisting, turning non-stop action is what you'll get with Vicarious.  I never got bored reading this.  The second book Ferocious is expected to come out August of 2017.  I love that this is a duology…I, personally, love them so much more than a trilogy.




The complex characters set this apart from other books.  They are diverse, flawed and intriguing.  The Tech involved is effortlessly explained.  I'm so looking forward to next book, I've read it takes place in LA and Seoul Korea, sounds enticing.

 ⇝Sex Factor⇜ More or less, but not explicit, not really…sorry, that was rather vague.  You should just read it…I would classify this as Older YA, mostly for it's darker themes.



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review 2016-09-13 23:53
Can you go to the bottom of the world to find your way up?
Upside Down - Lia Riley

Book Title:  Upside Down

Author:  Lia Riley

Series:  Off the Map #1

Genre:  New Adult

Source:  Kindle E-Book(Library)

♫My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You) by A Great Big World w/Christina Aguilera  --Seriously, sometimes, I was just like say something to him already…


✾Goodreads Synopsis✾ 


Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  4.3/5

Characters:  4.5/5

The Feels:  4.7/5

Addictiveness: 4.3/5

Theme:  4.5/5

Flow:  3.8/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4.5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  3/5

Ending:   3.8/5. Cliffhanger:  There is an ending…but there is two more books…


Will I continue this series?  I may prefer to think this is their ending…



4.3/5 Stars


My Thoughts


First the bad:  While I dislike this type of story; where the story is strung out over three books.  I could have done two books with no qualms, but three is too much. I also could have done without so much of the over-the-top, I-want-to-be-trendy dialogue.  A certain amount is fine, but this just seemed like it was trying to hard.

Then the good:  I have to say the realness of these characters really got me, they are fucked up, flawed and genuinely real.  I really connected with them.  I loved the setting of Australia and how Bran is always teaching Talia about the culture and different words they use there.  It really added to whole adventure.


Sex Factor:  Yes, super hot and it's fairly explicit.




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review 2016-08-15 22:50
Seriously, though what is CoHo's obsession with the crazy-a$$ names?
It Ends with Us - Colleen Hoover

Book Title:  It Ends With Us

Author:  Colleen Hoover

Series:  Standalone

Genre:  Contemporary Romance w/a healthy dose of angst.

Source:  Own Kindle E-Book


☆My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Always (because it's a kick-ass song) by Saliva & this little bit from Finding Nemo, of course…



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  5/5

Characters:  5/5

The Feels:  5+/5

Addictiveness:  5+/5

Theme: 5/5

Flow:  5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Ending:  5/5. Cliffhanger:  no


Will I read more from this Author?   Duh…of course I will.



 5+/5 Stars



My Thoughts


Colleen Hoover never disappoints for me.  Loved this. A must read for any romance booklover and maybe even the so-so romance booklovers out there.  I added the +Stars for the ending, Colleen's notes to be precise.  Where she tells you upfront not to read them until after you've read the book first.  Because it contains spoilers.  It's uplifting to see a author write such a personal story.  


There is so much to love about this book, especially the main characters love for Ellen (Degeneres), and of course Dory.  There's also the significance of the open-heart tattoo. (I recently saw on instagram that Colleen, her sister and her mother all got matching open-heart tattoos on their arms.)  There is so much more, but this is definitely one of those stories you just have to experience for yourself.


Sex Factor:  Yes, but not too explicit, I think it's just right…




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review 2016-08-12 17:58
At least I can say I have two new favorite narrators with this one...
Overruled (The Legal Briefs Series) - Emma Chase

Book Title:  Overruled

Author:  Emma Chase

Narration:  Jason Carpenter and Charlotte Penfield

Series:  The Legal Briefs Series #1

Genre:  Adult Contemporary, Romance

Source:  Audiobook (Library)


☆My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Kerosene by Miranda Lambert  --this is what Sophia should have done to Stanton…and Jenny too, for that matter.



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3/5

Characters:  2.8/5

The Feels:  3/5

Addictiveness:  3/5

Theme:  3/5

Flow:  5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  4/5

Book Cover:  4/5

Narration:  5+/5

Ending:  4/5  Cliffhanger:  No


Will I continue this series?  I think so, the synopsis for Sustained sounds interesting and it has much better ratings.



3.2/5 STARS



My Thoughts


While her writing is amazing, I did have some major issues with this first installment of the Legal Briefs Series.  There are situations in this book that are difficult to believe they could ever happen in real life.  Nobody is that stupid…seriously, Stanton is a douche, who continually misses the red flags that are staring him in the face.  I didn't really care for him and Sophia could have stood up for herself a little more.  There are literally so many nuances of this story that can be picked apart.  All of which are completely spoiler-ish.   


The narration in this book completely saved it for me, it was actually more than exceptional.  It's really the only reason I felt compelled to listen until the end.


Sex Factor:  Scorching hot sex, of course, Emma Chase knows how to write about sex.


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