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review 2018-03-22 21:40
Putting aside for now
Too Like the Lightning - Ada Palmer

I'm not in the mood for this.  I may come back to another time (particulalry if future books in series sound like get better). 


I went wandering about the blogosphere and reviews.  Found posts and comments from the author that persistently spoke of main character as the "Narrator," an inept one with the affectation of writing in 18th century style in a tale resolving nothing and going nowhere yet while raising all these huge philosophical ... reviewers who did not like speaking of same things that bother me.


To be honest, I didn't give it much of a chance (less than 20%). I was about ready to throw something the next time an apology was offered to the poor reader who probably wouldn't be understanding of the 18th century style ... *gag*


I'm just not in the mood right now.  A dwindled TBR could mean I should never say never.  As could future entries in this much praised, much awarded series sounding fantastic or as if story finally going somewhere or getting characters to care about.  


It it is an interesting premise, a "what if" type of future -- which I usually enjoy.  Started reminding me of the slow parts of student/campus Wicked and those horrid posthumous continuations of Asimov's Foundation books that weirdly had Voltaire as an AI mouthing off endlessly.

I actually like quite a bit of actual 18th century writing.  This just wasn't done well.  I wanted characters, not what even the author referred to as "Narrator" stiltedly relaying events that never resolved.

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text 2018-03-22 18:51
Fan Cast: Little Miss Stoneybrook... And Dawn

Kristy: Brianna Daguanno
Mary Anne: Alisha Newton
Claudia: Madison Hu
Dawn: Emma Rayne Lyle
Mallory: Francesca Capaldi
Jessi: Quvenzhané Wallis

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review 2018-03-22 18:17
Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn by Ann M. Martin
Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn - Ann M. Martin

Dawn's a little jealous when there's a formal ceremony to welcome Jessi and Mallory into the Baby-sitters Club. Don't people know that Dawn's a special baby-sitter, too?

Then it's Dawn's turn to shine. Mrs. Pike wants her to help prepare Margo and Claire for the Little Miss Stoneybrook contest. So what if Margo's only talent is peeling a banana with her feet? Dawn's going to help her charges win that contest any way she can. The only trouble is... Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia are helping Karen, Myriah, and Charlotte enter the contest, too. And nobody's sure where the competition is fiercer: at the pageant - or in the Baby-sitters Club! (from Goodreads)

Series: #15 in the Baby-Sitters Club series

Rating: 3 stars

Dawn is a brat. Also, I hate the fact that everyone is treating Jeff like he's being selfish for wanting to go back to California when Connecticut is obviously making him depressed and angry. You guys are the selfish ones.

The competition was cute, and the rivalry was a bit annoying but age-appropriate.

All in all, not to bad.

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review 2018-03-22 01:55
The Gate to Women's Country
The Gate to Women's Country - Sheri S. Tepper

If I had read this when it was first published, in the 80s, I think I would have really liked this book. Alas, I read it now and it mostly made me angry.


This book channels second wave feminism pretty heartily, and unfortunately it also falls into some of the movement's pitfalls. Powerfully negative attitudes towards men lie the foundation for this story - an idea that men are innately violent and aggressive, and women are not, is the true dividing line. This book pretends that personality is based purely on nature with nurture making little difference. Bodily autonomy and emotional connectivity fall to the wayside in favor of eugenics and manipulation. And to make it even worse the lack of gender non-conforming or non-heterosexual individuals in this world is not an oversight - the book flat out states that queer characters were bred out (see page 76 in my edition). To say that the story is misandrist, gender essentialist, and aggressively heteronormative would not be inaccurate nor unfair.


As much as I wanted to throw this book across my room at times, or to give it a half star rating, I will give it some credit where credit is due. This book is of its time, and it came from an angry place. And I get that. I've felt that. A lot of people have. It is interesting to use science fiction to play around with thought experiments, and our book club had an excellent discussion about this one. Tepper quite obviously put a lot of thought into her world, and the world-building was fairly intricate. The characters were drawn well enough that I truly hated many of them, and some mirrored individuals I've known in my past. There are some really excellent insights in here, and even passages that I reread because they struck a chord with me. However, I just couldn't get past the politics. It's a great book to talk about and critique, but it is not a book I feel I can recommend outside of that capacity.

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text 2018-03-21 21:51
Reading progress: 11%.
Too Like the Lightning - Ada Palmer

Out of curiosity I searched my ebook edition for occurrences of "reader" = 227 times.


That doesn't sound like a book only addressing reader directly during a foreword or introduction.


It's  reminding me of the campus bits of Wicked and lots of other counter culture student protest type of books in the atmosphere of it.  Not the plot (or at least not yet the plot) and it's not on campus or with students; just the feel of the thing and something about the writing style.  I loathed Wicked which did at least have some promising bits and made for a great Broadway show.


Taking a break from this one.  Within next half hour, the Bookshelf BINGO game I'm playing should have a new shelf call and I'll start that book.  Then try a bit more of this one, read some of the reviews and then judge if go on a bit more or DNF..

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