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review 2016-09-15 18:13
Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton

This was a really beautiful book, the writing was mesmerizing and the story intriguing, the characters both MCs and secondary were well established and so rich and deep, the slow build and the romance and angst were done wonderfully.


Levi was amazing I loved him so much, he was so attentive and compassionate and so patient, his love for Jaime was beautiful and reverently someone once told me that love is not about changing who you are but about becoming a better person for that person you love and that exactly what I felt happened to Levi and it was so heart warming.


He leaned over and kissed those lines on Jaime's wrist, as if he could take away the pain of whatever had caused Jaime to make them,..... 

Jaime was a wonderful character his struggles and and fears and pain was so real and he broke my heart but still he was strong and willing to fight for himself and his life and for Levi.


His fear was part of him.It wasn't something to be exorcised.It wasn't something to be obeyed.It needed only to acknowledged..........So Jaime accepted his fear.Yes, it was there.So be it.


Levi and Jaime were adorable together and their relationship was so intimate

even though they weren't touching for most of the story

(spoiler show)

it is like it wasn't need to achieve that level of Intimacy and love between them and when they get to it, it was so sweet and passionate.


Levi and Jaime made me laugh, cry and be angry for them and with them and I loved every minute of it and overall this was an awesome book and I have enjoyed reading it so much.



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review 2016-05-01 00:00
Dex: MC Biker Romance (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Dex: MC Biker Romance (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 1) - Jayne Blue I'm not really a fan of biker books so I'm pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
After a bit of a slow start, getting the reader up to scratch on the scene, the characters etc it took off like a roller coaster. I enjoyed the plot to this story, never a dull moment. The characters were interesting and I look forward to reading about the secondary players in this one. Dex and Ava had great chemistry, they both came together 13 years later with some mega baggage to work through.
There is everything you could want in this love story, sexy alphy guy, tough independent woman, passion, drama and hopefully a HEA.
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review 2015-05-30 08:03
Unique shifter & MC mashup
Lucky (Inked Menace MC #1): Shifter Biker Club - Ryanne Hawk

I was given a copy of 'Lucky' from Ryanne Hawk, in exchange for an honest review.

I've just finished reading 'Lucky' & WOW I loved it! 'Lucky' is the first book I've read of Ryanne's, so I wasn't sure what to expect.... but I was quickly enthralled in the story from the first word. I loved the whole shifter & motorbike club mash up & as a fan of both genre's, I was thrilled with the result. 'Lucky' is book 1 in Ryanne's newest series "Inked Menace MC"... I can't wait to read what is next for this series.

This books is filled with a diverse range of shifters, motorbike clubs & ink.... both lead characters Lucky & Cecelia have secrets that they'll slowly share & pasts that have been difficult. I loved the flow of the story, the indepth look into Lucky or Cecelia when reading their POV's, the kindness Cecelia finds in Inked Menace MC & especially in Lucky. I can't wait to read the next book in the series & get my hands on Ryanne's other books.

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url 2015-03-22 14:51
Lila Rose's New Romance Now LIVE!
No Way Out (Hawks MC Club Book 4) - Lila Rose,Hot Tree Editing,LM Creations,Eric Battershell
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review 2014-07-30 19:13
Sons of War MC (Motorcycle Club Romance) - Jane Slate

This book? Has me like...
photo 10290268_zpsd1057036.gif

Here's the thing.. I don't like the heroine at all. Not only is she just a selfish a** but she has got to be the dumbest, most simpleton chick ever. I mean she CONSTANTLY, through the entire book had me either like...
photo 10431054_zpscacc3984.gif
photo 7953567_zps65e5e31e.gif

When it came to her "whine fests" I was always thinking this...
photo 8391804_zpsb57acfbb.gif
Trust me. She inspires no sympathy AT ALL for her plight.
And none of the male leads inspired any love or hotness either.

Everyone involved here has got some jacked up issues. How could they not? Considering what their lives have become. But the undertones of the story vs. the characters & their thoughts/reactions, didn't mesh well for me. Mainly cos one of the main people I'm supposed to sympathize with, the heroine, I don't. At all. And then also, even though this is a tough, heart wrenching story, I did not feel the intensity or heart wrenching things I should have been feeling while reading it. 

So basically this story is something that couldn't go beyond the surface for me. The premise/story is intense, the circumstances, happenings, characters' plights, all of it, is heart breaking. But none of these emotions were coming through, even though I clearly saw it playing out. There was a huge disconnect here.

This story wanted to be poignant, deep, emotional, heart wrenching & all that, but unfortunately it just read as a simple, half ass attempt at being all of these things. Nothing felt authentic or deep. The only true emotion this story evoked was irritation, anger, and "I wish someone would just push you off a cliff and put me out of my misery" reaction.

The HEA was so superficial, rushed & glossed over. The heroine didn't even deserve this weak ass HEA.

The Structure of the story and how things are revealed & why was all over the place as well. You're reading about the present, and you literally wind up in the past going into the very next sentence/paragraph. And if you're just skimming, this could seriously throw you off and confuse you. Many things that happen in the beginning have no bearing on what occurs in the middle or end, so really alot of things were just pointless. 

Basically this entire book read like a rough draft. A rough draft that has all the dark, shock factor occurrences etc.. taken from every other MC novel, Contemporary Romance Alpha male, and was just thrown into what you have here. And instead of focusing on the characters and what makes them tick what would warrant someone to sympathize with them & their issues, all the focus was just on the shock factor events that occur. And even those fell short. Way short.

Annnnnd this is NOT a hot novel at all. It has sex in it. but the sex is such a "Yawn" I would have preferred that the attempt was not even made for those moments. Really should have just went with a fade to black scene.

So.... You already know what I'm going to say, right?
No. I would not recommend this read. Keep your money & your time.

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