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review 2016-12-12 16:30
Mackenzie Family Christmas - The Perfect Gift by Jennifer Ashley
A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift - Jennifer Ashley

This was a very enjoyable, sexy, holiday novella that had SO much crammed into its 165+ pages that it fairly made my head swim!  But in a good way.  :)

All the Mackenzies are here with their wives and their children and the place is rollicking.  There are so many instances of sexytimes, all of them lovely and steamy.  We have babies being born and kisses being stolen.  And we have the lovely Lord Ian, who is such a wonderful character, seeming to be the one holding it all together.

Great fun read and a good reminder to me that I have to find the others!  *whispers*  I've only read the first one, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, and it was really, really good.

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text 2016-05-26 02:38
Reading Update: 10%
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride - Jennifer Ashley

So, I read the first in this series 6yrs ago and am now reading the 8th. It's turning out to be a wild night for me ;)

It's thunderbolt/soulmate eyes catching across the room right now but, dare I say, I believe in it, so far.

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review 2016-05-13 12:47
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (Mackenzies Series) - Jennifer Ashley

A really fun book. Those familiar with Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond series will recognise a great deal of him in Malcolm Mackenzie. The near-bonking and bonking scenes were actually pretty well done, and I skimmed them rather than skipping them entirely.


Lest one is left thinking all the British are complete bastards, there are a couple of honourable ones :) 


The author has done a good bit of historical research and much of the politics leading up to the Battle of Culloden are accurately described. The aftermath of the loss is described by the author in an afterword. Those who are following the Outlander series will recognise Charles Stuart.


Here's the blurb from the author's website:


Malcolm Mackenzie knows the moment he sees Lady Mary Lennox, daughter of an English earl, that she is the one for him. The trouble is, Highland clans are rising to join Charles Stuart, who has landed in Scotland and headed for Edinburgh where Mary’s family is currently residing. Not only that, Mary’s father is in thick with the English government, and certainly doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near a Highland barbarian. Plus, Lady Mary is already engaged to another.

Malcolm, who considers himself neither Jacobite nor loyalist, wants only to build up his business, avoid the uncertain tempers of his father and oldest brother, and win the hand of the beautiful and lively Mary. He makes plans to sweep her away to his castle north of Inverness, but his four interfering brothers and father, not to mention this annoying uprising, keep getting in the way.

Mary Lennox believes she’s happy. She is fine with going through with her arranged marriage to please her father, at the same time helping her sister to find romance.

That is, until she sees Malcolm Mackenzie, youngest of the Duke of Kilmorgan’s five sons, lounging like a lazy wolf in the middle of a proper English soiree. It isn’t only his kilt that makes him different from her English acquaintances in Scotland, but his predatory air, his golden eyes, and his casual arrogance.

Soon she finds herself under the scrutiny of this man, and of his entire Highland family. Her ideas of duty and happiness splinter and fall away, as Malcolm makes her face the truth about herself and her life.

The dark winds of change, however, are flowing around Malcolm and Mary. Scotland is drawn inexorably into the battle between the Jacobites and the armies sent by the English government to crush the rebellion. Scots fight Scots, loyalties shift, and Malcolm finds himself plunged into a fight he didn’t want, one that will change his life and the Highlands of Scotland forever.


Thoroughly enjoyable.

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review 2016-01-26 16:37
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride - Jennifer Ashley

I had difficulty getting into this story even though it was the story of Malcolm and Mary Mackenzie, the ancestors of Ian, Mac, Cameron, and Hart. It was slow and for some reason I had a hard time wanting to pick it up and continue. I'm not sure why I can't pin point what I didn't like or why I couldn't get in to it. It has all of the qualities we want in a good story; Jennifer Ashley can write well and entrain, and Mary is a strong female protagonist. So I truly don't know why I had trouble with this one. I am interested in reading Alec and Will's stories and I did like seeing how it all began. They are definitely two strong predecessors for the Mackenzie brothers we have come to love.

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review 2015-10-25 00:00
The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES)
The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES) - Jennifer Ashley I like this Chief Inspector and Louisa a lot!

I always feel that in novellas I am rushed to a happily ever after. How can they know love in such a short time? So far no novella has given me the impression that it was not being cut too short. This book is no exception.

But other than that, this romance is sweet and a joy to read. Lloyd Fellows is the born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-blanket version of Hart. As much as I love my lords, I have just that much more respect for a man who earned his place in the world without the priviledges of aristrocracy. And Inspector Fellows is certainly such a man.

Some may find Louisa boring. But I love her. The quintessential English rose, she was brought up to be a noble's wife, not knowing much about the "real life" until her father disgraced the entire Scranton family. I usually do not like women being forward but Jennifer Ashley made Louisa's "advances" sweet and endearing. It makes sense because Lloyd Fellows was never going to do anything because of their social statuses.

This novella seems longer than the usual length. I am not certain because my Kindle did not display page numbers for this book (I hate that). I just feel that it is somewhere between a full-length novel and a novella. The mystery piece actually worked well in this story without overpowering the romance. The story has 2 main themes: Fellows' "she is out of my league" complex and Louisa's "I am not a murderer" plight. Their romance grew and developed revolving around these 2 themes and all in all, a sweet story.
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