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review 2015-02-18 00:09
Performance In a Leading Role ~ Mad Lori
Performance in a Leading Role - Mad_Lori

Here's the promised next rev about a story by Mad_Lori (aka Jane Seville).


Oscar winner Sherlock Holmes hadn't had luck with his latest film projects. He might have acted as good as ever, but when you don't drag money in Hollywood your star wanes fast. So, his next project has to be a success. When his agent offers him a wonderful script he's sure to get what he needs. A wonderful role and a crowd-puller. Even better that the author wrote the main character with him in mind. It's a story about life, about love, about a gay couple and a film by Ang Lee.


Everything could be perfect if, oh, if Ang wouldn't want John Watson playing his counterpart and lover in 'To a Stranger'. Sherlock isn't amused. He needs a successful film and Ang wants a modest mainstream romantic comedy actor who has played one shallow role after the other as his partner. Only teeth-gnarshingly Sherlocks makes some screen tests with John and - surprise, surprise - John does quite good in those shots. But Sherlock is still sceptical. Until... until he stays at the set to watch John playing a difficult and emotional scene. And there it happens. John blows Sherlock's (and everybody's) mind away.


Sherlock is shocked. How could someone with that enormous talent only ever played in such bullshit films? First they have a row about it but then they become friends. Really, really good friends. And everyone around Sherlock is mesmerised because Sherlock doesn't has friends. Well, now he has one... John. And at the end of the shooting both feel there could be even more. But they both don't give in to their feelings.

And what happens next you need to read for yourself.

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review 2015-01-02 18:47
Zero at the Bone ~ Jane Seville
Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville

Jack Francisco was happy with his life as a maxillofacial surgeon until the day he'd witnessed a hit mob. Now he has a new name, lives in a new town, and has been put into protective custody until he can testify. As though he thinks his life couldn't get any worse, a hitman is coming after him.


D. is that hitman. He is being blackmailed into killing Francisco. But even a killer has their morals. Normally D. doesn't finish people off who don't deserve it. (If one could tell, that murderer, rapists, or bandits deserve to die.) D. is weary even before he has to stand vis-à-vis with Jack but after one look into his blue eyes D. just can't finish him off. So, they become unlikely alleys on the run from various opponents like the mob, the infiltrated witness protection program and those guys who seem to be after D.


If that isn't enough, the alleys start reluctantly to become friends, and then something more is growing between them. But what is going to happen when they give in to their attraction...


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