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review 2014-08-18 15:15
Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Infamous - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The third book in this fun series has Nick realizing that he really is a demon. As the last Malachi, his powers should not have unlocked till after his father's death but because of his own interference from the future things have changed dramatically. Nick is doing his best to stay a good man but the evil that is his demon side is fighting him.


Once more a fast read that drags  you from start to finish. I found that reading the first three book in a day was a rip roaring fun trip that leaves you wanting more. Now not everyone reads as fast as I do, but starting up an establish series gives you other books to dive into as soon as you finish up the last.

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review 2014-08-18 14:39
Uncertain Allies by Mark del Franco
Uncertain Allies - Mark Del Franco

In this installment Connor is yet again drawn into the investigation. There is a body, drained of essence and he needs to find out just who is doing it.


Like the other books in this series we see a lot of the internal conflict of a druid who has lost his power. The feel is still noir at its best and you find yourself really hoping that Connor will find some way of helping is love, who is in a coma.


Dark, as you would expect of any book dealing with the walking dead, in UA Del Franco once more delves deep into his alternate universe and the battle between the two sides of faerie. The politics could very well be those of the human world and the setting of Boston makes this a rich and interesting tale to those of us who grew up near the city.


Some things are wrapped up cleanly but he leaves enough threads to make you want to pick up and read the next book in the series.


While some are finding this book a let down, I enjoyed the new surprises that came around each corner and I felt for the friendship between Connor and Murdock. It is tough being friends with Connor and finding out that your friend played a part in your mother disappearing then reappearing should be enough to end that friendship. The more we learn about the Murdocks, the more we feel for Connor and his unwitting part in their family drama.


Pick up this series. It is just enough different that it is a rollicking good read and would make a great tv series

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review 2014-05-01 20:54
Whirlwind (Mark Del Franco)
Whirlwind - Mark Del Franco

I have read all of Mark Del Franco’s adult urban fantasy stories and was quite sad that his publisher decided not to continue with the series. So the last book of his I read would be back in 2012 and I kept hoping that he would write another book; even through a self-publishing route. So when I found this – and he did go into self-publishing, I immediately purchased it. Even if it was a Young Adult book – because trust me, it was not one of my top favorite genres. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Before coming to my opinion, I do think that I need to mention that this book has several typos. Mr. Del Franco might need to find a better editor at that.

** The Story **

Arden Lewis found out that she was a Paragorn – a human with Talent (an ability to control one of the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire) – and then her family whisked her and her younger brother up to the city of Everglen, because more Paragorn lived there and they would be safer. On the first day of school, Arden immediately attractes the attention of a popular football player and they soon go on a date and become boyfriend-girlfriend.

As far as the young adult theme – and I admit I have only read several – duly noted, I didn’t think it offered anything new. In fact, it was quite stereotypical. We had a ‘freak’ girl being bullied by the bitchy cheerleader who thought she was the queen of the world. The cheerleader was the ex of the football player, and the boy still had feelings (apparently!) for her, so Arden found that the jock chose to side with his ex more than one time. It was all, well, high-school drama that I found a common trope and not particularly a fresh one at that.

However, I still enjoyed the story a lot because there were other things going on with the urban fantasy element (I’ll get to that). It was quite fast-paced and entertaining. Especially coming at the last 10%-15% of the book – where the high school drama escalated into something more life-threatening and dangerous when the ‘freak’ decided to take revenge on the cheerleader queen. You know that 90s movie, The Craft? Yeah, it was quite a show-down with a devastating result that I totally didn’t see coming.

** The World-Building **

The world-building was quite interesting. Again, it might not offer something new – these were about people with supernatural elements — but I still found that interesting. People with magic or supernatural abilities is one of my favorite themes in urban fantasy (more so than vampires or shifters!). So it was REALLY fun to read how Arden and her brother, Peter, practiced their Talent. The four ‘names’ for the Paragorn Talent were also fun: Sylph for air, Undine for water, Gnomus for earth, and Salamander for fire.

Since this was in a contemporary setting, I didn’t have any trouble understanding the urban fantasy element. There were two factions of the Paragorn where one faction was more dangerous than the other. I enjoyed how Arden slowly discovered that, and how dangerous the other faction was. It kept things interesting – with all the secrets – because the contemporary young adult element was pretty much predictable.

** The Characters (and Potential Romance) **

I really liked Arden – I thought she was a likeable heroine. She had an AWESOME relationship with her family, especially when it came to her younger brother, Peter. They argued and bantered like siblings but they also supported one another. I thought it rocked.

I also loved how Arden stood up for things she saw as injustice. Oh, when it came to her versus the bitchy cheerleader-ex, I also liked Arden’s plot for revenge *grin*. While there were stereotypical characters – like I mentioned above – when it came to the jock and the cheerleader and the freak, I mostly enjoyed this for Arden and her family.

There was not much of romance … I mean, sure Arden went out with Brandon, the jock, but I didn’t feel it as a romance. There was a potential with Davis Digby, though, that boy who wasn’t part of the popular clique at school, who was another Paragorn and ended up teaching Arden her Talent. I liked him and he might be the love interest for next books (whenever that may be).

I really hope that Mark Del Franco continues this series because the ending, that is like a teaser for something bigger. Not exactly a cliff-hanger but I definitely don’t see it as closure. This better not be the only book set in this world. Unfortunately, I still can’t find more information about the future books. I guess I just have to stalk Mark Del Franco’s website or livejournal for that.

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text 2014-04-24 22:12
Reading progress update: I've read 2%.
Whirlwind - Mark Del Franco

Mark Del Franco's new book!! It made me happy. Thought he wouldn't release new book again. Especially after his publisher didn't continue the series. This is one example where I'm truly so very happy for self-publishing.

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review 2013-10-14 01:42
Undone Deeds
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco

This was the final book with Connor Grey, and I thought it was a very satisfying ending to the series.  There were a few twisty-ish surprises and a few resolutions I was unsettled about but after thinking about it they do make sense.  I don't want to go into too much detail for fear of spoilers, but overall, this is a series I'm happy I found and read.


Source: ennui.booklikes.com/post/610336/undonedeedsreview
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