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review 2016-03-04 16:17
The aftermath of Volume 3
Invincible, Vol. 4: Head of the Class - Ryan Ottley,Cory Walker,Robert Kirkman,Mark Waid

The aftermath of Volume 3's surprise: Mark's mother falls into depression, Mark graduates, his love life progresses but alien invasions and trips to Mars get in the way.
Still quite engaging but it does go on a bit. There's only so much super-villain squashing that I can take.

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review 2015-06-23 05:48
Weird Hauntings by Joanne Austin
Weird Hauntings: True Tales of Ghostly Places - Mark Scuerman,Ryan Doan,Mark Sceurman,Mark Moran,Joanne Austin

Weird Hauntings is a book of true ghost stories. There are many stories in here from different states. Where the paranormal occurrences happen are varied.

Some stories are just about people feeling someone there or hear noises. Other stories are pretty creepy and go beyond just noises, like what Steven LaChance experienced with his family.

I enjoyed this a lot. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves reading true ghost stories.

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review 2010-09-22 00:00
The Pilgrim
The Pilgrim - Mike Grell,Mark Ryan I've read 2 of the comics...and I plan to read the rest as they come out. They're incredibly engaging.
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review 2004-11-19 00:00
The Greenwood Tarot
The Greenwood Tarot: Pre-Celtic Shamanism of the Mythic Forest - Mark Ryan

This is the only deck I have ever been able to use, never having read the accompanying book. I found Chesca Potter's illustrations both inspiring, and full of hidden depth. The deck uses what might be termed pre-Celtic {?} British religious symbols, such as images of animals, landmarks, gods and goddesses, and imagery including the Green Man and other symbols from pagan artefacts. The four suits are Wands, Arrows, Cups and Stones, each aligning to a different season and element on the Wheel of the Year, around which the deck is based, so the book explains. The major arcana is also different in that some cards have been changed from the normal format and not just in name, but meaning. For instance, The ancestor takes the place of the Heirophant, The Archer replaces the Chariot, Balance is there instead of Temperance, The Greenwoman instead of the Empress, The Greenman as the Emperor, The Blasted Oak as the Tower, and there are a few other surprises, too. The artwork is extraordinary and I am sorry that this deck is no longer in print. It is a great loss.

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