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text 2018-12-04 07:05
Cover Reveal #2 - Mixtape


Hold your boom box high - The Mixtape Anthology is coming soon!


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What’s more romantic than a love song? A mixtape full of them. Twelve bestselling and award-winning authors have curated an anthology of brand-new, standalone stories inspired by love songs, featuring a foreword written by NYT bestselling author Laurelin Paige. Press PLAY on this limited-edition collection that’s guaranteed to make you swoon.





Elle Kennedy: “Always On My Mind” - Willie Nelson

KL Kreig: “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” - Andy Gibb

Leslie McAdam: “Think I’m in Love” - Beck

Lynda Aicher: “Kiss Me” - Ed Sheeran

Mara White: “All I Want To Do” - Heart

Marni Mann: “S+M” - Rihanna

Nikki Sloane: “Say It First” - Sam Smith

Rebecca Shea: “Thinking Out Loud” - Ed Sheeran

Saffron Kent: “Guys My Age” - Hey Violet

Sierra Simone: “Hallelujah” - Jeff Buckley

Veronica Larsen: “Say You Won't Let Go" - James Arthur

Xio Axelrod: “Toothpaste Kisses” - The Maccabees





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review 2017-05-03 01:25
Animal ~ Marni Mann
Animal - Marni Mann

I'd done so many unspeakable things to hundreds of innocent people.
As a result, my death was as gory and as gruesome as I'd imagined.
There was a knife. Blood. Swearing and screaming.

Beard is the unapologetic guard and executioner in an off-shore prison located in rural Venezuela. Mercy is definitely not his middle name. When he meets an alluring woman during rest in Miami a business deal is set in motion. Little does he suspect- everything isn’t as it seems. Animal is a spin-off from Prisoned featuring Beard and his story.

Beard had been my name for enough years. It had started when Inmate #326, Kyle Lang, came into my prison. She was the only captive who had ever left my jail alive.

Another storyline follows Beards’ seamlessly; Tyler is a young college student and finds a job that is too-good-to-be-true. Tyler becomes a female worker for an elite and illegal organization after being recruited by her roommate Wynter. Both storylines happen in present and as flashbacks and you won’t guess how the two come to be connected!

I must be honest while reading this I thought DAMN this is sooo good-so much better than the first! In my opinion nothing like the first book- I would 100% recommend reading this as a standalone. I connected with the characters and plot 10x more with this one than the first. The action and surprises were non-stop. I found the organization Tyler joined to be completely unique and my heart was pounding as she discovered what it was she was truly supposed to do. This book didn’t let up during the entire ride!!

I clung to the screams for a few more seconds, letting the noise fill my body, like it was liquid.

The ending.
WHOA. That was intense. I had an inclination a few people involved weren’t who they said they were but damn- I was impressed with how gruesome this got!

The epilogue.
Okay- I’ve been racking my brain- I don’t understand the newest twist. I truly thought over and over to any hints about the twist and could not figure it out! It didn’t make sense. I felt this epilogue was added for shock value instead of connecting to the actual plot. How? When?? Where?? Hmm… hopefully there will be another book to explain this. *Hmpf*

Tell me about Shank...

*Received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2016-06-20 02:59
Good Story and Characters
Wild Aces: A Sexy Standalone - Marni Mann

Brea has a successful real estate business with her best friend Frankie. Brea doesn’t have much of a life outside of the business. Brea had a void after losing her boyfriend that was a cop from a tragic accident that almost destroys Brea. But it has been two years and Brea is going to try to fill that void.Then Brea meets  Trapper at a private masquerade party . There is an instant attraction . But Trapper has to go to Las Vegas for business but they do keep in touch. Trapper had an abusive past while being in the foster care system Finally Trapper had been beat and kicked out one to many times and kicked out one too many times and Trapper toke refuge in a poker club. The owner liked Trapper and toke him on as an apprentice, So basically both Brea and Trapper were broken people.

I enjoyed this story a lot. It was fast paced. It really grabbed my attention from the start until i turned the last page. I loved the friendship between Brea And Frankie. There was times I laughed while reading this and times I cried. The plot was good and also the witting. There was even some mystery and intrigue. Some things in this story are unrealistic. I loved the twists and turns in this story and also the ones between Brea and Trapper. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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review 2016-03-16 14:50
intense,intrigue,full of passion and desire just wonderful
Wild Aces: A Sexy Standalone - Marni Mann

You know the feeling i suppose. When you start to read the new book from an author you  recently discover and really fancy reading it,and you promise your self its going to be one more chapter and one more chapter after finally hours you end up finishing the entire book. This is exactly what happens to me with Wild Aces. I devour it in almost one night when i was keep saying i will only read few chapters before i end up to bed..

In case you have not read The Unblocked Collection i think this is the time to do it even after you read Wild Aces since its a standalone novel. Feel like i repeat my self but i have to say it one more time, trust me its that good. 
Trapper and Brea meet in a masquerade party which hosted by her best friend Frankie and her husband Derek them in The Unblocked series. The setting of how Trapper and Brea is just amazing i mean i personally always fancy something like this to happened so reading this was even more fun. The desire and they lust between Trapper and Brea was just waay so much that i really wanted to remove the masks and get party whopped under a bed.But it wouldn't be fun if this happened so fast and the  part between those two wearing their masks while tempted to do other prohibited things  was too good to read.The share a kiss through, a very  passionate kiss 
There was no awkwardness no trying to establish  a tempo and no learning the places inside me. This was a kiss from a man who somehow already knew every inch of my body.
You can understand that awesome moments like this even on books always get interrupted from someone or something.So before he leaves they exchange phone number and a promise that they will meet soon without any mask and any time limitation and doubt.
I really really enjoyed this novel from Marni Mann. Trapper and Brea was awesome and both complex characters who surfer enough in my opinion in the past and they both deserved to be happy together. The moment they both met it was a twist of the entire story i didn't not expecting to be, you will get what i mean when you read it.  I really enjoy those two their lust at first,the realization who is who and what they can do both about it,the passion the shared and the love in the end. I really adore seeing again Derek and Frankie interacting with the couple including the new characters. The writing was intense,intrigue,full of passion and desire just wonderful.
Cant wait for more books from the series! 


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review 2016-03-14 05:55
Wild Aces: A Sexy Standalone - Marni Mann

Astrid's review


I have to admit that the premisse of the story was really good and it had a lot of potential. So what was it that didn't work for me? I read so many stellar reviews before going into this story that I thought I'd be in for a treat...


While I usually don't mind a faster developement Trapper and Brea went from 0-100 in 1 second and the next second they loved each other. From beginning to end it felt like 3 weeks had passed. There was nothing natural about these two. The sex? I give you that, it was hot. I started skimming the sex scenes the closer I got to the end. That was a new one for me.

Main Characters

I liked Trapper in the beginning. He was badass or so I thought. The further I got into the story he came across as pussy whipped, and not the good way, because - as mentioned - it felt like 3 weeks until he went from badass to soppy.

Brea...god I am so sorry but I disliked her big time. She jumped to conclusions and made assumptions without asking and questioning why things appeared the way they did. She was judgmental and didn't listen and thought the worst of the guy she banged. Asshole today, and sudden hero tomorrow. What now?


Cringe-worthy. Not going to say more...

The backstory was really good, just the execution failed to make this great. I have seen the reviews and I'm glad other people enjoyed it. I didn't much.

ARC received via Netgally in exchange for an honest review

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