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review 2017-08-11 17:00
Quiet Nights (Mangrove Stories #2) by Mary Calmes Review
Quiet Nights - Mary Calmes

It’s a lovely little life Kelly Seaton leads. He’s got his own landscaping business, a nice little house, and his best friend, Cosimo Renaldi, and Coz’s goofball family who have adopted Kelly as their own. Sure, it’s a little lonely at night, but it’s a sweet deal, and Kelly can’t chance ruining it by letting on that he wants more—has always wanted more—with Coz.

Then Kelly’s past comes to town, bringing bad memories and hurt feelings that start to break Kelly down, and Coz just doesn’t understand why Kelly won’t let him be the support and strength that Kelly’s always been for him. They’ve already been through war, Coz’s devastating injury, and starting new careers in Mangrove, Florida. Why shouldn’t they face their chaotic pasts and build their future of quiet nights… together?




There is a ton to like in this little novella. Its funny and charming. The family is wonderful. I like small towns and love friends to lovers.

The plot zips along and the heroes both grow and change.

What isn't that enjoyable as I don't really understand what held them back I don't get to enjoy them being together. It is a bit slap dash in this way.


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quote 2017-08-05 05:10
“Kiss me."

I cleared my throat softly even though a doctor had come in and so everyone had turned to him. "Your family is here."

"Don't care, can't feel anything unless you're touching me."

That comment again, from before. "When you're better, you'll tell me what that means."

"Tell you now." He took a breath. "Other people touch me, it's like nothing. When you do it, it's like electric current on my skin, and it goes right to my heart and other places."


"You asked." He smiled wickedly; the sarcasm had not been lost on him.”
Steamroller - Mary Calmes

~~~ Mary Calmes, Steamroller

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review 2017-08-04 16:52
Blue Days (Mangrove Stories, #1) by Mary Calmes Review
Blue Days - Mary Calmes

Falling for a coworker is rarely a good idea, especially for a man getting a last chance at salvaging his career. But from the moment Dwyer Knolls sees the beautiful but socially awkward Takeo Hiroyuki, he seems destined to make bad decisions.


Takeo’s life is a string of failed attempts to please his traditional Japanese father. Unfortunately, succeeding in business turns out to be just as difficult for Takeo as changing from gay to straight. In fact, the only thing Takeo seems to truly excel at is taking notice of Dwyer Knolls.


When Dwyer and Takeo head to Mangrove, Florida on a real estate buying trip, their tentative friendship combusts and becomes much more. Is their sudden connection real enough to bank their futures on, or should they chalk the whole thing up to the daze inspired by the blue ocean breeze?




This is a very sweet slow burn romance. I love a socially awkward hero and we get that in every way while have the fun of a stunningly attractive man and great friends to lovers story. 

They sort of combust which is fun. However, this love story had a ton of places it could have been richer with Japanese culture and LGTBQ issues for example and we know nearly nothing of one the hero's past romantic life. 

Sex is pretty much off page but not totally and I wanted more after such a build up. 

The epilogue is awesome but more couple time would have been great. 

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review 2017-08-01 01:44
And now we're at the end of the line...
Forging the Future - Mary Calmes

'Forging the Future' is the fifth and final book in this series and as much as I loved 'Crucible of Fate' in a lot of ways this one has turned out to be my favorite.


In 'Forging the Future' we're given the answers to any lingering questions and more than a couple of werepanthers get their just desserts and a few others get their very richly deserved 'happily ever after'. This one left me feeling good about a whole lot of things and most of all happy for Jin and Logan as well as the people who have come to be their family.


Sean Crisden was once again the narrator for this final installment to the 'Change of Heart' series and as well as being my favorite book in the series it was also my favorite one of his narrations for this series as well.


Ok, that's it. I'm outta here. Movers are coming in the morning and I plan on getting a little sleep tonight so peace out everyone and Happy Monday!


Psst...here's the link to my original review, apparently this was the only one that I wrote a review for when I read the e-books...Forging the Future

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review 2017-08-01 01:09
And still more...nope, this one's not Jin & Logan...it's...
Crucible of Fate: Change of Heart Book 4 - Mary Calmes,Sean Crisden,Dreamspinner Press LLC

Domin and Koren...nope, close but no cigar...Koren screwed it up again. This time it's Domin and Yuri and for as much as I have come to love Jin and Logan...a story of Domin and Yuri is just what the doctor ordered.


I really loved this one. it was nice to get a story that gave a different perspective to the werepanther world and the aftermath of events that occurred in the previous book 'Honored Vow' and yet still included a bit of Jin and Logan as well. 


Sean Crisden was once again the narrator for this one and thankfully Crane lost of bit of his Fozzie Bear sounding voice so I definitely enjoyed things more. I love that Domin ended up with Yuri and not Koren. 


Yuri proved to be the mate that Domin needed he's strong and supportive and his love for Domin is solid giving Domin the foundation he needs to become the amazing leader that his friend Logan believes him to be. 


This one was just full of awesome and win for me. Definitely a favorite in this series.

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