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quote 2017-12-12 09:38
“You want me to shoot him? I can make it look like an accident.”
Floodgates - Mary Calmes

~~ Mary Calmes, Floodgates

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review 2017-12-09 09:47
You Never Know - Mary Calmes

Hagen already had to learn to live without Mitch once.  With him back in town, he was telling everyone who would listen there would never be that happening again.  He still has Ash telling him to give him a chance. 


Mitch knows he has grown up and is not the same person he was at high school graduation.  He now understands that living without Hagen - is not really living.  Can he convince him to forgive, and show him he is ready to finally begin their life together?


This story was so sweet.  I felt every emotion and character development as I read.  I eagerly turned the pages, and was not disappointed.  I hope to see these characters again.  They had such great chemistry, and the heat together was scalding!  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2017-11-19 01:38
You never know...but I probably should have...
You Never Know - Mary Calmes,Greg Tremblay

I probably should have skipped this one on audio...but it's Mary Calmes and the narrator was Greg Tremblay and well...willpower I has none.

I have to admit this one isn't my favorite Mary Calmes book...not even in the top 5 but that's life, right? We can love everything, every time and this it seems is no exception. 

While I once again loved Greg Tremblay's narration of this story and definitely had no issues there and if I'm rating just the narration I'd probably be giving this 4 stars at the very least...nope, once again my issues were the story itself and at the end of the audio book I found that when it came down to it my feelings haven't changed I still really like Hagen. He's an easy guy to like...kind, friendly, loyal and way, way more forgiving than most people deserve...as a matter of fact if there's one thing about Hagen that bothered me it was how forgiving he was but I'm always saying that everyone deserves a second chance so I guess I really can't fault him now, can I?

Unfortunately just like my feelings for Hagen...my feelings about Ash and Mitch didn't change either. Ash for me was still totally self-centered and self absorbed and in case I forgot to mention it the first time he's also manipulative as hell...nope, not liking Ash at all. 

Mitch was a little better for me but not a whole lot. He's suppose to be the love of Hagen's life and while I do understand that a lot of what happened really was very much related to age and circumstance. I still wanted to feel more like he regretted leaving Hagen but most of all I wanted to feel like he regretted how he did it...over the phone, ffs!!! That's just cold and somewhere in there maybe if I felt like Mitch truly realized how much he hurt Hagen...but I didn't get any of this when I read the book nor did I feel it when I listened to the audio book and I realize that other readers/listeners may feel very differently and that's cool I don't think they're wrong but neither am I this is a very subjective issue and there don't have to be rights and wrongs when it comes to this...things just are what they are.

So at the end of it all still just 3 stars from me for this one, but...

Mary Calmes + Greg Tremblay, still 'equals' a happy place for me.


An audiobook of 'You Never Know' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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review 2017-10-28 16:53
So this was marginally better...
Chevalier - Mary Calmes,Greg Tremblay

'Chevalier' is the sequel to the Mary Calmes story 'Romanus' and while I enjoyed it  a bit more than 'Romanus' and Greg Tremblay was again the narrator a definite saving grace for this one, in good conscience I still couldn't bring my self to give this more than 2.5 stars not when I compared this one to how much more I enjoyed books like 'Change of Heart',  'Old Loyalty, New Loves' & 'Fighting Instinct' other paranormal/shifter books by this author that I only gave 3 stars to and have enjoyed a lot more than I did this story.


Aside from Greg Tremblay's narration I also liked the fact that this made Mason and Luc's story feel more complete and Mason's history was filled in, but a lot of the secondary characters really felt like they were all over the map especially Mason's father...I'm not sure if he was confused, crazy, a bit psychotic, power hungry or all of the above, I just knew that by the end of it all I was sad that no one had ended him and very relieved that Mason basically chose to distance himself from the man...seriously Mason your daddy is cray, cray! and then there's the step-mom and the half sibs...I just didn't get any of them. 


So ultimately, I enjoyed the narration, came to like Mason and Luc a little more and the overall plot was ok, but I just wasn't able to get into this story the way I usually can with something by this author and it all just ended up being another blip on the radar.

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review 2017-10-28 16:21
I'm feeling a little out of sorts right now...
Romanus - Mary Calmes,Greg Tremblay

I have to admit I'm a little taken aback by how I'm feeling about this story. I was sure this would be a win. I love Mary Calmes and Greg Tremblay narrating one of here books is a sure thing and trust me it's not the gargoyles because hell, when my son was little I sat and happily watched that cartoon with him and truthfully when it comes to paranormal it's probably the least explored concept but it's one of my favs. I'd rather have gargoyles than vampires and some shifters any day. 


I've enjoyed all of this author's paranormal series...her Warders, L'Ange and her 'Change of Heart' series so much so that I have them all on both e-book and audio. I guess it was inevitable that I'd eventually come across something that didn't work well for me and this was it. I loved the premise and Greg Tremblay's narration of the audio book...eeerrrr...story, it's just under 2 hours, so really I can't in good conscience call it a book and honestly even if this had been longer and more filled out I'm not sure it would have worked any better for me but considering all the hours of reading and listening pleasure that this author has given me...well, this one's just a blip on the radar and as far as I'm concerned Mary Calmes stories are still a guaranteed happy place for me. 

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