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review 2014-05-08 00:00
Meet Me at the River
Meet Me at the River - Nina de Gramont As it appears on The Accidental Reader

When I was working at a bookstore I was around 100's of books...between them was this one.
The storyline is simple and cliché – about a girl and a boy , the ''mean parents'' (this reminds me of stuff – probably he is reading this right now and he is either smilling or cursing :) , a weird mother and the boys death. Its a pretty cliché romance BUT (drumroll please) the writing is so beautifuly amazing, so superb and although I wouldn;t read this book the writing alone made me finish it within a day.

Meet Tressa the girlfriend left behind and has to cope with the death of her boyfriend. Meet Luke the dead boyfriend – he is dead I know – but what kind of a young adult novel would that be without the dead coming back to hunt us???? Right. What I have to say next may be confusing for some and not for others. Although Meet Me At The River has a touch of paranormal the whole plot is all about coping with grief and life. Coming of age like. The beautiful wirting that I menitoned earlier helped a lot to shape the story.

Its a sad book. I didnt cry but my heart swell from sadness when paranormal and actual real life blended together. Tressa trying to find a way to cope with the loss and Luke trying to help her do it. How the people after an accident see you, how you get special treatment like you are a celebrity or simply because they think you are too fragile that if they push you even a tad you will break into a thousand little pieces.

There is a side story to the whole thing as well. Tressas mother and her adventures. This is the most important of all in order to understand Tressa and what shaped her. Why she didn;t quite fit with the rest and why Luke chose her. Make sure to pay extra attention to the family explaining otherwise you wont understand a thing.

This is a great read and although not The Fault In Our Stars (tears tears everywhere) this is a book worth reading.
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review 2014-01-03 21:07
Too Lazy to Meet You at the River
Meet Me at the River - Nina de Gramont

I think I'm finally ready to start reading again, but I'm still not ready to spend more than 5 minutes writing a review. Sorry kids. I'll get my reviewing mojo back eventually. O.o

This is the book that Ever should have been. I felt the connection between the couple in Meet Me at the River in a way I never did with Ever.

It's really too bad that I rarely click with the books which have a certain sort of quiet beauty in the details. In the same way that I struggled with Shiver and A Certain Slant of Light, I did the same with Meet Me. I could see how others might connect with this melancholy account of a girl's day-to-day struggle to handle her loss of a dear love. 


My attention span is that of a fly. If stuff isn't happening RIGHT NOW, my mind will wander. I'm envious of the people who can appreciate the journey more than I can. 

So, for that, I put my enjoyment rating at about a 2 star. But the end of the book was so damn beautiful and profound that I cried. I had to give an extra star for an ending which was impossible not to appreciate.

Well done, Ms. de Gramont. You got my tears. 

If you like the books I mentioned above, you'll probably enjoy Meet Me at the River far more than I did.

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review 2013-11-01 15:23


"You make me want to live." - Tressa, near the end of the book

The quote I put from a random section of the book, which is nearing the end of it, accurately describes the book. The whole novel is about life and trying to survive when someone you love dies. It contains survivors guilt, depression, blaming, and loss of self control, especially when it comes to the one who who passed on. Tressa and Luke have an enduring love, one that I certainly admire, which honestly lasts even after he dies. They both cannot let go of each other. It's the sort of love that I think every girl craves and I think that is why they have such a hard time moving past it. I know that I would have a hard time letting go of what I feel like is the love of my life. Nina de Gramont manages to capture the most difficult emotions to depict and brings them to life through these characters who must face some of the most difficult situations. I cannot even make myself picture these situations and I applaud the fact that she brings it so flawlessly to life.


Tressa is an admirable girl, despite her flaws that are sadly becoming more and more common in girls that face depression. Such as... myself at times. The author has certainly given a role model to girls about how to face depression by the end of the book. She definitely faces a great deal of challenges prior to and throughout the course of the novel, things that I wouldn't even want to imagine. I can't picture loosing a boyfriend, one that is particularly a son to my mother and is a son to my step-father. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it would be by any stretch of the imagination. She clings to the past which makes it so much more difficult for her to move beyond her pain but she struggles with the idea of moving on because she doesn't want to lose Luke. I can completely relate in one way or another. Even before his death, she had a hard time connecting to people and now people blames her for Luke's death and she definitely does. I am proud of how much she grew by the end of the book and how much her attitude shifted in such a short amount of times.


I can't even imagine what it would be like to be Luke. The poor boy faces the idea of living without her, the love of his life, for a very long time. He has to face the idea that she might move on and find someone else. How could that be easy for anyone? I can't imagine having to come to grips with something like that. Another aspect that is hard for him is the fact that he has nothing to do but live in the past and the fact that he cannot visit anyone but Tressa. I am not entirely sure that I would be entirely okay with that if I were him. I would want to see my mom and all of the other people, yet I feel like he accepts the fact he cannot see others better than I certainly would. But even seeing her is not everything he wants because he cannot feel her touch outside of the skin of her wrists, which are scarred - evidence of her depression, and that is something that I think would make it only that much harder.

Her family and his family is filled with so many complexities that it's hard to even describe. Hannah, Tressa's mom, is flaky and has a hard time staying in one place for long. Ever since Tressa was born, she was dragged around the world because she doesn't like feeling trapped, I believe. I think the mother-daughter relationship is somewhat dysfunctional because while she never truly gets angry at her, she constantly hovers. Paul, Luke's dad and Tressa's stepfather, has very little relationship with Tressa because he felt a great amount of jealousy for the relationship between Tressa and Hannah as well as disapproving of her relationship with Luke. In someways, he blames her for what happened. I cannot even imagine having the man I am trying to view as my father essentially hating me. It would hurt and it would be extremely hard. Francine, Luke's mom, is having a hard time. She is certainly suffering from the loss of her son and struggles with how to confront her emotions and Tressa, which makes it awkward when ever they see each other. She avoids Tressa constantly, especially since they both are at the high school five days a week, because she is afraid of the past and partly blames herself for Luke's death. Tressa's grandma and grandpa are the greatest support for Tressa and therefore they were my favorite family members.


Evie is the girl that slowly becomes Tressa's only friend and the only person that doesn't look at her with complete pity because she has been in a similar place. They bond over their losses and it makes the idea of moving on easier for our lovely main character. Tressa is able to see that it is possible to let go of the hard times in life and find the joys in the beautiful moments however rare they may be. HJ is Evie's brother and also a great support to her. He inspires her to want to live again for so many reasons. Even if she is living one day at a time, he encourages her to move beyond Luke. I was surprised at how big of a role he actually played in the novel but by the end of the book, I understood completely why he was so important.


It was a great read, definitely check it out!

**This book was received from the publisher via Edelweiss. None of the review was influenced by the author or the publisher. This is a completely original review. The thoughts and feelings of the reviewer are entirely her own and have no ties to the publisher.**




Source: pixiedustreviews.blogspot.com/2013/11/meet-me-at-river-by-nina-de-gramont.html
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review 2013-10-30 00:00
Meet Me at the River
Meet Me at the River - Nina de Gramont This book sounds depressingly beautiful! Just the way I like it!

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review 2013-10-24 06:25
Meet Me at the River by Nina de Gramont
Meet Me at the River - Nina de Gramont

I loved….


… That no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t love any of them completely ~ or hate them for that matter, because they all just were. She’s sad and going on ~ or struggling to, while he’s after-Luke, unable to move on.


… How the story isn’t just theirs, but touches on other lives as well.  In particular there’s that almost mirroring in who her mother was to who his father, made more by those admissions of Romeo/Juliet and vice.


Mirroring but in the opposite because where the younger are meant, there’s a measure of forcing one thing where it isn’t normally for their parents. And that’s what’s screwed up. It’s their own love story that should have been heart breaking, but simply left me aware that indeed not one of them is perfect. With the realizations on who another really is and then moving on from there, MEET ME AT is clearly more than just a girl struggling to move on.


… That there’s all these thoughts voiced out on suicide and one’s place and commitments made; and then there’s all these other (not-foreign-at-all) notions on belonging and loving and devotion but there’s their inverse, as well, of being stifled, needing (wanting) to be free, or freer as the case applied.


It’s to the last that a selfishness seeps through; it’s a selfishness that’s much appreciated. Early moments are all done on tip-toe; but things progress and the ”real” comes out. What’s better is what’s real isn’t always what you’d want. Again, there’s that selfishness. Again there’s that want. And gain there’s that need. It’s all very true, but not that easy to witness.


…But the thing is its’ not always the negative truth that’s revealed; there’s the easier newer things, as well (because to term it as “positive” feels like a stretch) entry of HJ and Evie and the re-emergence of the mother she knew.


It’s HJ that I’m loving the most though… him and his advice, wit “just the next day” and “just a little bit.” So wrong… but somehow right (in a way.) There’s a shared thing between them… and based on that a growing connection. It’s the newness of who he could be and her having to decide on what that was. It all rang of possibilities that she’s slow to open her eyes to. And darn it, but slow moments always feel right to me.


… That this is a multifaceted sort of haunting. In fact it’s more than being haunted. Sure, there’s the more literal one after-Luke, but there’s the deeper type of wanting to turn back time to  do one thing or another thing or a host of others differently.  And then there’s the way that they all put their truth forth; they all do so in ways I dare not would have but likely thought anyway. So, it’s not linear story: at least for Luke, things go from a past with her and to one with her then shift to the present with him on the sidelines. But for her, it’s all that coupled the uncertainty of what’s to come and that ever present feeling of guilt for so many things.


So, while, I can’t say I love them I did love this story.

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