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text 2022-08-29 10:25
Some of the Dos and Don'ts of Dating an Older Man

Many people think it is uncommon for women to date an older man, but it is not that rare. But there is a certain combination of being experienced and providing that sense of stability that women find very attractive in older men. 

If you are in a similar situation and unsure how to navigate such a relationship, you should learn the few essential dos and don'ts. Many external factors may influence your relationship or make it more challenging to progress. Here is the important list to follow. 

The Dos of Dating an Older Man

  • Discuss what dating means to both of you – when you start things up with someone older than you by some 10-15 years, you both need to have absolute clarity about what you want to achieve in this relationship. For example, if you are in your 20s, you may consider someone dating for the experience. But will you let it become more serious in the long run? You need to discuss it to be on the same page, honestly. 

  • Learn from him – if there is one thing older men bring to the table in the relationship that no one else can, it has to be experienced. Keep an open mind at all times and learn from him. 

  • Relish your youth – don't feel guilty about being young when you are dating someone older than you. Youth is a gift that you should not skip. So when he doesn't feel like hiking, you should not cancel plans. In other words, the difference in your age should not become one of its major drawbacks if you don't let it. 

  • Do you want to pursue deep emotional intimacy with an older man? You need to be able to answer this question as you progress in your relationship affirmatively. Fine-tune your feelings – as the relationship goes on, you should keep in touch with your feelings. 

The Don'ts of Dating an Older Man

  • Don't insist on what he does not want – if you are both in for something casual and you become invested at some point, you should not push him into something he is not ready to invest in. You should be honest with him about his feelings and consider major factors like emotional baggage from his past and more clarity on his age, which can impact his decision to be with you. 

  • Don't lose your character and individuality – wise nature is probably one of the qualities that attract a young woman to an older man. But while it feels nice having a partner who can advise you along the way, you have to be mindful of him taking over your life. Speak your mind and stand up for yourself when you feel strongly about something. 

  • Don't pester him for the company – it is essential to do things together that you both enjoy. However, you should pester him about the things that are only interesting to you but do not sit well with him or are too demanding. Perhaps he may not be as inclined to do a pub crawl till the morning, but maybe he is more than happy to make a road trip. 

  • Don't assume he is feeling a certain way – regardless of how your relationship has started, you should not assume how he is feeling. If you ever think there is some ambiguity, you should have a discussion. Keep all channels open and have frank conversations about important matters. 

© Kate Mansfield Dating Coach

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text 2022-08-26 07:25
5 Reasons You May Want to Consider Marriage Therapy



There are various reasons why couples may seek therapy, but a few of those are extremely common, as we will explain in the following points:


You've Grown Apart


Divorce incidents peak at certain times, with the first wave being around seven years. The second wave of a possible divorce is 21 years after marriage. The second divorce is often connected to growing apart, less about fighting and more about avoidance. After many years of marriage, some couples no longer engage with each other but simply live as roommates.


Couples tend to forget what brought them together in time and why they fell in love. If you've been with someone for many years, you build a life narrative, a history and memories to fall back on, and couples therapy gives you the chance to rekindle the spark.


You Clash about Money


Money has always been an issue for many couples. Still, if you throw in the usual late-in-life worries such as health issues, fewer and fewer years of earning left, not to mention the unstable nature of our world, you have an atmosphere filled with financial friction and stress. Clashes may stem from differences in spending or disagreements on what you need to save for, as well as retirement. There may be the stress of not earning enough or the inequalities in managing your savings. Money tends to evoke strong feelings in people, and an imbalance between both sides of a relationship in terms of spending or earning may spin out of control to the point where the relationship is in danger of falling apart.


Someone has Been Unfaithful.


One of the most common reasons for couples therapy is the attempt to fix a breach of trust by a cheating spouse. Cheating doesn't always mean only physical infidelity; it may mean being secretive and hiding essential things from your spouse. It means reconnecting with an old flame and thinking it's harmless when all of a sudden it becomes more than that. How can one tell they've crossed the line of trust? This is a complex subject, as cheating means something different for everyone. The most important thing is building a shared, agreed-upon level of fidelity in a relationship that works for both sides.


You Have Lots of Hurtful Arguments


We all have various ways of handling conflict, some seeking confrontation while others run away when things get difficult. Some passive-aggressive people find ways to sabotage other's life quietly. Big arguments can often leave a lot of tears and hurt feelings, but frequent small arguments can be just as destructive for your relationship. Couples tend to get into a closed loop of arguing about the same things over and over and over again. With couples therapy, you can find ways to defuse disagreements with respect. Instead of going on the offensive, you can find ways to understand the other side and find a working compromise.


Going Through a Bg Transition


Even if you and your partner are getting along just fine, big changes may put stress on your relationship, becoming a serious problem. Different coping styles can also create friction that spins out of control. Suddenly finding yourself in a difficult situation, such as taking care of an ill parent, can consume a lot of time and effort, which presents many challenges. If your spouse isn't supportive or doesn't understand, then that may lead to resentment. Couples therapy helps find a way to restore the connection you had and to find a compromise.


©Zoe Clews & Associates


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text 2022-08-24 04:25
5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Management Agency


With new technology being used in most fields of business, managers have centralised their services, so you won’t have to appoint a managing agent whose office is located in the same general area of your investment property. You should ensure you have someone with experience in the property market, regardless of your Property’s location. It will help you decide whether or not you feel comfortable working with them; that way, you can analyse their level of professionalism. When you meet your potential new property manager, you should clarify which services are included in their proposal and ask questions regarding routine inspections, rent reviews, arrears and other aspects of the business. The following five questions are some of the most important ones:


Does the Agency Have a Dedicated Property Management Department?


Many agencies see property management as a weaker version of the far more glamorous field of sales, and some may even leave the management of client assets to the receptionists and front desk staff. You must ensure that your agent works in a dedicated property management department. It would be best if this department is staffed by experts, with management continuity, in case a property manager falls ill or leaves. 


Is a Director or Owner of the Agency Involved in Day-to-Day Management?


Most agencies will have a rental department and a sales department. Generally, the business owner will have a sales background and not a rental background and will often look after the sales department, leaving the rental department in the hands of a property manager. This is often the case because the sales department has a higher turnover rate and income. The rental department is more intensive and harder to manage and has a lower income. You may find that the agency where the director has a more active role in the property management department takes the property management job more seriously.


How Many Years Has the Property Manager Been Working in Real Estate?


Going to a brand-name agency doesn’t necessarily mean improving their service. This is something that relates to the property manager and not the agency. Many people start their real estate careers as receptionists and then move up to property management or the sales department. Yet, in some cases, people stay in property management as a career, and this is the type of dedicated person you want to look after your Property and your interests.


How Many Years Has the Property Manager Been with the Agency?


You need to look for stability in your chosen property manager. Due to the stresses involved in this line of work, turnover rates are high, so you want someone who has chosen property management as a career. You want to have someone who learns everything about your Property, inside and out. You want to be able to pick up the phone and speak to them now or months down the line, the same person who knows your Property as well as you do.


Does the Property Manager Give you a Written Proposal?


Some property managers will go out and look at your Property, then say that they’ve put you in their books. You should look for someone who takes the time and effort to present a professional image and gives you a written proposal instead. If they make an effort to be as professional as this, they will likely look after your Property with the same level of professionalism.


©MLM Property Management


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text 2022-08-22 09:53
What to Do and Not Do After an Acupuncture Treatment



What should patients do after an acupuncture treatment? For starters, they should avoid caffeine, junk food, digital screens, alcohol, difficult exercise, and stressful situations whenever they can. Various other activities should be avoided after an acupuncture treatment, at least for a short time. In some cases, this is for safety reasons, but it may also be done so the procedure's potential benefits can be maximised as a result of this short-lived change in lifestyle. Let's point out the things that should be avoided, this time in greater detail:


Avoid Stressful Situations


Acupuncture is a relaxation treatment for most clients, so at the very least, they need to avoid going back to a stressful situation, necessitating some lifestyle changes, at least for a short while. Whenever possible, you should book your appointments at a time when you won't have to go back to work. It may also be beneficial if you don't watch TV or check stressful news sources but instead listen to relaxing music, read a book or work on your favourite hobby.


Avoid Cold Temperatures


After acupuncture, your body will need to be warmed up to get back to normal. You should consider avoiding cold temperatures and avoiding using ice for any topical pain relief.


Avoid Digital Screens


Regarding relaxation, TV and other digital devices tend to stop the body from relaxing, as you are constantly engaged. You should give yourself at least a couple of hours of rest when you're done with the acupuncture session to wind down and have a good night's sleep. On the night of the acupuncture session, you should read a physical book, listen to music if you need to or lie down and try to relax and sleep.


Don't Drive if Lightheaded


For safety's sake, you should think about how you feel after the session is complete. Some people feel lightheaded after the procedure, so you should avoid driving if that's the case until you feel better. Have someone pick you up instead.


What Should Clients Eat After Acupuncture?


Just like you should avoid certain activities, you may also want to be aware of the food and drinks you're consuming. To maximise the potential benefits of the treatment, you should eat healthy, non-processed foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins, such as the following:


  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Ginger
  • Kidney Beans
  • Herbs such as Thyme, Basil, and Oregano
  • Peppers
  • Tomato
  • Broccoli
  • Green Tea
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries
  • Turmeric
  • Pecans
  • Artichoke


What Clients Should Not Eat After Acupuncture


Just like there are foods you should eat, there are also foods and drinks you must avoid after acupuncture, ensuring your rate of recovery and improvement works out for the best:


  • Junk food and fast food in general
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugars


Should Clients Rest After Acupuncture?


Though you don't need to sleep for days on end or get confined at home, you should still take it easy for a couple of days once the procedure is over so that you can reap the most benefits. What's more, you will find that rest will help restore your physical and emotional wellbeing.


What Clients SHOULD Do After Acupuncture


So, to summarise things:


  • Rest
  • Eat well and drink plenty of water.
  • Be aware of their benefits, side effects, and general experience, as this feedback may be useful to you as their practitioner.
  • Keep warm and use heat for pain relief where necessary.
  • Consider other interventions to maximise outcomes.
  • Take it easy and avoid strenuous exercise.


©The Acupuncturists Ltd


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text 2022-08-16 08:06
A Guide on Cleaning Stains from Your Carpet



There are lots of preventative measures you can take to reduce carpet staining. No shoes on the carpet, well-behaved pets and many other actions will keep your carpet fresh for longer, but a spill or two will eventually happen. Once the time has come for you to clean a stain from the carpet, check on these guidelines and get rid of the mess like a pro:


  • Remove coffee stains – to successfully remove a coffee stain from the carpet, start collecting the spill immediately using paper towels or a clean white towel. After that, you should add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap to two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a powerful cleaning remedy. Apply the mixture, wait for a couple of minutes and then rub the stain with a scrubbing brush to push the cleaning solution deeper. Rinse with water and blot the surface dry. If necessary, you might repeat the treatment several times until the coffee mess disappears.


  • Remove urine stains – urine stains could be tough to address, but if you act on the stain fast, you will have no problem eliminating it. While some homeowners prefer to rely on store-bought enzyme-based cleaning products to tackle urine stains on the carpet, you can take the eco-friendly way and use baking soda and vinegar. Cover the stain with a generous amount of baking soda and let the natural ingredient sit for a few minutes. Baking soda has absorbent and deodorising properties, which makes it perfect for treating urine carpet stains. With the affected surface almost dry, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz the mixture on the carpet. Wait for another few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. If some baking soda residue still sits on the carpet, remove it with the vacuum cleaner.


  • Remove oily stains – the list of things that can cause oily stains on the carpet is pretty long, but the most effective cleaning remedy is one – baking soda. As you have already found out, baking soda is absorbent, and this quality can prevent grease from permanently staining the carpet. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and allow the ingredient to sit for a few hours before vacuum cleaning. After you vacuum the surface, take a clean microfiber cloth and moisten it with rubbing alcohol. Blot the stain with the cloth, then let the carpet dry.


  • Remove red wine stains – red wine spills are a common issue, especially for people with light-coloured carpets. As soon as the spill occurs, take paper towels to absorb the liquids from the carpet. After that, you should fill a spray bottle with club soda and spritz it directly on the stained area. You must wait a few minutes before blasting the carpet with a clean microfiber cloth. Club soda is a beautiful eco-friendly strategy to banish red wine stains from the carpet, white wine, and many types of juice spilt on the carpeted floor.


  • Remove chocolate stains – as much as you love chocolate, you don’t want to see it as a carpet stain, as those messes could be tricky to get rid of. Best-case scenario, you would deal with a complex piece stuck in the carpet, and you need to scrape it off with a dull object before doing anything else. If the chocolate has melted, place a bag of ice cubes to harden it, then scrape it off. Once you have removed loose pieces, fill a cup with warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Apply the solution with a clean white towel and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.


These fabulous, eco-friendly cleaning guidelines keep your carpet fresh and free from stains.


©Carpet Cleaner Ltd

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