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review 2017-10-19 21:22
Knocked Up and Tied Down - Melinda Minx

Knocked Up and Tied Down is sexy and a bit naughty with the teacher/student aspect and sort of a second chance romance. While Elijah and Nikki don't actually seal the deal the first time around, the attraction is certainly there. 

Elijah is an oh so sexy professor and it's all he can do to not act on his attraction to his student. He and Nikki can't forget their magnetic pull and when they come together a few years later, it's fan yourself sexy and they can't get enough of each other. Of course, as is obvious from the title, an unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench into the works.

I can't say that I necessarily felt the romance between this pair, but the sexual chemistry is definitely there. It is an interesting story, but I felt that a bit more development on the romance between Elijah and Nikki could've easily transformed this one into a five-star read. 

While this isn't my favorite book from Minx, it is well worth the read and I will continue to check out future works from her. 


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review 2017-08-18 00:00
Sweet Tea and Kisses: Six Sweet Southern Stories
Sweet Tea and Kisses: Six Sweet Southern... Sweet Tea and Kisses: Six Sweet Southern Stories - Melinda Curtis,Shanna Hatfield,Susan Hatler,Ciara Knight,Lucy McConnell,Jennifer Peel

A wedding and a scavenger hunt give two long time enemies, the chance to make things right in Susan Hatler's feel good romantic comedy. He's the jerk that sabotaged her high school science project. She's the girl who could always push his buttons. A much in demand wedding charm and a matchmaking grandma spell trouble for this long feuding duo. Ms. Hatler knows how to have fun and it shines through in her heartwarming stories. The Wedding Charm is a wild ride.
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review 2017-08-16 16:43
Review: Love, Special Delivery by Melinda Curtis
Love, Special Delivery (A Harmony Valley Novel) - Melinda Curtis

The first half of the book is a solid 3 stars, but it falls apart in the second half. The plot moppets (Maddie's sister and Ben's godchild) grated on my nerves and sucked a lot of enjoyment from reading Maddie and Ben's story. And this is the second book I read this week that did not resolve the paternity question that is the heart of the hero's motivation - so frustrating!


Maddie is an okay heroine, although her constant smiling drove me up the wall. She has the stereotypical tragic back story, a little OTT for my taste. Her mother abandoned her and her younger sister to their grandparents, her grandmother died of cancer, her grandfather died from complications due to mismanaged diabetes and dementia, her sister is a cancer survivor, and since she had to take care of her younger sister after all that death, she never went to college and instead became a postal worker. She was given the promotion of postmaster in Harmony Valley, her grandfather's old post office that hasn't been open in more than a decade. The younger sister is a piece of work, closing in on 18 going on 8.


Ben's story isn't puppies and rainbows either. He left a fire station in Oakland, CA to move with his dying dad and mother to Harmony Valley so that his dad can finish out the 10 months left for a full retirement and benefits. Dad is the new fire chief, Ben is regulated to firefighter and to cover for dad's less than awesome health in front of the council and mayor. Oh and he is the guardian of a bratty seven year old after the brat's mother (and Ben's colleague) died in the line of firefighting duty. He is searching for said brat's father (named John Smith on the birth certificate) but there might be a chance the brat's his daughter. His mother "naps" a lot and the brat leaves the house to explore the town and find critters of the animal variety to bring home. Ben just wants to find the brat's dad, get his own dad safely to retirement, then leave this crap town for good and become a fire investigator.


Needless to say, I didn't warm to anybody in this book and I actively hated the sister and godchild/possible daughter by the end. Maddie and Ben love being in denial about their lives and constant crappy decision making. The arsonist villain got off with a slap on the wrist (excuse me "psychological evaluation") due to his advanced age. I have no interest in continuing reading this series.

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review 2017-08-13 19:35
Missed the mark for me
Dirty Bet - Melinda Minx Dirty Bet - Melinda Minx

I'm usually a big fan of this author's work, but this one missed the mark for me. It's an interesting enough read and it did keep me turning pages to see how it would all play out, but some things about the story bothered me. I understand the need for Eric's complete 180, but it was almost like he was two different people. He was extremely arrogant in the beginning and had the attitude that any woman would be made better if she was on his arm. For me, he just became way too much of a good guy, way too fast. Ruth wasn't just a plain Jane, her description was so over the top that is was almost laughable. That may have been the point as there were some amusing parts in the story, but it was a little much for me. I did like the ending and the way everything was wrapped up. While this isn't my favorite book from Minx, it is worth the read and I will read other works by her.

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review 2017-07-05 17:43
Fun Story!
Royal Dick - Melinda Minx Royal Dick - Melinda Minx

Such a fun story! It's a fast-paced read with lots of action and intrigue, steamy goodness, and some funny to lighten things up. While not realistic in the slightest, Royal Dick is fairytale-like and whimsical in a very adult way. The whole story is over the top and at times felt like watching a completely unrealistic action movie, but it was just so much fun that I couldn't stop reading. Rikard and Jane are so good together, and even though the name in the title suits our hero through most of the book, he's still a lovable character. So, throw the realism out the window with this one and just enjoy the read. That's what I did.

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