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review 2018-01-14 00:00
Unsolicited Advice (Between the Sheets, #3)
Unsolicited Advice (Between the Sheets, #3) - Melinda Di Lorenzo Heidi takes pride in helping the clueless. What happens when the woman with all the advice is the person who needs it most? Unsolicited Advice is a barrel of laughs with a huge quantity of heart. Ms. Di Lorenzo takes a hot mess and transforms it into a work of art. William is a charmer but he's so pushover. He's a straight shooter except in matters of the heart. Heidi all the answers, but is she answering the right questions when it comes to her own life? A sweetly crafted introspective read.
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review 2018-01-09 04:56
great book and great characters
After Hours (Business or Pleasure) - Mel... After Hours (Business or Pleasure) - Melinda Di Lorenzo

Aysia had a very stressful job and needed to relax and work off some of her stress. Aysia meets Marcelo/Marc and they spend a very heated sexual weekend together. Then Aysia was gone and Marc had no way to get a hold of her and Marc is used to getting what he wants. . Aysia and marc do not think they will ever see each other again even though they keep thinking about each other and the time they had together. Then Aysia and Marc find out they work at the same place and will see each other every day. Also the department Aysia works in it is part of her job to enforce the no romantic/sexsual relationship with a coworker policy. Marc is to keep his employer’s reputation spotless.  Now Aysia and marc have to try to hide their burning chemistry or lose their jobs. Also Aysia’s crazy ex doesn’t want to leave her alone. Asia and Marc don’t know what to do as they both still want each other.

This story had me right from the beginning and kept me until the end. I loved the pace and plot. I loved Marc and Aysia together . I did chuckle at times while reading this. I love Aysia’s drive and independence. Aysia and Marc had a very HOT connection. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2017-12-22 01:05
Review: Death Distilled
Death Distilled - Melinda Mullet

The second book in the Whisky Business Mystery series, Death Distilled is a solid tale of old secrets, revenge and murder, both in the current day and hundreds of years ago. And that's what I liked best about this book, the blending of mysteries from two separate time periods and then tied together at the end. Add in secret passages and you've got an intoxicating cozy mystery.

My only gripe is there was too much packed into the book and I felt like it rambled a bit too long. At around 2/3 of the way through the book, I started to get a little bored. If a few scenes in the middle were trimmed or removed, it would've heightened the tension and suspense.

The colorful cast of characters and the side plot historical mystery really made the book engaging. I was far more interested in the historical mystery (and the hope of more secret rooms and passages) than I was in the minutae of the rock star soap opera. The conclusion was both thrilling and tragic and a great ending to the story.

Overall, an entertaining and enjoyable read and I liked it well enough to look forward to the next book in the series.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-10-31 00:00
The Sin Eater's Daughter
The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury Rating of three stars because I was totally entertained by this. Not sure if I'll read the next one, though if the pacing and plot is as bananapants as this one, it may well be worth it. Plus the narrator was acting her little heart out. Bless her cotton socks.

Honestly this book was like YA Trope volleyball, where I was a spectator watching the probability math bounce back between sides of the love triangle, and between sides of the fantasy v. secondary world high middle ages setting with no magic. It started as a slow game, but descended into violence in the last set. Throwing the rest of this behind a spoiler cut. I seriously spoil the ending.

So at first the prince is leading because well, frankly he's the prince, and the girl in YA almost always picks the highest class available to her. Plus they're engaged and he's clearly on her side politically. So I assume the guard is a red herring, and am a little annoyed that the girl always picks the prince, but THEN she falls madly in love with the guard, who exposes the prince as a lying liar who lies, which the prince admits she is, so she sleeps with the guard. Now by YA logic she HAS to end up with the guard, because she can't do sexy things with a dude she doesn't marry (I don't make the rules). BUT THEN! The prince needs her for a political marriage to save the kingdom, AND it's revealed that the guard was hired to seduce her (which explains certain idiot ball moments of his), he makes a final plea that he came to love her (and was actually just an idiot about them getting caught), and our heroine does the first smart thing all book and says "A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!" and bails on both of them. Except it's a trilogy, so presumably she picks one by book three. I'm not sure if "Is highest available class" will outweigh "has seen her vagina" or what.

MEANWHILE, her entire religion is revealed to be lies, and she was just a pawn of the evil queen (there are not a lot of sympathetic non-dead women in this book) and doesn't have any magic powers at all, it was all lies lies and more lies. But hey, the fairy tale that got retold like sixty times so we'd know it's significant, THAT's real. Also we're all about to be murdered in our beds by what is essentially genderswapped Sleeping Beauty's Revenge. So that happened.


I assume we find out next book.

Also in the last chapter she has somehow learned to read fluently, so I'm really not sure how much time has passed.

Conclusion: the MC is a doormat, which is explained by her upbringing by a series of evil mothers, and didn't in and of itself put me off as it felt like a good exploration of abusive relationships, but I wish her claiming her power at the end had involved actually doing something, not just figuring out one small thing and letting the menz fix it for her.

However, the plot was silly enough to keep me entertained for nine hours or so.
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review 2017-10-19 21:22
Knocked Up and Tied Down - Melinda Minx

Knocked Up and Tied Down is sexy and a bit naughty with the teacher/student aspect and sort of a second chance romance. While Elijah and Nikki don't actually seal the deal the first time around, the attraction is certainly there. 

Elijah is an oh so sexy professor and it's all he can do to not act on his attraction to his student. He and Nikki can't forget their magnetic pull and when they come together a few years later, it's fan yourself sexy and they can't get enough of each other. Of course, as is obvious from the title, an unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench into the works.

I can't say that I necessarily felt the romance between this pair, but the sexual chemistry is definitely there. It is an interesting story, but I felt that a bit more development on the romance between Elijah and Nikki could've easily transformed this one into a five-star read. 

While this isn't my favorite book from Minx, it is well worth the read and I will continue to check out future works from her. 


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