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photo 2019-06-20 09:36
Metaphysical Healing Crystals

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review 2019-01-01 01:23
The Lhasa Trilogy by Gary D. Conrad
The Lhasa Trilogy - Gary D Conrad
The Lhasa Trilogy by Gary D. Conrad is a mesmerizing book. I gave it five stars because it kept my full attention from start to finish. It crosses continents and generations. It shows evidence of extensive research.
Reading this author's writing is like inhaling a satisfying breath of fresh air. Upon reading the scene where there is a pending birth and the father is waiting for a doctor, the tension was palpable.
When I read certain scenes from battles in Iwo Jima I felt as if I were there. Matt was "a man on a mission, a well-trained fighting machine--and this, coupled with his innate country good sense and seething anger, made for a deadly combination." I responded to the descriptions of war with horror and grief.
After Matt's best friend, Joe was killed Matt suffered. "Depression was something he previously had only heard about. It was a midnight feeling that clawed its way into his gut and played games with his mind. When he was sure no one was watching, he lay on the ground, pulled his knees into his chest and quietly rocked back and forth. The fetal position somehow soothed his frayed nerves."
After much travel and a full life, Matt passed from this existence but continued to learn.
“Abraham,” Matt interrupted, “I feel . . . I feel so terribly guilty for the things I’ve done.”
“My son,” Abraham said, “guilt is a useful feeling; it makes you aware of a wrongful doing. There its purpose ends. When one feels guilt, one should try to correct the misdeed, and if unable to do so, ask forgiveness of the one you have wronged. If for some reason even that is not possible, direct your plea to God, and there your responsibility ends.”
Matt experienced a sense of relief.
Abraham continued. “Karma, though, is created with each and every act, and at some point in time you have to face the effects of what you have created. But karma is not about punishment, it’s about learning."
The Lama Tenzin Tashi agreed to work with Matthew to help rectify his karma. It was a lifelong commitment that took great time and effort.
I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.
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review 2018-12-28 06:11
Book Review: The Reluctant Healer by Andrew Himmel
The Reluctant Healer - Andrew Himmel

As New York attorney Will Alexander discovers, Kalil Gibran spoke wisely when he said “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that Faith is his twin brother”.


THE RELUCTANT HEALER gently meanders through Will’s growing love for Erica and his struggle with doubt about her unconventional metaphysical beliefs, in general, and about his healing abilities, in particular.


After a series of, to Will, inexplicable events, he reaches the point where he takes a leap of faith – he takes a six month leave of absence from his legal firm to explore his healing abilities. The real world intrudes on Will’s inner journey with betrayal and other challenges that inexorably push him onto a new path – a path that, for all his questions and doubt, show Will as a man of faith who has the capacity to bring spiritual, if not physical, healing to others.


With touches of humour, an easy-to-read style and well-drawn characters, Himmel weaves thought-provoking questions into the tapestry of a very human man reluctantly experiencing the transcendental powers of an inner awakening. Love is the catalyst that pushes Will Alexander out of his comfort zone, but it’s his own innate capacity for an enquiring faith that allows Will to survive the initiate’s journey and embark on the next phase of his spiritual evolution, strengthened by both his deepened concept of love and his unanswered questions.


If you’re a reader who wants a light-hearted book to escape your questions, this is not the book for you. If you’re willing to look beyond the ordinary concepts of faith and healing, there is much in THE RELUCTANT HEALER to engage both your reason and your emotion.

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review 2017-04-22 21:31
A book for readers who enjoy science-fiction that asks big questions, with religious undertones, and lots of action
As Wings Unfurl - Arthur M. Doweyko

I thank the author who contacted me thanks to Lit World Interviews for offering me an ARC copy of his novel that I freely chose to review.

I am not a big reader of science-fiction (perhaps because I don’t seem to have much patience these days for lengthy descriptions and world building and I’m more interested in books that focus on complex characters) so I was doubtful when the author suggested I review it, but the angel plot and the peculiarities of the story won me over. There are many things I enjoyed in this book but I’m not sure that it was the book for me.

As I’ve included the description and it is quite detailed (I was worried about how I could write about the book without revealing any spoilers but, many of the things I was worried about are already included in the description) I won’t go into the ins and outs of the story. The novel starts as a thriller, set in 1975. A private detective has taken a compromising photo and that puts him in harm’s way. Apple, the main character, seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, although later events make us question this and wonder if perhaps what happens was preordained. One of the interesting points in the novel, for me, was that the main character was a Vietnam War veteran, amputee (he lost a leg) and now addicted to Morphine. He also experiences symptoms of PTSD. Although his vivid dreams and flashbacks slowly offer us some background information, and the whole adventure gives him a new perspective on life and a love interest, I found it difficult to fully connect with the character. It was perhaps due to the fast action and the changes in setting and point of view that make it difficult to fully settle one’s attention on the main protagonists. One of the premises of the story is that Angela, the mysterious character who is his ersatz guardian angel, has known him all his life. She is oddly familiar to him, and she decides to give up her privileges and her life mission because of him, but as Angela’s interest in him precedes the story, there is no true development of a relationship and readers don’t necessarily understand why they are attracted to each other from the start.

The story, written in the third person, is told mostly from Apple’s point of view but there are also two other characters, from Tibet, Shilog, a farmer, and Yowl, what most of us would think of as a Yeti, but that we later learn is a member of a native Earth species. In my opinion, these two characters are more fully realised, as we don’t have any previous knowledge or any expectations of who they are, and they work well as a new pair of eyes (two pairs of eyes) for the readers, as they start their adventure truly clueless as to what is going on, and the situation is as baffling to them as it is to us. They are also warm and genuinely amusing and they offer much welcome comic relief. They are less bogged down by conventions and less worried about their own selves.

I enjoyed also the background story and the underlying reasoning behind the presence of the “angels” (aliens) in the world. It does allow for interesting debates as to what makes us human and what our role on Earth is. How this all fits in with traditional religions and beliefs is well thought out and it works as a plot element. It definitely had me thinking.

I said before that one of the problems I had with some fantasy and science-fiction is my lack of patience with world building and detailed descriptions. In this case, though, other than some descriptions about the Tibetan forest and mountains, I missed having a greater sense of location. The characters moved a lot from one place to the next and, even if you were paying attention, sometimes it was difficult to follow where exactly the action was taking place (especially because some of the episodes depended heavily on secret passages, doors, locked rooms…) and I had to go back a few times to check, in case I had missed some change of location inadvertently. (This might not be a problem for people who are used to reading more frantically paced action stories.) I guess there are two possible reading modes I’d recommend for this story; either pay very close attention or go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

I really enjoyed the baddie. Dane is awesome. I don’t mind the bad characters that are victims of their circumstances or really conflicted about what they do, but every so often I like a convinced baddie, who takes no prisoners and goes all the way. She is not without justification either, and later we learn something that puts a different spin on her behaviour (I didn’t find it necessary but it does fit in with the overall story arc). The irony of her character and how she uses human institutions and religions to subvert the given order is one of my favourite plot points and she is another source of humour, although darker in this case.

All in all, this is a book for readers who enjoy science-fiction that asks big questions, with religious undertones, lots of action and not too worried about the psychological makeup of the main characters. Ah, and if you love stories about Bigfoot or the Yeti, you’ll love this one.

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review 2016-12-15 12:42
The Extraordinary Journey of Vivenne Marshall by Shannon Kirk @ShannonCKirk
The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall - Shannon Kirk

Shannon Kirk’s award winning debut novel, Method 15/33, blew me away…so when I saw The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall was available on Netgalley, I snagged it. Thank you Shannon Kirk and Reputation Books.


Such a gorgeous cover and I do hope I am walking on clouds when it’s over.


Book Design:  Lisa Abellera

Ebook Design:  Mary C Moore


Amazon  /  Goodreads




Be careful…when you are texting. Your inattention could be the death of you.


Vivienne lay hovering on the brink of death, one foot in the land of the living and one foot with the dead.


Noah, her dead, dream husband explains it to her. The scene made me think of a Supernatural episode, where Castielle says our Heaven is of our own making.


Is there a Heaven? Does our life pass before our eyes?


What would it look like? Who would you want there with you?


What secrets would be brought to light after your death?


And if there is a Heaven…what about Hell?


The lovely pics sprinkled throughout are a nice touch and I love it.


I am sitting in one of my favorite reading places, my patio and watering the lawn, even as the black clouds roll in, the thunder rumbling, and I am lost in Vivienne’s world, unable to quit reading.


Shannon’s descriptive words draw me into this novel from the opening pages, her poetic words bring to life fantasy worlds full of vibrant colors, beauty and love, but the flowery prose becomes onerous for me, having me starting, stopping and rereading, but that is me. I think there are many readers who will LOVE it and get lost in the story too.


This Heavenly love story is tragic, yet hopeful and very thought provoking.


I voluntarily reviewed a free ARC copy of The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall from Shannon Kirk.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


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