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review 2019-02-01 17:56
Ballard the unlucky female detective
The Late Show - Michael Connelly

Renee Ballard is a detective who got punished after filing a sexual harassment charge against her superior.


That's really is the wrong message. 


Her complaint didn't got through because her partner refused to back her up. But sexual harassment charge does not need another person to back it up. Why would she needed that in the first place. 


Second, it is wrong to have the department treating her differently after the complaint didn't get through. That's sent the wrong message to other sexual harassment victims in the police force. Not that it wouldn't happened in real life. But in real life, she would be on the Tonight Show to talk about this. 


Second problem with it is that she got kidnapped too easily. How the hell the bad guy get the drop on her. 

The way she "use her female charm" is saying that she lack detective skills. Another bad thing. 


The case she is trying to solve involve a transgender woman. The clue is a brass knuckles. The solving of the case is not really adding up to the main story, which involved a shooting at a bar. 


It still got 4 stars because I still enjoy reading it. The frustration is there. But it is still readable. 


Michael Connelly is one of my favorite writers. He is just not as good with female characters. 



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text 2019-01-30 03:32
Reading progress update: I've read 173 out of 400 pages.
The Late Show - Michael Connelly

Ballard was a woman detective who career got side tracked when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against her captain.


She was counting on her partner to back her story. Unfortunately, that didn't happened. She was mad at both of them. The problem that a woman who is being sexual harassed need a man to add credibility is a problem. To be fair, it is hard to prove that he is innocent as well. But there must be some way to do this better.


Now she was punished for speaking up and set to the night shift, which is also called the night show.


The case involved also a transgender woman being attacked by brass knuckles. She was beaten and hospitalized. The story also try to get the pronoun right by calling her a she. She is she as long as she didn't declare as a drag queen.


The story is a bit here and there without much of a focus. There was another shootout at a bar with three dead bodies.


4 stars so far. Hope it get better. 

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review 2018-12-30 16:06
The Concrete Blond
The Concrete Blonde - Michael Connelly

In this third novel Harry Bosch has to deal with the repercussions of the dollmaker case and him killing the alleged perpetrator, Norman Church. While being sued by the widow of Church, a body with the signature signs of the dollmaker is getting found. Bosch has to deal with this one question: has he killed the dollmaker four years ago, has he killed an innocent or is a copycat killed on the loose?


Another strong entry in the Harry Bosch series. I preferred the murder investigation over the trial parts, but Connelly seamlessly weaves these two story lines together and as with the previous books in the series, this becomes a page turner very fast.


There is still one thing that I don´t like about these books: Harry´s love life. Harry in love is cheesy as it gets and I really don´t like the (needy and clingy) love interest in this book.


I´ve read this book for 24 tasks as a book where something comes to an end (the dollmaker case).


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review 2018-12-29 02:02
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly

This is a book that I think was actually my husband's.  I think it got mixed into my books by accident and now he doesn't even remember if he read it or now.  So that means it's mine.  I've been meaning to read it for a long time and I'm glad I finally did.  I really liked it a lot.  


Mickie Hallar is a Defense attorney who thought he had finally found the perfect client.  Every lawyer dreams of finding the type of client that has the money, pays, and keeps coming back.  That kind of client keeps the bills paid.  It isn't until he gets too far into the case that he realizes it wasn't the sweet deal he thought it was.  When he realizes he is working for pure evil itself and that an innocent man was in jail because of him he knows he has to do something.  The problem was that would be impossible without ruining his career. 

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review 2018-12-03 19:45
When Harry Met Renee
Dark Sacred Night - Michael Connelly

So this was the match-up that I never knew I needed. I am now wishing that Connelly had decided to match-up Harry with a strong female non-romantic lead before. I am not counting the books with him and Rachel Walling (see the Narrows, Echo Park, The Black Box, and The Burning Room). Fingers crossed that Connelly resists the urge to put them together. It is mentioned many times that Bosch is as old as her father (Renee) but Connelly also heavily implies that Renee has issues over the death of her father. That said, the only reason why I gave this four stars, is that I had a hard time with the ending.


"Dark Sacred Night" takes place a year after the events in "Two Kinds of Truth" and a couple of months after the events in "The Last Show." Just a quick recap, Harry is now working as a volunteer closing cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department. He has somewhat burnt all of his bridges with the LAPD due to some of his own actions and lawsuit against them which he won. Renee is still on The Late Show, however, she seems more content with her place in that group now. 


Renee is working late when Harry Bosch "invites" himself to go digging through a detective's drawer looking for some index cards on a cold case. Renee is initially mistrustful of Harry (not blaming her) but then becomes intrigued when she finds out he is looking for the murder of a young woman who is related to a friend of his. Harry is also dealing with a cold case in Sen Fernando that is taking up some of his time as well. We also get to see Renee working some routine and not routine calls while working solo on the Late Show. 


Harry seems more mellow in this one. I think he's a bit burnout because the woman he meets in the last book (Elizabeth) is now living with him. I maybe went "Error, Error" when Connelly reveals that. Though Harry and Elizabeth are not romantic partners (yet) she is cooking and keeping house for him while he is out chasing down leads on her daughter's cold case. I definitely believe in redemption, but I am still shaking my head at Harry taking on so much with Elizabeth because she resembles his ex-wife Eleanor. And of course he and Maddie are partially estranged over this nonsense. If Bosch realized that Elizabeth looked like his dead wife, I am sure Maddie realizes she resembles her dead mother. 


Harry seems separate from prior characters in this one except for Lucia Soto, his old partner and his partner so to speak at San Fernando, Bella Lourdes. We have no mention of him reaching out to his brother, Mickey Haller (I am guessing Bosch is still ticked about what went down in "Two Kinds of Truth") or to anyone else. He does call J. Edgar for some information and then just hangs up on him (still being treated like crap by Harry). I did laugh when Harry had the nerve to tell Renee to ask about him, that he was always a good partner. Ahem, I think that David Chu (who hasn't been mentioned since The Burning Room) and Iggy Ferras (last appearance was "9 Dragons") would argue with his comment. 


Renee is still feeling pretty great about solving the case in The Late Show. She has seemed to make more friends in the department, and once again Connelly shows us how smart she is when she walks into a scene and deduces how an older woman was killed. I felt very a ha my dear Watson when she walks the officers through what happened. The same thing occurs on another call of Rene's in a missing person case. I like the contrast between her and Harry. Harry would have went in guns blazing, but Renee is more methodical about things.  


We get some call-backs to earlier Bosch cases and of course long-time characters resurfacing. I did have to say that I was surprised at the who done it in this book on the cold case involving Elizabeth's daughter. The case Bosch was tied up in felt like a weird distraction after a while. 


Connelly switches from Renee and Harry's perspective throughout the book. We get a kindly reminder of who is "speaking" too just in case you get confused. I don't think readers will, but it's a nice call-out to those listening to on Audible. I liked all of the writing in this one and you can feel the difference between Renee and Harry's sections. Connelly knows both of their voices. The flow was good between chapters and I maybe had a panicky moment when it looked like our fair heroine and hero were looking to end things on a sour note. Connelly pulls things together though in a kind of Hail Mary I am not sure about. 


The setting of this book is LA after hours. We have Renee and Harry doing a lot of leg work at night and around dawn. And at one point, Harry is going on very little sleep doing day shifts, coming home to sleep (eh) and eat and then meeting up with Renee. I am glad the book didn't have this going on for that long since it was making even me antsy after a while. 

The ending shocked me (in a good way) and I wonder at the implications for future books. I don't know how Connelly is going to do this, but I have faith he will do it well. 

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